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Non epileptic paroxysmal events in childhood. Tatli, Burak; Guler, Serhat Jun 1, 2017 4924
Electroencephalographic Patterns Recorded by Continuous EEG Monitoring in Patients with Change of Consciousness in the Neurological Intensive Care Unit. Altindag, Ebru; Okudan, Zeynep Vildan; Ozkan, Sedef Tavukcu; Krespi, Yakup; Baykan, Betul Report Jun 1, 2017 5710
Weighted majority voting based ensemble of classifiers using different machine learning techniques for classification of EEG signal to detect epileptic seizure. Satapathy, Sandeep Kumar; Jagadev, Alok Kumar; Dehuri, Satchidananda Report Mar 1, 2017 7402
Patients with seizure should be referred to epileptologists to make final diagnosis. Conference notes Oct 31, 2016 2011
Othello syndrome in a patient with two left hemispheric tumors. Yeh, Po-Kuan; Lee, Yen-Feng; Mao, Wei-Chung; Tzeng, Nian-Sheng Case study Jul 1, 2016 1434
Improving the molecular diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy with complex genetic testing. Elliott, Aaron; Bergner, Amanda Disease/Disorder overview Feb 1, 2016 1314
Role of MRI in evaluation of seizures. Kushwah, Avadhesh Pratap Singh; Kedar, Ketki; Pande, Sonjjay Dec 31, 2015 2659
Laughing seizures: a case report. Boruah, Deb K.; Phukan, Pranjal; Mahanta, Kangkana; Austin, Antony; Sharma, Binod Dec 10, 2015 1620
Computed tomographic evaluation of epileptic children with emphasis on intracranial space occupying lesions [ICSOL]. Rao, V.V. Bhaskar; Naicker, K.M.; Reddy, K. Adi; Solomon, Saawan P.; Agarwal, Krishna Kumari Report Aug 24, 2015 2904
High-frequency Oscillations and the Seizure Onset Zones in Neocortical Epilepsy. Sun, Yan-Ping; Wang, Yu-Ping; Wang, Zhi-Hong; Wu, Feng-Yu; Tang, Li-Ou; Zhang, Shou-Wen; Pei, Hai-Ta Report Jul 5, 2015 2259
Comparison of cognitive impairment between patients having epilepsy and psychogenic nonepileptic seizures. Celik, Aysegul Ozer; Kurt, Pinar; Yener, Gorsev; Alkin, Tunc; Oztura, Ibrahim; Baklan, Baris Report Jun 1, 2015 5438
Epilepsy imaging: Approaches and protocols. Hartman, Leslie A.; Nace, Sara R.; Maksimovic, Jane H.; Rusinak, David; Rowley, Howard A. Report May 1, 2015 3857
Systematic Review Presented At 68th Annual Meeting Of The American Epilepsy Society Points To Need For Expert Consensus On Seizure Cluster Nomenclature And Diagnosis. Dec 8, 2014 1206
State of the art approach to the classification of epileptic seizures and epilepsies/Epileptik nobetler ve epilepsilerin siniflamasinda guncel yaklasimlar. Barcin, Ebru; Aktekin, Berrin Report Sep 1, 2014 4667
Expert discuss diagnosis and management of Epilepsy. Conference notes May 31, 2014 631
Older adults and new-onset epilepsy: experiences with diagnosis. Miller, Wendy R.; Buelow, Janice M.; Bakas, Tamilyn Clinical report Feb 1, 2014 6230
JOURNAL ABSTRACTS Migraine. Jan 1, 2014 2353
Spectrum of abnormalities detected on MRI in 250 cases of focal epilepsy in a tertiary care hospital. Multani, Amritpal Singh; Kaur, Harkirat; Thapar, Karuna; Aggarwal, Sneh Lata; Thukral, C.L.; Singh, Report Dec 23, 2013 2204
Q & A. Dec 1, 2013 703
Military veterans and post traumatic epilepsy. Dec 1, 2013 1032
Headache. Gloss, David S.; Varma, Jay; Lehnhoff, Laura; Neitzschman, Harold Case study Nov 1, 2013 843
Characteristics and the clinical prognosis of epilepsy in patients with a diagnosis of tuberous sclerosis complex. Saltik, Sema; Karatoprak, Elif Yuksel; Tasel, Bulent Report Jun 1, 2013 5333
To provoke or not provoke: ethical considerations in the epilepsy monitoring unit. Updyke, Monica; Duryea, Barbara Clinical report Jun 1, 2013 4449
Imaging in pediatric epilepsy: spectrum of abnormalities detected on MRI. Chaurasia, Rachna; Singh, Shuchi; Mahur, Sachin; Sachan, Pankaj Report May 13, 2013 3230
Study of interictal E.E.G in epilepsy. Rani, M. Usha Report Apr 22, 2013 3250
Postictal psychosis: implications for nursing. Hartshorn, Jeanette C.; Maze, Claire D. Martino Report Mar 31, 2013 4567
