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I'm writing primarily to weigh in on Thrasher Radio. I think the whole concept is long overdue. Skateboarding and music have a catalytic relationship that cannot be overstated. It was really cool to hear "Pigs in Space" and even better to hear the commentary. I'd never put two and two together to know that that was Tommy Guerrero playing bass on that song sans pick. He was a good guest to have on your show. I was surprised he didn't mention more of his favorite Skate Rock bands. While I agree Bad Brains were in a league of their own, there are so many more that need to be mentioned. This little project of yours is educational for the kids and the uninformed. There's bands with skaters in them like Minor Threat, Black Flag, The Faction, Big Boys. There's bands with skaters in them and songs about skating like Token Entry, Suicidal Tendencies. Then there's the wealth of bands that make you want to skate, that make you hungry, that get you to put it down and ride away. Tommy talked about how the camaraderie in skateboarding is gone and there's all this weak-ass bullshit to wade through. There's a bunch of skaters at the school where I teach. Last week I encouraged them to vote for SOTY. This past weekend I bought a little used drum kit for one of my four-year-old daughters and a cord for my bass. It's been sitting in the attic too long. I guess I'm inspired. Last but not least, I owe you a big fat FUCK YOU for kicking me off your ramp after three runs. That shit stung, 13 years and counting. At least you made me learn to roll in on vert ramps. And thanks for the wheels you gave me for gas money.

Joey P.

All The Ramones are dead.--T-ed

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Title Annotation:MAIL DROP
Author:P., Joey
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Oct 1, 2014
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