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Evaluation of Eustachian Tube CT Measurements in Patients with COM and Cholesteatoma. Babu, Shan; Susan, Priya; Saikiran, Pendem Report Jun 1, 2020 2340
Multidetector Computed Tomography Findings of Auto-Evacuated Secondary Acquired Cholesteatoma: A Morphologic and Quantitative Analysis. Celebi, Irfan; Bozkurt, Gulpembe; Mahmutoglu, Abdullah Soydan; Guliyev, Umman Report Dec 1, 2018 3723
Iatrogenic external auditory canal cholesteatoma with mastoid erosion. Lee, Yen-Hui; Hu, Chih-Yu; Chuang, Wen-Yu; Chan, Kai-Chieh Clinical report Oct 1, 2018 625
Using Non-Echoplanar Diffusion Weighted MRI in Detecting Cholesteatoma Following Canal Wall Down Mastoidectomy - Our Experience with 20 Patient Episodes. Patel, Bhavesh; Hall, Andrew; Lingam, Ravi; Singh, Arvind Aug 1, 2018 2244
Cholesteatoma Definition and Classification: A Literature Review. Rutkowska, Justyna; Ozgirgin, Nuri; Olszewska, Ewa Aug 1, 2017 5110
Single Stage Canal Wall Down Mastoidectomy with Reconstruction of the Canal Wall: 5 Years' Experience in Fayoum Province, Egypt. Qotb, Mohamed; Fawzy, Tamer; Ragab, Waleed Aug 1, 2017 3606
EAONO/JOS Joint Consensus Statements on the Definitions, Classification and Staging of Middle Ear Cholesteatoma. Yung, Matthew; Tono, Tetsuya; Olszewska, Ewa; Yamamoto, Yutaka; Sudhoff, Holger; Sakagami, Masafumi; Apr 1, 2017 4490
Surgical Treatment of External Auditory Canal Cholesteatoma--Ten Years of Clinical Experience. Ho, Kuen-Yao; Huang, Tzu-Yen; Tsai, Shih-Meng; Wang, Hsun-Mo; Chien, Chen-Yu; Chang, Ning Chia Apr 1, 2017 3524
Endoscopic vs Microscopic Approach in Stapes Surgery: Advantages in the Middle Ear Structures Visualization and Trainee's Point of View. Iannella, Giannicola; Marcotullio, Dario; Re, Massimo; Manno, Alessandra; Pasquariello, Benedetta; A Apr 1, 2017 5813
Diagnostic Bedside Vestibuloocular Reflex Evaluation in the Setting of a False Negative Fistula Test in Cholesteatoma of the Middle Ear. D'Albora, Ricardo; Silveira, Ligia; Carmona, Sergio; Perez-Fernandez, Nicolas Report Jan 1, 2017 2258
Canal wall down mastoidectomy-doctor dependent for whole life? Maiti, Amit Bikram; Saha, Mukulika; Patra, Somnath; Nair, Mayur; Das, Pushpak; Mondal, Puspendu Bika Report Aug 8, 2016 2544
Cholesteatoma and coexisting findings diagnosed incidentally on MRI. Greenberg, Gahl; Eyal, Ana; Yakirevitch, Arkadi; Wolf, Michael; Migirov, Lela Brief article Jun 1, 2016 114
Intratympanic membrane congenital cholesteatoma. Sakaida, Hiroshi; Takeuchi, Kazuhiko Case study Jul 1, 2015 476
Dehiscent high jugular bulb attached to the tympanic membrane. Sakaida, Hiroshi; Takeuchi, Kazuhiko Case study Jun 1, 2015 540
Unexpected cholesteatoma in a very young child with a congenital aural duplication anomaly. Park, Moo Kyun Report Apr 1, 2015 813
Dehiscent high jugular bulb attached to the tympanic membrane. Sakaida, Hiroshi; Takeuchi, Kazuhiko Case study Mar 1, 2015 367
Role of HRCT temporal bone in preoperative evaluation of cholesteatoma. Shah, Chintan; Shah, Pinal; Shah, Satish Report Jan 1, 2014 2442
Congenital cholesteatoma in a 3-year-old. Blake, Danielle M.; Tomovic, Senja; Jyung, Robert W. Case study Apr 1, 2013 521
Congenital cholesteatoma presenting with Luc's abscess. Santhi, Kalimuthu; Tang, Ing Ping; Nordin, Ahamad; Prepageran, Narayanan Case study Dec 1, 2012 984
External auditory canal cholesteatoma. Ursick, Joseph A.; Brackmann, Derald E. Jul 1, 2012 259
Primary acquired cholesteatoma. Ursick, Joseph A.; Fayad, Jose N. Brief article May 1, 2012 294
Cholesteatoma of the nose and maxillary and ethmoid sinuses: a rare complication of palatal surgery. Viswanatha, Borlingegowda Case study Sep 1, 2011 1420
Spontaneous posterior wall external canal cholesteatoma. Zinis, Luca Oscar Redaelli de Report Jul 1, 2011 727
Patterns of cholesteatoma extension in chronic otitis media. Mohammadi, Ghodrat; Naderpour, Masoud; Mousaviagdas, Mehrnoosh Report Jun 30, 2011 2171
"Epithelial pearl" after tympanoplasty with the underlay technique. Shu, Min-Tsan; Chen, Yu-Chun Brief article May 1, 2011 251
External ear canal cholesteatoma. Topdag, Murat; Can, Efser Case study Sep 1, 2010 512
Extensive external auditory canal cholesteatoma in the infratemporal area without mastoid involvement: use of a new surgical technique. Lee, Jun Ho; Jung, Sang Ho; Park, Chan Hum; Hong, Seok Min Case study Sep 1, 2010 1486
Cholesterol granuloma and recurrent cholesteatoma after canal-wall-down mastoidectomy. Hamilton, S. Todd; Gadre, Swarupa A.; Gadre, Arun K. Case study Jul 1, 2010 423
Dissection of the incus long process by the chorda tympani nerve. Vent, Julia; Beutner, Dirk Brief article Apr 1, 2010 157
Cholesteatoma. Caponetti, Gabriel; Thompson, Lester D.R.; Pantanowitz, Liron Clinical report Nov 1, 2009 586
External auditory canal cholesteatoma: a rare complication of tympanoplasty. Viswanatha, Borlingegowda Case study Nov 1, 2009 1417
White mass in the middle ear. Semaan, Maroun T.; Fayad, Jose N. Nov 1, 2008 474
Post-traumatic cholesteatoma ... a rare occurrence. Naidoo, Logeshini; Nanan, A. Clinical report Jul 1, 2008 1177
Fibrous dysplasia of the temporal bone complicated by cholesteatoma and thrombophlebitis of the transverse and sigmoid sinuses: a case report. Martinez, Rodrigo; Farrior, Jay B. Clinical report Feb 1, 2008 2545
The mechanical reduction of early acquired cholesteatomas in children: indications and limitations. Isaacson, Glenn Apr 1, 2006 2183
Ossiculoplasty in a patient with a cleft of the soft palate. Gadre, Arun K. Brief Article Feb 1, 2005 231
Congenital cholesteatoma. House, John W. Sep 1, 2004 340
Iatrogenic cholesteatoma. Deguine, Christian Brief Article Jul 1, 2004 216
Unusual MRI appearance of an intracranial cholesteatoma extension: the 'billiard pocket sign'. (Original Article). Moffat, David A. Sep 1, 2002 1594
Cholesteatoma: a serious ear condition. pamphlet Jan 1, 1989 841

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