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Obstructive jaundice: Studies on predictors of biliary infection and microbiological analysis in an HIV setting. Chiliza, K.S.; Madela, F.; Tlou, B.; Anderson, F. Report Aug 1, 2021 4146
Diagnostic Efficacy of Bronchoalveolar Lavage in a Rural Industrial Hospital in Madhya Pradesh, India. Upreti, Alka; Pratima, Kumari Jul 26, 2021 3512
Accuracy of Intraoperative Frozen Section in Detection of Acute Invasive Fungal Rhinosinusitis. Alkhateb, Rahaf; Menon, Preethi Dileep; Tariq, Hamza; Hackman, Sarah; Nazarullah, Alia; Mais, Daniel Report Jun 1, 2021 5030
A guide to the Tx of cellulites and other soft-tissue infections: Diagnostic and therapeutic priorities vary for the 8 types of infection reviewed. Clebak, Karl T.; Reedy-Cooper, Alexis; Partin, Michael T.; Davis, Christopher R. Jun 1, 2021 3401
Comparison of In-Clinic Diagnostic Testing Methods for Macrorhabdus ornithogaster. Baron, Hamish R.; Stevenson, Ben C.; Phalen, David N. Report Mar 1, 2021 5086
Invasive Fusariosis in Nonneutropenic Patients, Spain, 2000-2015. Perez-Nadales, Elena; Alastruey-Izquierdo, Ana; Linares-Sicilia, Maria Jose; Soto-Debran, Juan Carlo Report Jan 1, 2021 7900
Itchy scalp with scale: The patient had a history of treatment for head lice, but a dermatoscopic exam revealed that lice weren't to blame for his itchy scalp. Henkel, Emily; Buch, Chirag; Bambekova, Pavela; Usatine, Richard P. Clinical report Dec 1, 2020 1066
Lumpy Bumpy Weepy Face--A Rare Case Report of a Frequently Misdiagnosed Disease. Ramakrishnan, Ramachandran; Sundararajan, Dhivya; Ganapathy, Shivasekar; Durairaj, Balaji; Narasimha Sep 14, 2020 1331
Evaluating the clinical application of nested PCR in the diagnosis of fungal infections. Sheikhi, Nasrin; Rafat, Zahra; Abad, Saeed Zaker Boostan; Ahmadi, Sina Mirza; Azizian, Reza; Hamidi, Aug 1, 2020 2621
Surgical Management of an Aspergillus Empyema in a 3-YearOld Child. Kanakis, Meletios A.; Petsios, Konstantinos Th.; Giannopoulos, Nicholas M.; Bobos, Dimitrios; Hatzia May 31, 2020 2838
Dermoscopic Features of Green Nail Syndrome Associated with Dermatophytosis and, Traumatic Onycholysis. Elmas, Omer Faruk May 1, 2020 955
What is the diagnosis? Apr 1, 2020 303
What is the diagnosis? Mar 1, 2020 291
Expert reviews strategies for diagnosis and treatment. Brunk, Doug Disease/Disorder overview Dec 1, 2019 826
Poor diagnosis of fungal infections ups antibiotic resistance. Sep 21, 2019 291
ATS Guideline Outlines Lab Tests for Diagnosis of Fungal Infections; Guideline addresses lab testing for diagnosis of fungal infections in pulmonary medicine, critical care. Sep 6, 2019 278
Onychomycosis: The Most Common Misdiagnosis in Nail Disease. Jellinek, Nathaniel J. Aug 1, 2019 1682
Dermatologic Urgencies and Emergencies: What Every Pathologist Should Know. Abate, Mallory S.; Battle, Laura R.; Emerson, Ashley N.; Gardner, Jerad M.; Shalin, Sara C. Aug 1, 2019 16466
Invasive Mould Infections in Intensive Care Units: Epidemiology, Microbiologic Diagnosis and Antifungal Resistance/Yogun Bakimlarda Invazif Kuf Enfeksiyonlari: Epidemiyoloji, Mikrobiyolojik Tani ve Antifungal Direnc. Sig, Ali Korhan; Akdagli, Sevtap ARIKAN Aug 1, 2019 4788
