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"A Thought to Donne Was an Experience": Adorno's Dialectics and Metaphysical Love Poetry. Wu, Colleen Shuching Critical essay Sep 22, 2020 6430
Mikhail Lifshitz and the Dialectical Politics of Art in the USSR. Khazanov, Pavel Essay Jan 1, 2019 2818
Andrei Platonov and the "Living Dialectic" of the "Pushkinian Person". Cieply, Jason Essay Jan 1, 2019 5269
What is a "Man from Greece"?--The Micro-dialectics of Ethnicity in 1920s and 1930s British Malaya. Thia, Chan Cheow Report Nov 1, 2018 13900
Dialectics of tradition and memory in Black Panther. Krishnamurti, Sailaja Critical essay Apr 1, 2018 1516
When good arguments do not work: post-dialectics, argument assemblages, and the networks of climate skepticism. Paliewicz, Nicholas S.; McHendry, George F. (Guy), Jr. Essay Dec 22, 2017 11722
International philosophical quarterly: vol. 57, no. 3, September 2017. Abstract Sep 1, 2017 891
Minding the gap between dialectical and dialogical: Use of Bakhtinian concepts in Norwegian educational studies. Gradovski, Mikhail Report Jul 1, 2017 5683
THE DIALECTIC OF COMMUNITY IN PLATO'S REPUBLIC. Futter, D.B. Critical essay Jan 1, 2017 6157
Women and revolution: Marx and the dialectic. Monzo, Lilia D. Report Nov 1, 2016 11915
Ramist Dialectic, Poetic Examples, and the Uses of Pastoral in Abraham Fraunce's The Shepherds' Logic. Luis-Martinez, Zenon Critical essay Sep 1, 2016 9019
Phronesis: Vol. 61, No. 2, 2016. Abstract Jun 1, 2016 265
The Growth-Welfare Dialectic: What Might Hegel Say? Reaction to Three. Fischer, Matthias Essay May 1, 2016 2993
Emerson on Plato: literary philosophy, dialectic, and the temporality of thought. Bailey, Jesse Critical essay Mar 22, 2016 7033
3D printers, the third industrial revolution and the demise of capitalism. Tully, Ciaran Essay Jan 1, 2016 5783
The Jesuit social justice dialectic within the Cristo Rey school model. Kabadi, Sajit U. Case study Sep 1, 2015 6825
Waiting for the barbarians: metahistory in the oeuvre of Peter Blum/Wachten op de barbaren: metageschiedenis in het werk van Peter Blum. Huigen, Siegfried Critical essay Aug 30, 2013 6953
Reflections on the dialectics of marginalization. Rybinski, Lukasz Essay Aug 1, 2013 2194
The appropriation of Daoist and Marxist concepts of dialectics in Brecht's theatre. Jie, Zheng Essay Aug 1, 2013 6797
The dialectics of racial genetics. Sundquist, Christian B. Mar 22, 2013 11417
Scientific progress: the principle of dialectical correspondence. Borbone, Giacomo Essay Jan 1, 2013 4157
The dialectics of circulation and congestion in history. Galvis, Carlos Lopez; Zunino, Dhan Report Dec 1, 2012 2603
Narrative voices, dialectics, and the fiction of Norman Mailer. Comprone, Joseph Essay Sep 22, 2012 5435
Dichotomy, dialectic and dialogic: how do sociology terms assist career development theory? Burns, Edgar A.M. Report Mar 22, 2012 4918
Enigma, semblance, and natural beauty in Adorno's epistemological aesthetics. Markotic, Lorraine Essay Jan 1, 2012 6856
Frantz Fanon: existentialist, dialectician, and revolutionary. Parris, LaRose T. Critical essay Nov 1, 2011 7501
Thinking trivially about radical orthodoxy. Robertson, Benjamin Critical essay Sep 22, 2011 4847
Escaping into the other: an existential view of sex and sexuality. Pearce, Richard Essay Jul 1, 2011 6140
Dialectical "Complexifications": The Centrality of Mary Malone, Dust, and the Mulefa in Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials. Fitzsimmons, Rebekah Critical essay Mar 22, 2011 10509
The dialectics of human migration. Fenyo, Mario D. Essay Mar 22, 2011 2758
Becoming L'homme Imaginaire: the role of the imagination in overcoming circularity in Sartre's critique of dialectical reason. Smidt, Austin Essay Jan 1, 2011 5298
Contrivance with purpose? International relations and the reconstitution of the international. Bischoff, Paul Essay Nov 1, 2010 4550
The dialectical systems theory's capacity for multi-criteria decision-making. Cancer, Vesna; Mulej, Matjaz Report May 1, 2010 9080
The treatment of fallacies in argumentative situations during mediation sessions. Vasilyeva, Alena L. Report Mar 22, 2010 11676
On the role of topical potential in the concluding stage: a pragma-dialectical case study of Lysias I, on the death of Eratosthenes. King, Abigail Selzer; Polcar, Leah E. Report Mar 22, 2010 6672
The faith of romanticism: dialectical synthesis and Norman Mailer's English romantic vision. Fleming, James R. Critical essay Sep 22, 2009 7753
Dialectics and efficiency of control and executive levels in automated systems. Kunica, Zoran; Vranjes, Bozo Report Jan 1, 2009 1854
Dialectic schemes in thesaurus creation. Amirhosseini, Maziar Feb 1, 2008 2502
On letting the dialectic go. Code, Murray Jan 1, 2007 8732
Progress and decline: historical dialect in two texts by Hans Magnus Enzensberger/Vooruitgang en ondergang: historiese dialektiek in twee tekste van Hans Magnus Enzensberger. van den Berg, J.P.C. Aug 1, 2006 7789
How to study the communist future inside the capitalist present: why dialectics? Why now? Ollman, Bertell Essay Jun 22, 2006 3209
Dialectic. Burch, Robert Dec 1, 2004 2063
2. Habits of thought, representing knowledge, and visualism. Soukup, Paul A. Critical Essay Mar 22, 2004 1356
What's left of the dialectic? A polemic. Brown, Nicholas; Szeman, Imre Mar 1, 2003 3458
On contradictions, rationality, dialectics, and esotericism in Maimonides's Guide of the Perplexed. Lorberbaum, Yair Jun 1, 2002 18008
Ernst Cassirer's Metaphysics and the Investigation of History. BERTLAND, ALEXANDER Critical Essay Mar 22, 1999 8226
The hermeneutic and dialectic of community in development. Kidder, Paul Nov 1, 1997 6066
'Republic' 467d6-e2: Plato's dialectical requirement. Benitez, Eugenio Mar 1, 1996 14241
Choosing justice: Socrates' model city and the practice of dialectic. Dobbs, Darrell Jun 1, 1994 13215
Trying to understand 'Godot': Adorno, Beckett, and the senility of historical dialects. Harding, James M. Sep 22, 1993 9496

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