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Rollercoaster saved woman's life after bumpy ride led to brain tumour diagnosis; Thorpe Park's Colussus ride didn't agree with Molly White, 21 -- but it did reveal to doctors that a mass had been growing in her brain for years. Apr 19, 2019 275
Teen girl with 'timebomb' brain tumour studies for degree so 'life isn't wasted'; Despite Lily Biggs' devastating diagnosis and not knowing what the future holds, she has thrown herself into her studies and dreams of becoming a teacher. Mar 30, 2019 842
Shock of a brain tumour diagnosis for mum. Mar 11, 2019 531
Paul Daniels' son's fears for stepmum Debbie McGee after cancer shock; Martin Daniels was terrified by Debbie's diagnosis just three years after his legendary TV magician dad died. Feb 9, 2019 955
A RARE CASE OF DEBILITATING HEADACHE AND ANAPLASTIC OLIGOASTROCYTOMA OF FRONTAL LOBE. Shiveshi, Prathibha; Channappa, Prajwal Karekatte; Channappa, Pratheek Karekatte Case study Jan 7, 2019 1379
Keeping an eye out for the signs and symptoms of brain tumours. Patel, Jasmin Aug 1, 2018 2391
Magma: Applying metabolomics to unveil follow-up treatment biomarkers and identify novel therapeutictargets in glioblastoma. Mar 31, 2018 366
Radiation Necrosis, Pseudoprogression, Pseudoresponse, and Tumor Recurrence: Imaging Challenges for the Evaluation of Treated Gliomas. Zikou, Anastasia; Sioka, Chrissa; Alexiou, George A.; Fotopoulos, Andreas; Voulgaris, Spyridon; Argy Jan 1, 2018 5351
Brain Midline Shift Measurement and Its Automation: A Review of Techniques and Algorithms. Liao, Chun-Chih; Chen, Ya-Fang; Xiao, Furen Jan 1, 2018 11991
Girl, 7, battling terminal brain cancer defies medics - but only after her family made a heartbreaking decision; Kaleigh Lau, seven, was given nine months to live in April 2016 when doctors diagnosed her with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Giloma (DIPG) - a rare inoperable brain tumour that almost mainly affects children. Dec 25, 2017 262
Doctors told me: Brain tumour is only in your mind; Dying mum tells of shock at terminal diagnosis. Nov 23, 2017 332
Headaches left girl of 9 suicidal; months of pain left youngster in despair before doctors finally diagnosed a brain tumour. Oct 18, 2017 805
Molecular biology of glioblastoma: Classification and mutational locations. Sep 28, 2017 3691
Posterior cranial fossa lesions--a clinicopathological correlative study. Priya, V. S.; Kurien, Surupa Susan Report Aug 10, 2017 1831
EVALUATION OF THE HEAD MULTISLICE COMPUTED TOMOGRAPHY SCAN IN EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT. Zadravec, Dijana; Greguric, Tomislav; Smoljan, Mia; Mustapic, Matej; Milicic, Gordana; Jovic, Andrij Report Jun 1, 2017 4000
A detailed survey on brain tumor detection and classification systems based on features and classifiers. Selvapandian, A.; Manivannan, K. Report May 1, 2017 1348
Primary Central Nervous System Lymphoma in Immunocompetent Patients: A Literature Review and the Experiment. Yalcin, Ozben; Tanik, Canan; Polat, Yalcin; Can, Meltem; Kabukcuoglu, Fevziye Report Apr 1, 2017 1955
Image Analysis for MRI Based Brain Tumor Detection and Feature Extraction Using Biologically Inspired BWT and SVM. Bahadure, Nilesh Bhaskarrao; Ray, Arun Kumar; Thethi, Har Pal Report Jan 1, 2017 7762
Mapping Extracellular pH of Gliomas in Presence of Superparamagnetic Nanoparticles: Towards Imaging the Distribution of Drug-Containing Nanoparticles and Their Curative Effect on the Tumor Microenvironment. Maritim, Samuel; Coman, Daniel; Huang, Yuegao; Rao, Jyotsna U.; Walsh, John J.; Hyder, Fahmeed Report Jan 1, 2017 12183
Brain Tumor Diagnostics and Therapeutics with Superparamagnetic Ferrite Nanoparticles. Hyder, Fahmeed; Hoque, S. Manjura Report Jan 1, 2017 11811
Clinical Applications of Contrast-Enhanced Perfusion MRI Techniques in Gliomas: Recent Advances and Current Challenges. Zhang, Junfeng; Liu, Heng; Tong, Haipeng; Wang, Sumei; Yang, Yizeng; Liu, Gang; Zhang, Weiguo Report Jan 1, 2017 18193