Systemic Mycoses: An Overview for Natural Health Professionals. Thiel, Robert Disease/Disorder overview Jun 1, 2019 8227
Routine Broad-Range Fungal Polymerase Chain Reaction With DNA Sequencing in Patients With Suspected Mycoses Does Not Add Value and Is Not Cost-Effective. Stempak, Lisa M.; Vogel, Sherilynn A.; Richter, Sandra S.; Wyllie, Robert; Procop, Gary W. Report May 1, 2019 4085
Applicability of the Platelia EIA[R] Aspergillus test for the diagnosis of aspergilosis in penguins/Aplicabilidade do Platelia EIA[R] Aspergillus como teste diagnostico da aspergilose em pinguins. Cabana, A.L.; Xavier, M.O.; Mendes, J.F.; Teles, A.J.; Martins, A.M.; Silva-Filho, R.P.; Meireles, M Apr 1, 2019 3115
Pre-operative Voriconazole in patients undergoing surgery for Central Nervous System fungal infections: Special Report. Haider, Ghani; Shamim, Muhammad Shahzad; Khan, Muhammad Faheem; Bari, Muhammad Ehsan; Enam, Syed Ath Report Jan 31, 2019 3160
TO STUDY THE SIGNIFICANCE OF HRCT OVER CHEST X-RAY IN THE DIAGNOSIS OF INTERSTITIAL LUNG DISEASES. Agrawal, Manoj Kumar; Kumar, Amit; Agrawal, Rajesh; Rana, Rishi Report Jan 14, 2019 1870
Chronic skull osteomyelitis due to Cryptococcus neoformans: first case report in an HIV-infected patient. Adiwardana, Natanael Sutikno; Moras, Juliana de Angelo; Bernardoa, Leandro Lombo; Klautau, Giselle B Nov 1, 2018 1578
Better Detection and Treatment for Mold Exposure: Improving Outcomes for Patients. Pratt-Hyatt, Matt Oct 1, 2018 4406
Invasive fungal rhinosinusitis: An Indian perspective. Agrawal, Swati; Arora, Sandeep; Sharma, Nishi Author abstract Oct 1, 2018 106
Correlation Between [beta]-Glucan and Neutrophil/Eosinophil Ratio of Paranasal Sinus Mucosa and Blood in the Diagnosis of Chronic Fungal Rhinosinusitis. Wicaksana, Dhaniel Abdi; Suheryanto, Rus; Maharani, Iriana Report Sep 1, 2018 5546
Bilateral Malignant Seminoma With Ventricular Metastasis in a Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucoceplialus). Sullivan, Patrick J.; Fasina, Olufemi O.; Cushing, Andrew C. Sep 1, 2018 2989
Performance Characteristics of Cerebrospinal Fluid Cytology: An Analysis of Responses From the College of American Pathologists Nongynecologic Cytopathology Education Program. Tabatabai, Z. Laura; Auger, Manon; Souers, Rhona J.; Teot, Lisa; Davey, Diane D. Report Jul 1, 2018 3417
TWO YEAR HOSPITAL BASED STUDY ON RHINOSPORIDIOSIS IN AND AROUND DHANBAD DISTRICT, JHARKHAND, INDIA. Banerjee, Bejoy Chand; Singh, Binay Kumar; Prasad, Raj Kumar; Shankar, Ravi; Kumar, Pramod Report May 28, 2018 1339
Serum procalcitonin levels of patients with candidemia hospitalized in Intensive Care Units. Yazdani, Mohammad; Khorvash, Farzin; Hakamifard, Atousa Report May 1, 2018 2195
CLINICO-MYCOLOGICAL STUDY OF DERMATOPHYTIC SKIN INFECTIONS IN A TERTIARY CARE CENTRE. Ebrahimkutty, Shanimole Puthenpurayil; Pulikkottil, Shoba Kurian; Thampi, Dani Kochuplapparambil Report Feb 19, 2018 3070
Emergomyces africanus in Soil, South Africa. Schwartz, Ilan S.; Lerm, Barbra; Hoving, J. Claire; Kenyon, Chris; Horsnell, William G.; Basson, W. Report Feb 1, 2018 2390
