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Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler's Charlie Cook's Favorite Book (0803731-426, $16.99) tells of a boy with a favorite book about a pirate whose favorite is about Goldilocks who likes it goes on and on. Eleven books under one cover provide a hilarious celebration of reading with fun drawings spicing the events. Roger Eschbacher's Road Trip (0803729278, $16.99) presents a family on vacation who grabs maps, snacks and car games for the journey to Grandma's house: but the trip is also packed with adventure as much as trails. Thor Wickstrom's drawings are fun embellishments. Thor also illustrates Lynn Plourde's Book Fair Day (0525476962, $16.99) tells of a bookworm who can't wait for the book sale in the library. He plans to buy piles of books but his class isn't scheduled until day's end; what if the best books are gone? His plot to sneak into the library in advance celebrates reading. Micahel Garland also celebrates reading in Miss Smith Reads Again! (0525477225, $15.99), which tells of a read-aloud story a teacher is providing which is so exciting, Zack can't wait to go to second grade each day. Ala 'Magic School Bus' her words hold the power to transport students to other worlds in this sequel to Miss Smith's Incredible Storybook. Nancy Carlson's First Grade, Here I Come! (0670061271, $15.99) tells of Henry, who's not so sure he likes first grade. His teacher's not like his kindergarten teacher, fifth graders hog the playground, and there's too much to learn. For all its faults, Henry finds things to like about first grade, too: new friends, a fun classroom science corner and he slowly adjusts in this winning story for ages 5 and up. Margaret George and Christopher Murphy pair talents for Lucille Lost: A True Adventure (067006-0933, $16.99), which tells of a pet Burmese tortoise who has found a way out of her safe pen. Her journey into the forest leads to more adventure than she's used to, while her human family scours the neighborhood for her. It's based on a true story but reads like fiction: kids with good reading skills, in grades 3-5, will find it a fun tale with Debra Bandelin and Bob Dacey's realistic drawings enhancing the effort. Eve Tharlet's A Promise Is A Promise (0698400402, $16.99) tells of Bruno the marmot, who wakes up after a long winter hibernation to discover a gorgeous dandelion outside his burrow. They become friends and play all spring but the dandelion's request to Bruno leaves him without a friend. Still more surprises are in the works in this gentle story of loss and recovery.
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Title Annotation:Charlie Cook's Favorite Book; Road Trip; Book Fair Day; Miss Smith Reads Again!; First Grade, Here I Come!; Lucille Lost: A True Adventure; A Promise is a Promise
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Date:Sep 1, 2006
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