Occupational Neurobrucellosis Mimicking a Brain Tumor: A Case Report and Review of the Literature. Algahtani, Hussein; Shirah, Bader; Abdulghani, Dina; Farhan, Roiya; Algahtani, Raghad Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 2159
A Pediatric Tumor Found Frequently in the Adult Population: A Case of Anaplastic Astroblastoma in an Elderly Patient and Review of the Literature. Payne, Christopher; Batouli, Ali; Stabingas, Kristen; Alcindor, Dunbar; Aziz, Khaled Abdel; Pu, Cunf Case study Jan 1, 2017 3228
A Case of Congenital Brainstem Oligodendroglioma: Pathology Findings and Review of the Literature. Kostadinov, Stefan; de la Monte, Suzanne Report Jan 1, 2017 2004
Recurrent Lateral Ventricular Enterogenous Cyst: A Report of an Extreme Rare Case. Mondle, Shamsuzzaman; Alam, Shamsul; Ahmad, Misbah Uddin; Yusuf, Abdullah Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 1937
United States : For Children With Brain Tumors, Next-Generation Sequencing May Lead to Different Diagnoses. Nov 16, 2016 906
Semiology of pathological conditions in patients indicated for stereotactic biopsy/Semiologija kod pacijenata indikovanih za stereotaksicnu biopsiju. Golubovic, Jagos; Vulekovic, Petar; Dilvesi, Dula; Karan, Mladen; Jelaca, Bojan; Cigic, Tomislav Report Nov 1, 2016 4501
Synchronous presentation of intracranial epidermoid tumor and brain abscess. Case report/Presentacion sincronica de tumor epidermoides intracraneal y absceso cerebral. Reporte de un caso. Hernandez, Ariel Varela; Astudino, Patricio Herrera; Terreu, Claudio Martinez; Aravena, Reinaldo Tor Estudio de caso Oct 1, 2016 3127
Spectroscopy and 3D-CISS sequence in cystic lesions of brain: a prospective evaluation on MRI. Bhuyan, Mary Hazarika; Bhuyan, R.K. Report Sep 15, 2016 3930
Brain trauma: ultrasound eases the pressure elevated cranial pressure from head traumas and brain tumours is potentially deadly. but although time is crucial, conventional diagnosis relies on time-consuming, invasive surgery at increased risk for patients. Now, a new generation of innovative scanning devices invented by Arminas Ragauskas at Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania solves the problem. Andy Pye reports. Pye, Andy Aug 1, 2016 562
Book About Pastor's Brain Tumor Diagnosis Hits Amazon Best-Seller List Due to Pre-Orders; Book Now Available. Jun 28, 2016 446
A new amalgam technique in CAD system for detection of abnormality in MRI brain images. Deepa, B.; Sumithra, M.G. Report Apr 1, 2016 3567
'IT TOOK ME A WEEK TO STOP CRYING' After getting the devastating diagnosis of a brain tumour artist Phil has vowed to fight the disease and plans to marry his fiancee next year. Mar 13, 2016 548
MRI evaluation of supratentorial tumours. Patil, Shruti; Mahesh; Govindaraju Jan 7, 2016 4340
Intracavitary irradiation as a safe alternative for cystic craniopharyngiomas: case report and review of the literature. Enriquez-Marulanda, Alejandro; Sierra-Ruiz, Melibea; Pabon, Luz Maritza; Lobato-Polo, Javier Case study Jan 1, 2016 2639
Multiscale CNNs for Brain Tumor Segmentation and Diagnosis. Zhao, Liya; Jia, Kebin Jan 1, 2016 4064
A case report of isolated brainstem tuberculoma without any focal neuologic deficit. Ramesh, T.V.; Rahul, V. Nov 9, 2015 763
Relief Effect of Bevacizumab on Severe Edema Induced by Re-irradiation in Brain Tumor Patients. Shen, Ge; Wang, Ying-Jie; Guan, Yan-Jun; Dong, Da-Peng; Yang, Gang; Li, Dan; Hao, Rui-Min; Sun, Hui- Report Aug 5, 2015 1991
Brain tumor reclassification could lead to more refined diagnosis, treatment. Aug 1, 2015 134
South Shields man's miracle operation - 10 years after brain tumour diagnosed; Family tell of delight after advances in surgery allow medics to finally remove 10-year-old brain tumour from 21-year-old's head. May 3, 2015 595
Gateshead boy's fight for life after shock brain tumour diagnosis; Parents of Gateshead schoolboy Will Freeman tell how son's battle for life proved a massive inspiration. Apr 20, 2015 806
Diagnostic Significance of Intraoperative Ultrasound Contrast in Evaluating the Resection Degree of Brain Glioma By Transmission Electron Microscopic Examination. Yu, Shu-Qing; Wang, Ji-Sheng; Chen, Si-Yuan; Liu, Xiang-Ming; Li, Yan; Ding, Yi-Ming; Li, Xiao-Ya; S Report Feb 1, 2015 3048