Poor diagnosis of fungal infections ups antibiotic resistance. Jan 26, 2018 240
Poor diagnosis of fungal infections ups antibiotic resistance. Jan 4, 2018 192
Clinical Diagnostic Accuracy of Onychomycosis: A Multispecialty Comparison Study. Li, David G.; Cohen, Jeffrey M.; Mikailov, Anar; Williams, Ramone F.; Laga, Alvaro C.; Mostaghimi, A Report Jan 1, 2018 1853
Catastrophic Prosthetic Valve Endocarditis Caused by Rare Black Fungi. Butt, Khurram; Kumar, Ranjeet; D'Souza, Jason; Limback, Joseph; Shah, Rajesh; Burt, Jeremy Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 2073
Diagnosis of Vitreoretinal Aspergillosis with Transvitreal Retinochoroidal Biopsy. Peddada, Krishi; Khan, Nida M.; Rubin, Jascha; Zakaryan, Haykanush; Liu, Yaobin; Popnikolov, Nikolay Jan 1, 2018 2116
Diagnosis and Treatment of Paracoccidioidomycosis in the Maxillofacial Region: A Report of 5 Cases. Neto, Antonio Dionizio De Albuquerque; Araujo, Andre Vitor Alves; Cerqueira, Daniel Assuncao; Cescon Jan 1, 2018 2985
Recurrent Pneumonia due to Fibrosing Mediastinitis in a Teenage Girl: A Case Report with Long-Term Follow-Up. Hevroni, Avigdor; Springer, Chaim; Wasser, Oren; Avital, Avraham; Koplewitz, Benjamin Z. Jan 1, 2018 2660
Subcutaneous Granulomatous Inflammation due to Basidiobolomycosis: Case Reports of 3 Patients in Buruli Ulcer Endemic Areas in Benin. Brun, Luc V.C.; Roux, Jean Jacques; Sopoh, Ghislain E.; Aguiar, Julia; Eddyani, Miriam; Meyers, Wayn Jan 1, 2018 3744
Poor diagnosis of fungal infections ups antibiotic resistance. Dec 22, 2017 240
MOLECULAR DIAGNOSIS OF Guignardia citricarpa IN ASYMPTOMATIC SWEET ORANGE TISSUE/DETECCAO MOLECULAR DE Guignardia citricarpa EM TECIDOS ASSINTOMATICOS DE LARANJA-PERA. De Sillos Faganello, Fernanda; Filho, Renato Carrer; Dias, Vanessa Duarte; Morello, Regina Melo Sart Dec 1, 2017 3646
Correlation between clinical and mycological diagnosis of onychomycosis. Report Sep 30, 2017 2911
Efficacy of antifungal treatment in the clinicomycological cure of T. corporis/T. cruris. Sajitha, K.; Fernandes, Carol Z. Report Aug 17, 2017 2118
TB or Not TB... That is the Question. Kansagra, Kartik; Ploch, Stefan; Neitzschman, Harold R. Clinical report Jul 1, 2017 1099
A clinico-mycological study of otomycosis from a tertiary care hospital in western Uttar Pradesh. Ahuja, Sanjiv; Bansal, Anshul; Pandey, Anita; Madan, Molly; Gupta, Deepak Kumar Report Jun 5, 2017 2872
Comparison of two methods for determining prevalence of Macrorhabdus ornithogaster in a flock of captive budgerigars (Melopsitiacus undulatus). Sullivan, Patrick J.; Ramsay, Edward C.; Greenacre, Cheryl B.; Cushing, Andrew C.; Zhu, Xiaojuan; Jo Report Jun 1, 2017 2423
Natural infection by Microsporum canis in a capuchin monkey/Infecao natural por Microsporum canis em macaco capuchinho. Mota, Stephanie Machado; Ferreira, Adriano Fernandes; Nery, Thiago Lopes; de Farias, Roberto Citelli Jun 1, 2017 2126
Poor diagnosis of fungal infections ups antibiotic resistance. May 24, 2017 295
A rare case of cutaneous botryomycosis--a case report and review of literature. Kinhal, Vidyadhar A.; Vishwakumar, K.S. Case study May 18, 2017 1076
