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Bronchoscopic Diagnosis and Treatment of Primary Tracheobronchial Amyloidosis: A Retrospective Analysis from China. Lu, Xiaoxiao; He, Bixiu; Wang, Ge; He, Baimei; Wang, Lijing; Chen, Qiong Report Jan 1, 2017 4475
Tracheal Chondrosarcoma: Systematic Review of Tumor Characteristics, Diagnosis, and Treatment Outcomes with Case Report. Kutzner, Emily A.; Park, Joshua S.; Zaheer, Salman; Inman, Jared C. Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 4635
Transforming lives with 3-D printing: customized prosthetics, stents, and splints ore allowing the children who need them to live full and healthy lives. Evans, Jon Apr 1, 2016 1627
Mounier-Kuhn syndrome in an elderly female with pulmonary fibrosis. Boglou, Panagiotis; Papanas, Nikolaos; Oikonomou, Anastasia; Bakali, Stamatia; Steiropoulos, Paschal Case study Jan 1, 2016 2449
Perioperative and intensive care management of pediatric tracheal tear. Bhananker, Sanjay M.; Ramaiah, Ramesh Case study Jan 1, 2014 1499
Tracheal bronchus in an 11-month-old infant. Sprecher, Robert; Josephson, Gary Case study Oct 1, 2013 603
Tracheal bronchus and pulmonary, hepatic and renal vascular congenital abnormalities--a case report. Vedajallam, S.; Ismail, F.; Joshi, J.A.; Chacko, A.; Lockhat, Z.I.; Andronikou, S. Case study Jun 1, 2013 1323
Subfreezing versus room-temperature balloon dilation of benign tracheal stenosis: a pilot study in rabbits. Wycherly, Benjamin J.; Steehler, Matthew K.; Hesham, Hosai; Burke, Kevin; Malekzadeh, Sonya Report Apr 1, 2013 2645
Anaesthetic management using high-frequency oscillatory ventilation for a patient with tracheal and bronchial stenoses. Nemoto, C.; Mogami, M.; Ohashi, S.; Iida, H.; Isosu, T.; Murakawa, M. Case study Jul 1, 2012 828
A rare early complication of tracheostomy. Pawar, Manjeet Singh; Suri, Neelam Case study Jan 1, 2011 1433
Multiple tracheal resections and anastomoses in a blue and gold macaw (Ara ararauna). Jankowski, Gwen; Nevarez, Javier G.; Beaufrere, Hugues; Baumgartner, Wes; Reed, Scott; Tully, Thomas Report Dec 1, 2010 4068
J Zoo Wildl Med.: Tracheal stenosis in a blue-billed currasow (Crax albertt). Evans, A.; Atkins, A.; Citino, S.B. Brief article Sep 1, 2009 147
Tracheal stenosis: preventable morbidity on the increase in our intensive care units. Raynham, O.W.; Lubbe, D.E.; Fagan, J.J. Clinical report Sep 1, 2009 1279
Preventable tracheal stenosis. de V. van Niekerk, J.P. Brief article Sep 1, 2009 136
Aortotracheal fistula secondary to bacterial aortitis. Allende, Daniela S.; Rodriguez, E. Rene; D. Tan, Carmela Case study Jun 1, 2009 2234
Idiopathic tracheal stenosis. Chandran, Swapna K.; Sataloff, Robert T. Case study Apr 1, 2009 577
Tracheal deviation may be a normal anatomical variant in children. Kar, P.; Rath, G.P.; Prabhakar, H.; Ali, Z. Jan 1, 2009 613
Tracheal diverticulum: a rare finding in a patient with worsening chronic cough. Danielson, Gregory P.; Jedlovszky, Veronika; Landrigan, Gary P. Clinical report Aug 1, 2008 1150
Near-complete tracheal ring deformity: a case report. Somers, Melissa L.; Suskind, Dana L. Case study Jul 1, 2008 1453
Successful treatment of tracheal xanthogranulomatosis in a red-tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis) by tracheal resection and anastomosis. Monks, Deborah J.; Zsivanovits, H. Petra; Cooper, John E.; Forbes, Neil A. Case study Dec 1, 2006 3778
Bacterial tracheitis gains prominence. Splete, Heidi Brief article Nov 1, 2006 270
Surgical treatment of acquired tracheocele. Gourin, Christine G. Jun 1, 2006 1053
Trachelectomy indications, complications studied: prolapse was the main reason in vaginal procedures; pelvic mass was most common in abdominal cases. Boschert, Sherry Sep 1, 2005 596
Combined procedures may be best for benign tracheal stenosis. Brunk, Doug Feb 15, 2005 328

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