Study of brain tumours by novel magnetic resonance technique. Ahmad, Mohammad Shamim; Anjum, Reyaz; Singh, Anju; Singh, Dinesh Kumar; Paricharak, D.G. Report Jan 8, 2015 4302
Role of intraoperative ultrasound in achieving complete resection of intra-axial solid brain tumours. Report Dec 31, 2014 2982
Care of the adult patient with a brain tumor. Lovely, Mary P.; Stewart-Amidei, Christina; Arzbaecher, Jean; Bell, Susan; Maher, Mary Ellen; Maida, Report Dec 1, 2014 820
Care of the pediatric patient with a brain tumor. Ledet, Davonna "Davi"; Battick, Kentlee; Bess, Hillary N.; Cartwright, Cathy; Pownall, Ambre; Scrogg Dec 1, 2014 615
Australia to Host Human Tests for New Brain Tumour Treatment. Nov 27, 2014 336
Atypical teratoid/rhabdoid tumour in a supratentorial location: a report of two cases. Mahomed, N.; Naidoo, J.; Dlangamandla, S.; Andronikou, S.; Pather, S.; Pillay, K. Clinical report Nov 1, 2014 1401
Doctors told parents of this astonishingly courageous girl that she was only pretending to go blind to get their attention. One year later they found the brain tumour; BRAVE TEEN REFUSES TO BE BITTER AFTER TERRIBLE MISDIAGNOSIS; How schoolgirl lost sight after being told she was making it up. Oct 5, 2014 1482
The basics of diffusion and perfusion imaging in brain tumors. Korfiatis, Panagiotis; Erickson, Bradley Report Jul 1, 2014 4249
Health board criticised after failure to diagnose brain tumour. Jun 12, 2014 494
TWO HELL AND BACK; Twice in two years, two doctors miss Stuart's two brain tumours EXCLUSIVE TREATMENT ORDEAL TEEN'S HELL AS MEDICS MISS TWO TUMOURS Surgeons told us the pressure on Stuart's brain was so massive he'd have been dead inside next 24 hours Mum tells of anguish as diagnosis delay almost cost her son his life. Mar 7, 2014 1042
A hybrid approach of using symmetry technique for brain tumor segmentation. Saddique, Mubbashar; Kazmi, Jawad Haider; Qureshi, Kalim Report Jan 1, 2014 3496
IWASLEFT BLIND BECAUSE NO?ONE SPOTTED Cara Health cara. TUMOUR A after TUMOUR. OAP set for payout after five-year delay diagnosing his brain cancer. Oct 29, 2013 113
IWASLEFT BLIND BECAUSE NO?ONE SPOTTED Cara Health cara. TUMOUR A after TUMOUR. OAP set for payout after five-year delay diagnosing his brain cancer. Oct 29, 2013 118
Role of squash smear technique in intraoperative diagnosis of CNS tumours. Jha, Bharti; Patel, Viral; Patel, Komal; Agarwal, Anshul Report Oct 1, 2013 2100
Switch controlling growth of aggressive brain tumour cells identified. Sep 21, 2013 242
Brave Phoebe's tumour battle; Mum's heartfelt thanks to support charity. Sep 16, 2013 564
What brain tumor patients and their families have taught me. Lucas, Michele Roberta Report Jun 1, 2013 3406
Clinical update: recognising brain tumours early in children. Paul, Siba Prosad; Debono, Rachel; Walker, David Disease/Disorder overview Apr 1, 2013 2696
Multimodal magnetic resonance imaging increases the overall diagnostic accuracy in brain tumours: correlation with histopathology. Abul-Kasim, K.; Thurnher, M.; Puchner, S.; Sundgren, P. Clinical report Mar 1, 2013 5664
Mark each numbered statement as true (A) or false (B). Mar 1, 2013 491
Clues to Cause of Kids' Brain Tumors. Nov 18, 2012 564
New test could revolutionize care. Brief article Oct 1, 2012 257
Supratentorial dural-based haemangioblastoma in a Native American patient without Von Hippel Lindau Syndrome. Kaloostian, Pe; Taylor, C.L. Case study Jun 1, 2012 1070
Primary Brain T-Cell Lymphoma during Pregnancy. Ilker, Arikan; Aykut, Barut; Muge, Harma; Ibrahim, Harma Mehmet; Ulkua, Ozmen Bayar; Tugba, Duzcan; Report Apr 30, 2012 1267
Pleomorphic xanthoastrocytoma: an atypical astrocytoma. Case study Feb 29, 2012 1383
Colloid cyst: a case report. Grasu, Beatrice L.; Alberico, Anthony M. Case study Sep 1, 2011 846
When everything goes wrong: "when I needed guidance most, my Navy leadership knew exactly where to direct me. I was fairly new to my command in Japan and six months after reporting, our world got turned around.". Howard, LaTunya Aug 1, 2011 1091