Prior neural impairment predicted long-term epilepsy. Otto, M. Alexander Brief article Feb 1, 2013 287
Ella, 17, died from epileptic seizure in her bed; FAMILY QUESTIONS OVER 'NO DIAGNOSIS'. Jan 25, 2013 525
Late-life epilepsy diagnosis brings unique challenges. Brunk, Doug Jan 1, 2013 449
Psychogenic non-epileptic seizures: a diagnostic problem difficult to solve in clinical practice/ Non-epileptik psikojen nobetler: klinik pratikte cozulmesi zor tanisal bir problem. Verrotti, Alberto; Pavone, Piero; Agostinelli, Sergio; Nanni, Giuliana; Gobbi, Giuseppe Report Dec 1, 2012 3586
MRI and EEG could identify children at risk for epilepsy after febrile seizures. Brief article Nov 7, 2012 141
Migraine in the borderland of epilepsy. Trenite, Dorothee Kasteleijn-Nolst Nov 1, 2012 792
Epilepsy or something else? Francois, Dimitry; Agarkar, Smita; Kotbi, Nabil Case study Sep 1, 2012 2158
Epilepsy. Disease/Disorder overview Sep 1, 2012 8122
Epileptic and depressed. Romanowicz, Magdalena; Bostwick, John Michael Case study May 1, 2012 2523
Who are sleeping in sleep laboratory? A retrospective study/Uyku laboratuvari'nda kimler uyuyor? Bir retrospektif calisma. Emirza, Mine Ayse Altun; Bican, Aylin; Bora, Ibrahim; Ozkaya, Guven Report Mar 1, 2012 2577
Sjogren's syndrome presenting with epileptic seizure/Ilk bulgusu epilepsi nobeti olan primer Sjogren sendromu. Koc, Emine Rabia; Duzgun, Ulkuhan; Ersoy, Alevtina; Ilhan, Atilla Case study Mar 1, 2012 1149
Anticonvulsant, antidepressant-like activity of abelmoschus manihot ethanol extract and its potential active components in vivo. Guo, Jianming; Xue, Caifu; Duan, Jin-ao; Qian, Dawei; Tang, Yuping; You, Yi Report Nov 15, 2011 4240
Epilepsy: an under-diagnosed problem in older adults: up to 10 percent of people will have a seizure by age 75. Nov 1, 2011 796
Epilepsy. Disease/Disorder overview Sep 1, 2011 8121
Part one: infantile spasms: the new consensus. Pellock, John Disease/Disorder overview Aug 1, 2011 1470
Research and Markets: An Epidemiology Report on Epilepsy - An Increase in Diagnosed Active Epilepsy Cases is Expected in the Next Decade in the 7 Major Markets. Jul 15, 2011 286
Adult onset idiopathic generalized epilepsy: A hospital-based study. Shahbaz, Naila Naeem; Hassan, Yasmeen; Abdullah, Mohammed Clinical report Jun 30, 2011 3130
Pregnancy and epilepsy--managing both, in one patient: when a woman who has epilepsy is pregnant or planning for pregnancy, you face the challenge of balancing the benefits and teratogenic risks of her antiseizure medication. Here is help. Sethi, Nitin K.; Wasterlain, Amy; Harden, Cynthia L. Report Jun 1, 2011 3578
New-onset psychosis: consider epilepsy. Bowe, Adina; Bhanot, Veena Report Apr 1, 2011 558
Investigation of the relationship between clinical and EEG findings of photosensitive epilepsy and GABA receptor alpha 1 subunit (GABRA1) gene mutations/Fotosensitif epilepsilerde klinik ve EEG bulgularinin GABA reseptor alfa 1 alt unitesi (GABRA1) geni mutasyonlari ile iliskisinin arastirilmasi. Yavuz, Ebru Nur; Demirkan, Ayse; Moen, Sanne; Ozdemir, Ozkan; Catal, Suzin; Bebek, Nerses; Ozbek, Ug Report Mar 1, 2011 3118
A child with epileptic seizure due to neurobrucellosis: a case report/ Norobruselloza bagli epileptik nobeti olan bir cocuk: bir olgu sunumu. Isikay, Sedat; Yilmaz, Kutluhan Case study Mar 1, 2011 1490
Doctor, why do I faint when I turn my head to the left? is it epilepsy or syncope?/ Doktor, neden sola donunce bayiliyorum? epilepsi mi senkop mu? Demirci, Serpil; Cengizhan, Ersin; Tufekci, Ahmet Report Dec 1, 2010 1209
Epilepsy. Disease/Disorder overview Dec 1, 2010 7790
Triad of epilepsy, depression, and pain hypothesized. Wendling, Patrice Clinical report Nov 15, 2010 538
Surgery: can this be a cure for epilepsy? Part two. McGoldrick, Patricia E. Nov 1, 2010 2109
Epilepsy can strike at any age: stroke survivors are at higher risk; be aware of the symptoms, which can mimic other health conditions. Aug 1, 2010 636
