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Skin Cancers of the Auricle: A Retrospective Analysis of 41 Patients. Ozgur, Erdogan; Kamiloglu, Ugur; Temiz, Peyker; Eskiizmir, Gorkem Sep 1, 2020 2976
Canal Wall-Down Mastoidectomy plus Meatoplasty for Extensive Verruca Vulgaris in the Ear Canal and Mastoid Bone. Oh, Hyeon Sik; Lee, Eun Sub; Han, Tae Young; Shim, Hyun Joon Clinical report Dec 1, 2018 1172
KTP-laser--assisted endoscopic management of glomus tympanicum tumors: A case series. Noel, Julia E.; Sajjadi, Hamed Case overview Dec 1, 2018 2380
Iatrogenic external auditory canal cholesteatoma with mastoid erosion. Lee, Yen-Hui; Hu, Chih-Yu; Chuang, Wen-Yu; Chan, Kai-Chieh Clinical report Oct 1, 2018 625
The Clinical Characteristics and Surgical Outcomes of Carcinoma of the External Auditory Canal: A Multicenter Study. Park, Jung Mee; Kong, Ji Sun; Chang, Ki Hong; Jun, Beom Cho; Jeon, Eun Ju; Park, So Young; Park, Shi Aug 1, 2018 4570
Intradermal nevus of external auditory canal revisited. Wu, Pei-Hsuan; Hsin-Chien Case study Jun 1, 2018 611
Intact Canal Wall Mastoidectomy Combined with Balloon Dilation Eustachian Tuboplasty in the Treatment of Middle Ear Cholesterol Granuloma. Ou, Yong-Kang; Zhang, Xue-Yuan; Xu, Yao-Dong; Xiong, Hao; Liang, Mao-Jin Letter to the editor Mar 18, 2018 1459
Isolated Unilateral Horizontal Semicircular Canal Malformation. Liu, Yi-Wei; Sun, Ke; Tang, Jian-Guo Clinical report Mar 18, 2018 1312
Surgical Management of Aural Haematoma in a Buffalo calf. Vishwakarma, Raj Kumari Report Jan 1, 2018 793
Unusual case--revisited--Gradenigo's syndrome. Mani, Suresh; Rekha, Assadi Case study Sep 11, 2017 1269
Congenital ear malformations: Effectively correcting cryptotia with neonatal ear molding. Rozanski, Collin; Rousso, Joseph J. Sep 1, 2017 776
Identification of foramen of Huschke with reversible herniation of temporomandibular joint soft tissue into the external auditory canal on multidetector computed tomography. Mittal, Shallini; Singal, Samita; Mittal, Amit; Singal, Rikki; Jindal, Gunjan Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 907
Unilateral Enlarged Vestibular Aqueduct Syndrome and Bilateral Endolymphatic Hydrops. Ralli, Massimo; Nola, Giuseppe; Sparvoli, Luca; Ralli, Giovanni Case study Jan 1, 2017 4062
Angioleiomyoma of the Auricle: An Unusual Tumor on a Rare Location. Kanitakis, Jean Case study Jan 1, 2017 1874
Erosion of the incus by the chorda tympani nerve from a complex retraction pocket. Daniel, Ramanan; Hill, Fiona; Price, Timothy Brief article Sep 1, 2015 246
Post-aural nodular fasciitis. Rahbi, Mohammed Al-; Kindi, Hunaina Al-; Sheibani, Salma Al- Clinical report Jan 1, 2015 1245
Coexistence of migraine headache and red ear syndrome/Kirmizi kulak sendromu ile birliktelik gosteren migren bas agrisi. Uca, Ali Ulvi; Kozak, Hasan Huseyin Letter to the editor Sep 1, 2014 590
Ceruminous adenoma of external auditory canal in a young adult: a rare case report. Patil, Anuradha G.; Patil, Ashok; Karangadan, Shabnam Clinical report Aug 4, 2014 1026
A rare presentation of foreign body in the ear with traumatic dislocation of the incus in a female child: a case report. K., Santhana Krishnan; Bhat, Poornima S. Clinical report Feb 10, 2014 712
A solitary fibrous tumor in the external auditory canal--a rare case report. Khatua, Rabindra Kumar; Lenka, Anasuya; Das, Alok Jan 6, 2014 1433
Glial choristoma of the middle ear. Shemanski, Karen A.; Voth, Spencer E.; Patitucci, Lana B.; Ma, Yuxiang; Popnikolov, Nikolay; Katseto Case study Dec 1, 2013 2125
Giant basal cell carcinoma in the post aural region. Thimmappa, T.D.; Ramesh, S.; Gangadhara, K.S.; Shetty, Hamsa; Shetty, Harshavardhan Kushal Aug 5, 2013 1152
Thiersch skin grafting in otologic surgery. Xu, Helen; Pollak, Natasha; Paparella, Michael M. Aug 1, 2013 1297
Auricular stent with anti inflammatory agent--a prosthodontic perspective in earlobe reconstruction. Thulasingam, C.; Krishna, Meera N. Case study Jul 1, 2013 969
Clear cell hydradenoma of EAC. A rare case report. Guru., Ranjan Kumar Clinical report May 20, 2013 1087
Mythological ears, a real deformity: a case of bilateral Stahl's ears in a South African girl. Potgieter, M.D.; Giaquinto-Cilliers, M.G.C. Case study May 1, 2013 847
Guidelines add important specifics. Mar 1, 2013 395