Managing paediatric brain tumours: course code C-16179 O/D. Gregson, Richard; Ladds, Louise Disease/Disorder overview May 6, 2011 2339
Evaluating headaches. Brief article Jan 1, 2011 277
Docs said I had a brain fact I was pregnant; Teenager's baby joy after shock medical diagnosis. Dec 31, 2010 134
Comparing the volume of gliomas in the brain in FLAIR and post-contrast T1-weighted MRI sequences. Gurwara, Sheena; Azzawe, Ahmad; Jacobs, Shaunesse; Ravi, Ajay; Hardjasudarma, Mardjohan; Toledo, Edu Clinical report Sep 1, 2010 757
The link between CT scans and cancer. Holbrook, Emily Mar 1, 2010 1010
New discovery may lead to more accurate diagnosis of childhood brain cancers. Jan 13, 2010 325
Genes that drive aggressive brain cancers identified. Dec 24, 2009 294
Village Church Pastor Matt Chandler's brain tumor not completely removed. Brief article Dec 16, 2009 123
Pediatric neuroradiology, part 2: embryologic basis for inherited neurological disease and congenital neoplasm. Bardo, Dianna M.E. Report Oct 1, 2009 2451
TSGA10 is specifically expressed in astrocyte and over-expressed in brain tumors. Behnam, Babak; Chahlavi, Ali; Pattisapu, Jogi; Wolfe, Jonathan Report Oct 1, 2009 1973
Very serious cancer diagnosis shouldn't mean `giving up'. Aug 28, 2009 521
Scientists making slow, steady progress against brain cancers; Researchers are working on a number of promising therapies for tumors, and survival rates are climbing. Mar 1, 2009 720
Extracanalicular osteoma of the temporal bone. Viswanatha, Borlingegowda Case study Jul 1, 2008 1468
For the greater good. Falcioni, John G. Editorial Apr 1, 2008 570
When a family member has a malignant brain tumor: the caregiver perspective. Schmer, Carol; Ward-Smith, Peggy; Latham, Sue; Salacz, Michael Apr 1, 2008 5171
PET/CT neuroimaging applications for epilepsy and cerebral neoplasm. Mountz, James M. Clinical report Nov 1, 2007 2912
Brain tumors: recent advances in diagnosis and classification. Fuller, Gregory N. Disease/Disorder overview Feb 1, 2007 1701
There's a bug in your head. McDonald, Patrick May 1, 2006 839
Advanced MR techniques in brain tumor imaging. Karimi, Sasan; Petrovich, Nicole M.; Peck, Kyung K.; Hou, Bob L.; Holodny, Andrei I. Clinical report May 1, 2006 4431
Seizures rarely due to brain tumors, but do occur. Sullivan, Michele G. Feb 1, 2006 456
Neuroimaging useful in diagnosing secondary headaches. Wachter, Kerri Sep 1, 2005 607
More PET coverage decisions being held back. Wachter, Kerri Feb 1, 2005 669
Change in headache could signal brain tumor: neurologic red flags. Melville, Nancy A. Feb 1, 2004 525
Headache change could signal brain tumor: neurologic 'red flag'. Melville, Nancy A. Jan 15, 2004 526
Children's book on brain tumors. (what's happening). Brief Article Feb 1, 2003 84
MS misdiagnosed as brain tumor--biopsy botched. Tammelleo, A. David Oct 1, 2002 875
Don't miss brain stem tumors. (Clinical Capsules). Brief Article Sep 15, 2002 141
Weight deficits, brain tumors. (Journal Scan). Splete, Heidi Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 140
Immunohistochemical analysis of p18INK4C and p14ARF protein expression in 117 oligodendrogliomas: correlation with tumor grade and clinical outcome. Korshunov, Andrey; Golanov, Andrey Jan 1, 2002 4877
Computer as eye doctor. (news & notes). Thilmany, Jean Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 380
An Unusual Cerebellopontine Angle Tumor. Sun, Xiaoming; Thomas, Chinnamma Aug 1, 2001 988
Primary T-Cell-Rich B-Cell Lymphoma Masquerading as a Meningioma. Amaker, Barbara H.; Ghatak, Nitya R.; Jebraili, Sean A.; Ferreira-Gonzalez, Andrea; Kornstein, Micha Nov 1, 2000 1975
Combined Pleomorphic Xanthoastrocytoma-Ganglioglioma of the Cerebellum. Evans, Andrew J.; Fayaz, Imran; Cusimano, Michael D.; Laperriere, Norman; Bilbao, Juan M. Nov 1, 2000 2038
Headache or Brain Tumor? When to Scan a Child. NIDECKER, ANNA Brief Article Sep 15, 1998 269

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