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Provision Of An Apparatus For The Diagnosis Of Cystic Fibrosis, Accessories, Consumables And Maintenance Associated With The University Hospital Of Tours. Jul 5, 2018 135
Shining new light on newborn screening of cystic fibrosis in the province of Quebec. Khendek, Leticia Report Sep 1, 2017 2069
O Provide Neonatal Kits (diagnostic Test Kits): Must Include 3 Automated Walk Away Neonatal Screening Instruments; 1 Wallac Multipuncher With 6-plate Capacity; 1 Wallac Dbs Puncher With 2-plate Capacity; Kits, Reagents And Services Under A Reagent-lease A. May 6, 2017 200
Genetic escape artists resist disease: 13 people found with harmful mutations but no symptoms. Saey, Tina Hesman May 14, 2016 829
Successful laparoscopic spleen-preserving distal pancreatectomy for a huge lymphoepithelial cyst of the pancreas tail in a young man: A case report and literature review. Ho, Meng-Hsing; Lai, Chien-Liang; Wu, Si-Yuan; Chu, Der-Ming; Hsieh, Chung-Bao; Chan, De-Chuan; Hsu, Case study May 1, 2016 1818
Helping patients with cystic fibrosis live longer. Lewis, Douglas Mar 1, 2016 3518
Mother loses wrongful birth suit over daughter with cystic fibrosis. Flanders, Nancy Feb 1, 2016 438
Distribution of Major Pathogens from Sputum and Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fluid in Patients with Noncystic Fibrosis Bronchiectasis: A Systematic Review. Miao, Xia-Yi; Ji, Xiao-Bin; Lu, Hai-Wen; Yang, Jia-Wei; Xu, Jin-Fu Report Oct 20, 2015 3306
Cystic fibrosis neonatal methodology: fluorometric assay (delphia); use: laboratory diagnosis; reagent: yes; area: immunology. May 24, 2015 103
The Cystic Fibrosis Symptom Progression Survey (CF-SPS) in Arabic: a tool for monitoring patients' symptoms. Norrish, Catherine; Norrish, Mark; Fass, Uwe; Salmani, Majid Al-; Lingam, Ganji Shiva; Clark, Fiona; Report Jan 1, 2015 5870
Cases in clinical microbiology. Mortensen, Joel E. Clinical report Apr 1, 2014 374
Microbiology of the middle meatus compared to sputum in young patients with cystic fibrosis from Bahia--Brazil. Tunesa, Alessandro; Reis, Joice Neves; Terse, Regina; Santana, Maria Angelica; Diniz, Ana Lucia; Bar Report Mar 1, 2014 3139
The eye in cystic fibrosis. Hiscox, Rachel; Evans, Katharine; Purslow, Christine; North, Rachel Disease/Disorder overview Sep 20, 2013 3045
Hand radiograms as an alternative for bone mass screening in cystic fibrosis. Minarowska, A.; Minarowski, L.; Tomalak, W.; Zajac, J.; Pogorzelski, A.; Radlinski, J.; Milewska, A. Report Jun 1, 2013 3084
Serum and urinary carnitine in children with cystic fibrosis. Kepka, A.; Minarowska, A.; Minarowski, L.; Waszkiewicz, N.; Chojnowska, S.; Trochimowicz, L.; Zwierz Report Jun 1, 2013 3156
Electrophoretical mobility of nuclei in buccal cells of cystic fibrosis patients. Minarowska, A.; Litwiejko-Pietrynczyk, E.; Minarowski, L.; Trochimowicz, L.; Sierzantowicz, R.; Dzie Report Jun 1, 2013 1452
Comparison between two techniques of regional sweat collection during exercise in the heat/Comparacao entre duas tecnicas de coleta regional de suor durante o exercicio no calor. Laitano, Orlando; Martins, Jocelito; Reischak-Oliveira, Alvaro; Meyer, Flavia Mar 1, 2013 2498
Sudden onset of severe anemia in a patient with cystic fibrosis. Nagao, Brian; Yuan, Shan; Bon Homme, Marjorie Clinical report Sep 1, 2012 2361
Benefits of newborn screening for cystic fibrosis in Shreveport, Louisiana, Cystic Fibrosis Center. Venkata, Jyothsna Akam; Jones, Kimberly L. Report Nov 1, 2011 2795
A life expectancy of 21.. you don't want to hear that for your child; MUM ON CYSTIC FIBROSIS DIAGNOSIS. Jul 14, 2011 469
Indications for pulmonary rehabilitation, patient selection and contraindications/Pulmoner rehabilitasyon endikasyonlari, hasta secimi ve kontrendikasyonlar. Sutbeyaz, Serap Tomruk Report Dec 1, 2010 2056
Efficiency of pulmonary rehabilitation/Pulmoner rehabilitasyonun etkinligi. Taskiran, Ozden Ozyemisci Report Dec 1, 2010 3170
Parental perceptions of risk and protective factors associated with the adaptation of siblings of children with cystic fibrosis. O'Haver, Judith; Moore, Ida M.; Insel, Kathleen C.; Reed, Pamela G.; Melnyk, Bernadette Mazurek; Lav Report Nov 1, 2010 6155
When to suspect atypical cystic fibrosis: not all patients with cystic fibrosis have abnormal sweat chloride levels, severe lung disease, or failure to thrive. These 2 cases remind us to think "outside the box.". Chawla, Anupama; Turcotte, Frances G.; Usmani, Kathleen; Kanu, Adaobi C. Report Sep 1, 2010 2317