Recombinant 60-kDa heat shock protein from Paracoccidioides brasiliensis: is it a good antigen for serological diagnosis of paracoccidioidomycosis? Peron, G.; Fernandes, F.F.; Landgraf, T.N.; Martinez, R.; Panunto-Castelo, A. Report Apr 1, 2017 3298
Chromoblastomycosis as a mimicker of neoplastic lesion: a case report. Sarkar, Manisha; Das, Dipanwita; Sinhababu, Anindita Case study Mar 1, 2017 1634
A prospective non-randomised observational case study--the study of otomycosis. Kumaran, S. Senthil; Kavitha, M. Report Feb 9, 2017 2586
Saccharomyces cerevisiae Laryngitis and Oral Lesions in a Patient with Laryngeal Carcinoma. Algazaq, Jumanah N.; Akrami, Kevan; Martinez, Fernando; McCutchan, Allen; Bharti, Ajay R. Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 1940
Exophiala (Wangiella) dermatitidis Prosthetic Aortic Valve Endocarditis and Prosthetic Graft Infection in an Immune Competent Patient. Berger, Jay S.; Cusumano, Lucas R.; Derose, Joseph J.; Sarwar, Uzma N. Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 2433
The First Reported Case of Majocchi's Granuloma with Malbranchea sp. in an Immunocompetent Patient. Govind, Anusha; L'Etoile, Nathan; Vasquez, Gustavo Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 1184
Clinical Management of Nasal Mycosis in a Dog. Singh, Alok; Tripathi, A.K.; Shah, Hemant Kr. Report Jan 1, 2017 845
Prevalence, Etiology, and Risk Factors of Tinea Pedis and Tinea Unguium in Tunisia. Toukabri, Nourchene; Dhieb, Cyrine; Euch, Dalenda El; Rouissi, Mustapha; Mokni, Mourad; Sadfi-Zouaou Report Jan 1, 2017 5484
Survey indicates misdiagnosed infections may be common. Splete, Heidi Jan 1, 2017 422
Chromoblastomycosis with skeletal involvement: A case report. Case study Dec 31, 2016 1539
Survey finds high rate of misdiagnosed fungal infections. Splete, Heidi Dec 1, 2016 481
Invasive pulmonary fungal infections in patients with connective tissue disease: a retrospective study from northern China. Ge, H.F.; Liu, X.Q.; Zhu, Y.Q.; Chen, H.Q.; Chen, G.Z. Report Oct 1, 2016 4049
Schizophyllum commune-induced Pulmonary Mycosis. Shen, Qian; Yao, Ya-Ke; Yang, Qing; Zhou, Jian-Ying Case study Sep 5, 2016 800
What is your diagnosis? DiGeronimo, Peter M.; Johnson, James G., III; Tully, Thomas N., Jr. Clinical report Sep 1, 2016 2357
Epidemiology and Diagnosis of Mycotic Infections in Canine Otitis Externa. Kamaljyoti; Sharma, Ashwani Kumar; Sood, Naresh Kumar; Sharma, Shukriti; Filia, Gursimaran Report Jul 1, 2016 1019
Application of the 1,3-[beta]-D-Glucan (Fungitell) Assay in the Diagnosis of Invasive Fungal Infections. Tran, Tuan; Beal, Stacy G. Feb 1, 2016 4112
Application of the 1,3-[beta]-D-Glucan (Fungiteli) Assay in the Diagnosis of Invasive Fungal Infections. Tran, Tuan; Beai, Stacy G. Report Feb 1, 2016 4095
Simultaneous chronic invasive fungal infection and tracheal fungus ball mimicking cancer in an immunocompetent patient. Cetinkaya, Erdogan; Cortuk, Mustafa; Gul, Sule; Mert, Ali; Boyaci, Hilal; Cam, Ertan; Dincer, H. Erh Case study Jan 1, 2016 1780