Large bilateral internal auditory meatus associated with bilateral superior semicircular canal dehiscence. Manzari, Leonardo; Scagnelli, Paola Report Jan 1, 2013 1985
Nontuberculous mycobacterial otomastoiditis: a case report. Tsai, Li-Tai; Wang, Ching-Yuan; Lin, Chia-Der; Tsai, Ming-Hsui Case study Jan 1, 2013 1958
Syndromes which may feature accessory tragus: an overview. Aboud, Daifullah Al Report Sep 30, 2012 725
"Epithelial pearl" after tympanoplasty with the underlay technique. Shu, Min-Tsan; Chen, Yu-Chun Brief article May 1, 2011 251
Manual therapy and ear pain: a report of four cases. Murphy, Donald R.; Gay, Charles W. Report Jan 1, 2011 4371
External ear canal cholesteatoma. Topdag, Murat; Can, Efser Case study Sep 1, 2010 512
Stahl ear deformity associated with Finlay-Marks syndrome. Paik, Young S.; Chang, David Case study Jun 1, 2010 773
'Doctor, my ear is blocked'--when to panic. Friedland, Peter Clinical report Aug 1, 2009 987
The dizzy patient--a 5-minute approach to diagnosis. Friedland, Peter Clinical report Aug 1, 2009 1075
Home otoscope. Benaroch, Roy Jul 1, 2009 464
Neuroendocrine adenoma of the middle ear (NAME). Leong, Karen; Haber, Marian M.; Divi, Venu; Sataloff, Robert T. Case study Apr 1, 2009 2189
Online exclusives. Author abstract Mar 1, 2009 258
Aggressive papillary tumor of the middle ear: a true entity or an endolymphatic sac neoplasm? Tysome, James R.; Harcourt, Jonny; Patel, Manish C.; Sandison, Ann; Michaels, Leslie Case study Jul 1, 2008 2092
Ear infections. Benaroch, Roy Jul 1, 2008 532
Aescin and troxerutin as a successful combination for the treatment of inner ear perfusion disturbances. Siegers, C.P.; Ali, S. Syed; Tegtmeier, M. Clinical report Mar 1, 2008 1979
Oval window fistula. Gadre, Arun Brief article Apr 1, 2006 243
Vertigo and motion sickness. Part I: vestibular anatomy and physiology. Roland, Peter S. Sep 1, 2005 3026
Vestibular findings in a 69-year-old man with dizziness. Brookler, Kenneth H. Apr 1, 2005 340
Focus on all 7 recommendations to manage AOM. Boschert, Sherry Dec 1, 2004 674
Guidelines hone acute otitis media Dx. Boschert, Sherry Dec 1, 2004 628
Capsaicin cream for vulvar vestibulitis. Brief Article Dec 1, 2004 214
Glomus jugulare. House, John W. Brief Article Dec 1, 2004 221
Vestibular findings in a young woman who developed dizziness and nausea following an airplane flight. Brookler, Kenneth H. Dec 1, 2004 354
Childhood vestibular disorders: a tutorial. Mehta, Zarin; Stakiw, Daria B. Sep 22, 2004 9380
An unusual primary intratympanic meningioma. D'Antonio, Michael Sep 1, 2004 506
Vestibular findings in a patient presenting with tinnitus. Brookler, Kenneth H. Brief Article Sep 1, 2004 258
Tympanostomy tubes: a review of recent studies. Deitmer, Thomas Sep 1, 2004 1017
Vestibular findings in a patient with a 1-month history of disequilibrium. Brookler, Kenneth H. Jul 1, 2004 285
Apical petrositis. Ramirez, M. Guadalupe Jun 1, 2004 429
Spontaneous atticotomy. Deguine, Christian Brief Article May 1, 2004 195
What is the best way to manage benign paroxysmal positional vertigo? Dec 1, 2003 1104
Electronystagmography in a woman with dizziness, tinnitus, and headache. Brookler, Kenneth H. Brief Article Dec 1, 2003 297
ENG in a patient with Meniere's syndrome and evidence of vestibular recruitment. Brookler, Kenneth H. Nov 1, 2003 471
Electronystagmography in a woman with aural fullness, hyperacusis, and dizziness. (Vestibulology Clinic). Brookler, Kenneth H. Mar 1, 2003 337
Cystic chondromalacia of the ear. (Pathology Clinic). Thompson, Lester D.R. Feb 1, 2003 378
Mild traumatic brain injury often misdiagnosed due to vertigo issues. (Grocery Store Test is Helpful). Mulcahy, Nicholas Brief Article Feb 1, 2003 512
The sinusoidal vertical-axis rotation test. Brookler, Kenneth H. Sep 1, 2001 395
Fibrous dysplasia of the temporal bone. Pulec, Jack L. Brief Article Nov 1, 2000 107
Tuberculous chronic otitis media. Deguine, Christian Brief Article Nov 1, 1999 189
Alternate binaural bithermal: normal; simultaneous binaural bithermal: directional preponderance. Brookler, Kenneth Brief Article Aug 1, 1999 191
Five Simple Rules Ease Otitis Media Diagnosis. BYKOWSKI, MIKE May 1, 1999 708
Cholesteatoma: a serious ear condition. pamphlet Jan 1, 1989 841

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