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Diagonal-letter words.

The letters AKMNVWXYZ are the only ones containing diagonal lines. Here are some of the longer words with runs of these letters (not including variants using--s.--ness, -ed, -ing, -ly, etc.).

5 in a row akvavit Amman ananke awayness awkward axman banana banyan Boltzmann bonanza Brazzaville brinkmanship Canaan caravan Cayman Chinaman cinnamyl cockamamie Cyanamid didynamy drayman enzymatic flyaway Havana haymaker Hazzan hogmanay holidaymaker hootenanny junkman Kamaaina katakana kayak lawmaker lawman layman linkman Mahayana mamma mammal mammary mammate mammy manakin manmade manna manward Mayan Maynard mazzard nanny navvy nonnaval Panama pavanne paxwax pizzazz Pollyanna razzmatazz Rockaway runaway sannyasi Santayana skyman skywave skyway snazzy stowaway Sunnyvale swanky tanaka Tananarive Tanzania taxman throwaway tokamak towaway tramway trunkway twanky unawakened unmanageable unmanned unmannerliness vanward wakanda walkaway walkaways wayward Wyman zanza

6 in a row anyway breakaway funnyman highwayman jazzman Kankakee layaway Manama manana mannan manzanita Panamanian railwayman savannah Tammany vanman zanana

7 in a row zyzzyva

8 in a row Nakayama

Here is a collection of words that consist exclusively of diagonal letters:

Amman anna anyway away awny axman azan kaka kana kava kayak ma'am mama mamma mammy mana Manama manana Mann manna mannan Manx many mawn Maya mazy myna Nakayama nana nanny navy navy vanman wank wany wavy waxy Wyman Wynn yank yawn zanana zany zanza zyzzyva

The longest words without any diagonal letters include:

bioelectricities bloodthirstiest butterscotches clothespresses coproprietorships corruptibilities depressibilities destructibilities distributorship electrologists electrophoresis electrosurgeries flibbertigibbet fluoroscopists forethoughtful herpetologists heterostructure horticulturists illegibilities irreducibilities irreproducible osteosclerosis perfectibilities pressoreceptor professorships proprietorships proprietresses pseudohistoric reducibilities repressibilities scrupulosities spectroscopists stereospecific subdirectories supersecrecies superstructures supersuccessful susceptibilities troubleshooters


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