Oral paracoccidiodomycosis mimicking lip carcinoma. Girardi, Fabio Muradas; Scrofernecker, Maria Lucia Clinical report Jan 1, 2016 609
Uncommon Candida species fungemia among cancer patients, Houston, Texas, USA. Jung, Dong Sik; Farmakiotis, Dimitrios; Jiang, Ying; Tarrand, Jeffrey J.; Kontoyiannis, Dimitrios P. Nov 1, 2015 7272
Cluster of Cryptococcus neoformans infections in intensive care unit, Arkansas, USA, 2013. Vallabhaneni, Snigdha; Haselow, Dirk; Lloyd, Spencer; Lockhart, Shawn; Moulton-Meissner, Heather; Le Oct 1, 2015 4562
Disseminated infections with talaromyces marneffei in non-AIDS patients given monoclonal antibodies against CD20 and Kinase inhibitors. Chan, Jasper F.W.; Chan, Thomas S.Y.; Gill, Harinder; Lam, Frank Y.F.; Trendell-Smith, Nigel J.; Sri Jul 1, 2015 4168
Frequency of superficial fungal infections in renal transplant recipients. Report Jun 30, 2015 1581
Estimated deaths and illnesses averted during fungal meningitis outbreak associated with contaminated steroid injections, United States, 2012-2013. Smith, Rachel M.; Derado, Gordana; Wise, Matthew; Harris, Julie R.; Chiller, Tom; Meltzer, Martin I. Jun 1, 2015 4967
Leprosy and Lobomycosis: first report from the Amazon Region. Ihara, Gabriel Maroja; Massone, Cesare; Schettini, Antonio Pedro; Maroja, Maria De Fatima Case study Jun 1, 2015 2005
A rare case report of oral chromoblastomycosis in India. Mohammed, Shahana; Khan, Mahaboob; Kasetty, Harish Kumar Clinical report Apr 2, 2015 1372
Antemortem diagnosis and successful treatment of pulmonary candidiasis in a sun conure (Aratinga solstitialis). Proenca, Laila M.; Mayer, Jorg; Schnellbacher, Rodney; Sanchez, Susan; Huang, Chien-Tsun; Brown, Hol Report Dec 1, 2014 2499
Selected Inflammatory Imitators of Mycosis Fungoides: Histologic Features and Utility of Ancillary Studies. Arps, David P.; Chen, Stephanie; Fullen, Douglas R.; Hristov, Alexandra C. Oct 1, 2014 5677
Long-term treatment of persistent disseminated Nocardia cyriacigeorgica infection. Ozgenc, Onur; Avci, Meltem; Ari, Alpay; Yunus Celebi, Ismail; Ayten Coskuner, Seher Clinical report Sep 1, 2014 2785
Cryptococcus gattii expands its territory. Lofland, Denene; Josephat, Floyd; Kogut, Andrea Report Jul 1, 2014 1671
Evaluation of fungal infections and foot syndrome, in diabetic patients referred to health centers in Tehran. Kamalzadeh, Sara; sabokbar, Azar Report Jun 20, 2014 3466
Pharyngeal rhinosporidiosis: a case report. Havle, Abhay; Shedge, Swapna; Jain, Vishal; Wader, Jyotsna; Purohit, Gautam Report Jun 16, 2014 1187
Subcutaneous fungal infection of the foot a case report. Rodrigues, Gabriel; Prabhu, Raghunath Mar 31, 2014 821
The prevalence and pattern of superficial fungal infections among school children in Ile-Ife, South-Western Nigeria. Oke, Olaide Olutoyin; Onayemi, Olaniyi; Olasode, Olayinka Abimbola; Omisore, Akinlolu Gabriel; Oninl Report Jan 1, 2014 4465
Pulmonary phaeohyphomycosis caused by Phaeoacremonium in a kidney transplant recipient: successful treatment with posaconazole. Monaganti, Saivaralaxmi; Santos, Carlos A.Q.; Markwardt, Andrea; Pence, Morgan A.; Brennan, Daniel C Case study Jan 1, 2014 2656
