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Dialtone Pickups Now Available for Pre-Order, Announces U.S. Tour.

Livermore, CA, June 13, 2014 --( Dialtone Pickups has announced that their new and innovative adjustable-tone electric guitar pickup is now available for pre-order through the Dialtone Pickups website,

Invented in 1931, the electric guitar relies on a device called a “pickup” to capture the vibration of the guitar's strings and convert these vibrations into an electrical signal, which can then be amplified, or heard by music-lovers everywhere. Magnetic pickups are the box-like devices found under the strings on the body of an electric guitar.

The internal details of a pickup, such as geometry, wire, magnet type, or number of turns, determine how a pickup sounds. Traditionally, changing these physical qualities allowed different types of pickups to produce characteristic sounds. These sounds were fixed according to the physical makeup of the pickup, and in the past, changing the tone produced by the pickup in a guitar required physically swapping out one type of pickup for another. Dialtone Pickups circumvents this physical limitation and, using patent-pending technology, for the first time ever allows players to quickly and easily adjust the pickup's internal settings using two knobs built directly into the pickup. Designed by John Liptac, who holds a PhD in Plasma Physics from MIT, Dialtone Pickups offer players infinite tonal possibilities and a level of flexibility and convenience never seen before in a guitar pickup.

Not only does the Dialtone Pickup essentially eliminate the need to physically change a guitar's pickups to achieve drastic variations in tone, but it provides players with quick and easy access to the true tone of their guitar. It also allows users to achieve tones never-before attained through existing pickup technology. Since the controls are located right at the fingertips of the artist, this opens up new possibilities in performance and playing style. Dialtone appeals to a wide variety of players, including musicians who prefer not to lug multiple guitars to performances or the studio, session guitarists who need instant access to a wide variety of tones, or even the everyday player in search of that perfect tone.

The Dialtone Pickup is currently offered as a drop-in humbucker replacement. Dialtone Pickups plans to expand their product offerings in the future by designing customized pickups for specific guitars as well as single-coil and bass solutions. Dialtone is a family-owned startup based in Livermore, California, and plans to manufacture and assemble all products in the U.S. using premium components.

Dialtone has also announced its upcoming U.S. tour. Dialtone representatives will be travelling to various U.S. locations with a demo guitar to meet with music store managers, guitar technicians, musicians, music bloggers, guitar and guitar gear manufacturers, and to attend guitar-related events. Destinations include Southern and Northern California, Oregon, Washington State, Arizona, Virginia, and Washington D.C.

Additional details and contact information can be found on the Dialtone PIckups website,

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Date:Jun 13, 2014
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