Effect of meconium ileus on the clinical prognosis of patients with cystic fibrosis diagnosed at younger than 12 months/Mekonyum ileusunun 12 ay altinda tani alan kistik fibrozlu hastalarda klinik seyire etkisi. Pekcan, Sevgi; Kiper, Nural; Kose, Mehmet; Aslan, Ayse Tana; Cobanoglu, Nazan; Yalcin, Ebru; Dogru, Report Jun 1, 2010 3738
Cases in clinical microbiology. Mortensen, Joel E. Apr 1, 2010 381
Functional capacity tests in young people with cystic fibrosis. Mandrusiak, Allison; Maurer, Carly; MacDonald, Julie; Wilson, Christine; Watter, Pauline Clinical report Mar 1, 2009 2653
Pancretic disease in cystic fibrosis and alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency/kistik fibroz ve alfa-1 antitripsin eksiklioinde pankreatik tutulum. Karabiber, Hamza; Selimoglu, Mukadder Ayse Report Mar 1, 2009 2833
The evidence regarding exercise training in the management of cystic fibrosis: a systematic review. Shoemaker, Michael J.; Hurt, Heather; Arndt, Leah Report Sep 1, 2008 6358
Comparison of High-Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation With Differing Waveforms for Airway Clearance in Cystic Fibrosis. Kempainen, R.R.; Williams, C.B.; Hazelwood, A.; Rubin, B.K.; Mila, C.E. Reprint Mar 1, 2008 356
States rapidly adopting cystic fibrosis screening in newborns. Kirn, Timothy F. Feb 1, 2008 453
Influence of pancreatic status and sex on polyunsaturated fatty acid profiles in cystic fibrosis. Coste, Thierry Charles; Deumer, Gladys; Reychler, Gregory; Lebecque, Patrick; Wallemacq, Pierre; Lea Feb 1, 2008 6071
Surgery boosts lung function in cystic fibrosis. Zoler, Mitchel L. Brief article Oct 15, 2007 303
The many roles of families in family-centered care--part VI. Siems, Caryl G. Sep 1, 2007 3184
Spirometry in early childhood in cystic fibrosis patients. Vilozni, D.; Benture, L.; Efrati, O. Clinical report Sep 1, 2007 498
Effect of habitual activity, lung function, and nutritional measurements on 3-minute step test performance in children with cystic fibrosis. Swisher, Anne K.; Baer, Linda; Bonner, Daniel; Moffett, Kathryn Clinical report Mar 1, 2007 4778
Case fourteen: full of slime. Muldoon, Jean F.; Mortensen, Joel E. Jan 1, 2007 1786
No home run yet with cystic fibrosis therapies. Wendling, Patrice Oct 1, 2006 624
Individualize counseling for cystic fibrosis coping. McNamara, Damian Disease/Disorder overview Oct 1, 2006 967
Cystic fibrosis can surface in adults. Kirn, Timothy F. Mar 1, 2006 831
Cystic fibrosis diagnosis after age 40 on the rise. Kirn, Timothy F. Feb 15, 2006 733
Hypertonic saline inhalation helps manage CF symptoms. Moon, Mary Ann Feb 15, 2006 724
New CF screening test offers greater accuracy. Kilgore, Christine Aug 15, 2005 574
Tag-It Cystic Fibrosis Kit. McNamara, Damian Aug 1, 2005 304
New CF screen expected to improve accuracy. Kilgore, Christine Jul 15, 2005 766
FDA approves DNA-based blood test to help detect cystic fibrosis. Brief Article Jun 10, 2005 174
Care of the adult patient with cystic fibrosis. Aronson, Barbara S.; Marquis, Melissa Jun 1, 2004 7818
Michigan hospital expands cystic fibrosis screening: few opt for testing. McNamara, Damian Mar 1, 2004 459
Prenatal screening halves cystic fibrosis births: carrier rate of 1 in 28. Bates, Betsy Jan 1, 2004 910
Advantage to meropenem combo therapy for CF exacerbations: effect not sustained long term. Jancin, Bruce Jan 1, 2004 605
Pro-life news in brief. Townsend, Liz Jun 1, 2003 1165
FPs lag in offering genetic cystic fibrosis test. (Screening Recommended in 2001 by ACOG). Zoler, Mitchel L. May 1, 2003 1561
Cystic Fibrosis Screens Broadened. (White, High-Risk Couples Targeted). Johnson, Kate Nov 15, 2001 439
Assessment of sweat-testing practices for the diagnosis of cystic fibrosis. (CAP Laboratory Improvement Programs). LeGrys, Vicky A. Nov 1, 2001 3724
Diagnosing cystic fibrosis: the earlier the better. (Medical Research Update). Chamalian, David Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 204
Newborn Exams May Soon Include DNA Screening. KIRN, TIMOTHY F. Statistical Data Included Jun 1, 2000 382
Chronic Pancreatitis May Signal Cystic Fibrosis. TUCKER, MIRIAM E. Brief Article May 1, 2000 233
Screen Fertile Couples for CF or Face Lawsuits. JANCIN, BRUCE Brief Article Sep 15, 1998 761
Counseling highlighted for gene test. Mlot, Christine Brief Article Aug 16, 1997 354
Cystic fibrosis newborn screening: impact of early screening results on parenting stress. Baroni, Mary A.; Anderson, Yvonne E.; Mischler, Elaine Mar 1, 1997 7989
Defect in cystic fibrosis protein found. Brief Article Apr 4, 1992 260
Cystic fibrosis gene: too many mutants. Weiss, Rick Jul 28, 1990 430

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