Fungal infections of the feet. McIntosh, Iain B. Report Jan 1, 2014 1498
Clinical characteristics of Alternaria keratitis. Hsiao, Ching-Hsi; Yeh, Lung-Kun; Chen, Hung-Chi; Lin, Hsin-Chiung; Chen, Phil Y.F.; Ma, David H.K.; Report Jan 1, 2014 4516
Intestinal microsporidiosis in a reference center. da Costa, Loredana Nilkenes Gomes; Marson, Fernando Augusto de Lima; Teixeira, Angela Terezinha Laua Report Nov 1, 2013 889
Increased incidence of invasive fusariosis with cutaneous portal of entry, Brazil. Nucci, Marcio; Varon, Andrea G.; Garnica, Marcia; Akiti, Tiyomi; Barreiros, Gloria; Trope, Beatriz M Report Oct 1, 2013 3881
Laryngeal rhinosporidiosis--an unusual cause of hoarseness. Chatterji, Probal; Bose, Samrat Sandip Clinical report Sep 16, 2013 1005
Diagnosis, clinical implications, and complications of onychomycosis. Rich, Phoebe; Elewski, Boni; Scher, Richard K.; Pariser, David Sep 1, 2013 2043
Aust Vet J.: Necrotizing ventriculitis due to combined infection with Rhizopus microsporus var. chinensis and Candida krusei in an Eclectus parrot (Eclectus roratus). Muir, M.; Raidal, S.R. Brief article Jun 1, 2013 102
A case report on orbital botryomycosis. Sowbhagya, H.N.; Patil, Pooja; Gowda, M.S. Smitha; Kiran, Kumar L.; Rafi, Aisha Clinical report Apr 15, 2013 1522
Fungal infection; diagnosis and management, 4th ed. Book review Jun 1, 2012 162
Ocular mycoses: infection of the eye by fungi. Armstrong, Richard A.; Mousavi, Maryam May 4, 2012 3458
Flying blind: a mysterious disease has nearly wiped out bat populations in parts of North America and no one knows how to stop it. Soltes, John Mar 22, 2012 3469
Several disorders mimic nail fungus in children. Eisenberg, Jeffrey Mar 1, 2012 436
Clinical profile of pityriasis versicolor in a referral hospital of West Bengal. Banerjee, Sabyasachi Report Dec 31, 2011 2470
Chrysosporium sp. infection in Eastern Massasauga rattlesnakes. Allender, Matthew C.; Dreslik, Michael; Wylie, Sarah; Phillips, Christopher; Wylie, Daniel B.; Maddo Report Dec 1, 2011 1230
Fungal infections surface in Missouri tornado victims. Brief article Sep 1, 2011 146
Geographic distribution of endemic fungal infections among older persons, United States. Baddley, John W.; Winthrop, Kevin L.; Patkar, Nivedita M.; Delzell, Elizabeth; Beukelman, Timothy; X Report Sep 1, 2011 3582
New fungal infection guidelines include novel agents. Mahoney, Diana Feb 15, 2011 722
Invasive fungal rhinitis caused by Paecilomyces lilacinus infection: report of a case and a novel treatment. Ciecko, Shawn C.; Scher, Richard Case study Dec 1, 2010 1397
Perfusion pulmonoscintigraphy in diagnosis of broncho-pulmonary paecilomycosis. Ashurov, Abdusalom; Jabbarova, Rohila Report Oct 1, 2010 2910
Rhinoentomophthoromycosis: rarity revisited. Bhatia, Naresh; Singh, Charu; Kawatra, Rahul; Alam, Seraj; Dhawan, Ruchir Case study Jun 1, 2010 1034
Early detection of pulmonary fungal infection by CT scan in pediatric ALL patients under chemotherapy or in post-transplantation period with primary complaint of chest pain/Gogus agrisi ile basvuran pediatrik akut lenfoblastik losemi olgularinda kemoterapi sirasinda ya da kok hucre nakli sonrasi gelisen pulmoner fungal enfeksiyonun bilgisayarli tomografi ile erken tayini. Unal, Sule; Kuskonmaz, Baris; Tavil, Betul; Elmas, Selin Aytac; Cetinkaya, Duygu Uckan; Cetin, Muall Report Mar 1, 2010 2696
White-nose syndrome fungus (Geomyces destructans) in bat, France. Puechmaille, Sebastien J.; Verdeyroux, Pascal; Fuller, Hubert; Ar Gouilh, Meriadeg; Bekaert, Michael Report Feb 1, 2010 1905
Gastrointestinal basidiobolomycosis: an unusual fungal infection mimicking colon cancer. Nemenqani, Dalal; Yaqoob, Nausheen; Khoja, Hatem; Al Saif, Osama; Amra, Nasir K.; Amr, Samir S. Case study Dec 1, 2009 3318
Lobomycosis in inshore and estuarine dolphins. Paniz-Mondolfi, Alberto Enrique; Sander-Hoffmann, Lilian Report Apr 1, 2009 891
What is your diagnosis? Report Mar 1, 2009 1196
Optimal use of Myco/F lytic and standard BACTEC blood culture bottles for detection of yeast and mycobacteria. Kirby, James E.; Delaney, Meghan; Qian, Qinfang; Gold, Howard S. Report Jan 1, 2009 3181
How to cure inflammatory breast cancer: fungal infections cause breast calcifications and cancer. Howenstine, James A. Aug 1, 2008 933
Chapter 5 fungal zoonoses. Romich, Janet Amundson Disease/Disorder overview Jan 1, 2008 11010
Penicillium marneffei infection in a HIV infected child. Sharma, Ajanta; Hazarika, N.K.; Barua, Purnima; Dey, Indrani; Tudu, N.K. Letter to the editor Dec 1, 2007 1200
HIV-associated opportunistic fungal infections: a guide to using the clinical microbiology laboratory. Govender, Nelesh Mar 22, 2007 4458
What is your diagnosis? Case study Dec 1, 2006 867
Fungal skin infections look odd, evade diagnosis: when faced with a diagnostic dilemma, think fungi, especially in patients with compromised immunity. Goldman, Erik L. Nov 1, 2006 848
Opportunistic fungi often elude diagnosis. Goldman, Erik L. Oct 15, 2006 843
Quantification of IgG antibodies to Aspergillus fumigatus and pigeon antigens by ImmunoCAP technology: an alternative to the precipitation technique? van Hoeyveld, Erna; Dupont, Lieven; Bossuyt, Xavier Clinical report Sep 1, 2006 4965
Dark fungi emerging as cause of often lethal infections. Walsh, Nancy May 15, 2006 687
Expert describes skin signs of deep fungal infections in children. Brunk, Doug Sep 15, 2005 566
Human Pythiosis, Brazil. Marques, Silvio Alencar May 1, 2005 2247
Quick fungal dx with in situ hybridization. Evans, Jeff Brief Article Jan 1, 2005 221
Paecilomyces lilacinus vaginitis in an immunocompetent patient. Rinaldi, Michael G. Sep 1, 2003 2368
Consider fungal etiology in chronic sinusitis. (Five Syndromes). Tucker, Miriam E. Mar 1, 2003 1103
Ulcerative fungal laryngitis. (Laryngoscopic Clinic). Sataloff, Robert T. Mar 1, 2003 407
Derm diagnosis. Evans, Jeff Oct 1, 2002 322
Many pediatricians need heads up on tinea capitis. (Look for Broken Hairs, Redness). Bates, Betsy Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 520
Mold Concerns. Meyerhoff, Michael K. Mar 1, 2001 263
Aggressive invasive fungal sinusitis. D'Antonio, Michael Brief Article Nov 1, 2000 189

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