Infantile spasms associated with 5q14.3 deletion. Marashly, Ahmad; Riel-Romero, Rosario Maria S.; Ursin, Susonne; Ghawi, Hani Case study Jul 1, 2010 1547
Experience with mild traumatic brain injuries and postconcussion syndrome at Kandahar, Afghanistan. Caldroney, Ralph D.; Radike, James Report Jul 1, 2010 5415
An individual is considered to have epilepsy when seizures recur over a period of time without an obvious provoking reason. Disease/Disorder overview Jun 1, 2010 1453
The enigma of reversible splenial lesions. Misser, Shalendra Kumar; Royston, Duncan; Motala, Farhana; Coetzee, Christo Case study Mar 1, 2010 1297
Hair mineral analysis to define past or low level chronic exposures. Blaurock-Busch, E. Clinical report Mar 1, 2010 2618
Online tool guides surgical referral in epilepsy. Mahoney, Diana Feb 1, 2010 684
Julius Caesar (100-44 BC)--did he have a brain tumour? Retief, Francois P.; Cilliers, Johan F.G. Jan 1, 2010 2653
Online tool could streamline surgical referrals for epilepsy. Mahoney, Diana Jan 1, 2010 458
Did Julius Caesar have a brain tumour? Jan 1, 2010 351
Posttraumatic epilepsy and treatment. Chen, James W.Y.; Ruff, Robert L.; Eavey, Roland; Wasterlain, Claude G. Clinical report Nov 1, 2009 6267
Clinical and laboratory findings of patients with breath holding spells/ katilma nobetli hastalarin klinik ve laboratuvar bulgulari. Ozdemir, Ozlem; Can, Serpil Caliskan; Semizel, Evren; Okan, Mehmet S. Clinical report Sep 1, 2009 4207
Epilepsy patients' conceptions of epilepsy as a phenomenon. Raty, Lena K.A.; Larsson, Gerry; Starrin, Bengt; Larsson, Bodil M. Wilde Report Aug 1, 2009 6857
Neurocysticercosis and epilepsy. Brief article Aug 1, 2009 172
A case with insulinoma experiencing syndrome of inappropriate secretion of ADH/Insulinoma ve eslik eden uygunsuz ADH sendromu olan olgu. Demir, Ozgur; Arslan, Sayki; Emral, Rifat Case study Jun 1, 2009 1992
The wilting widow's masquerading illness. Saragoza, Philip; Maixner, Daniel F. Case study Aug 1, 2008 2541
Genetic Test for Epilepsy Sufferers Developed by Victoria, Australia Scientists. Jun 18, 2008 296
A descriptive analysis of seizure events among adults who participated in a computer-based assessment. Dilorio, Colleen; Reisinger, Elizabeth L.; Yeager, Katherine; Schemer, Donald L.; Henry, Thomas R.; Jun 1, 2008 4840
Paper test can help diagnose childhood absence epilepsy. McNamara, Damian May 1, 2008 368
Bone mineral density deficits seen in children with epilepsy. Kirn, Timothy F. May 1, 2008 344
Epilepsy Dx after one seizure still controversial. Zoler, Mitchel L. Clinical report Jan 15, 2008 631
PET/CT neuroimaging applications for epilepsy and cerebral neoplasm. Mountz, James M. Clinical report Nov 1, 2007 2912
Should a first epileptic seizure be treated? Bergey, Gregory; Kossoff, Eric May 1, 2007 962
Understanding epilepsy: recognizing the sometimes subtle signs of a serious seizure disorder may be the key to getting essential treatment for you or a loved one. Disease/Disorder overview Apr 1, 2007 1125
Artwork offers window on epilepsy experience. Brunk, Doug Disease/Disorder overview Mar 1, 2007 460
PET/CT pinpoints temporal lobe seizure foci. Schonfeld, Amy Rothman Sep 1, 2006 422
Update: treat status epilepticus in only 5 minutes. Splete, Heidi Feb 1, 2006 605
MRI aids diagnosis of new-onset afebrile seizures. Mahoney, Diana Feb 1, 2006 736
Seizures rarely due to brain tumors, but do occur. Sullivan, Michele G. Feb 1, 2006 456
Understanding epilepsy: some seizures are unexplainable; others are caused by an underlying disease. Here's what you need to know about this disorder. Ewing, Tom Feb 1, 2006 1333
Blunder doctor told he can keep working; RULING: Parents of misdiagnosed children are furious. Jan 27, 2006 312
Blood test indicates epileptic seizure. Brief Article Nov 1, 2005 90
New-onset epilepsy can resemble dementia in some elderly patients. Bloom, Mark Mar 1, 2005 556
Consider low-dose topiramate for newly diagnosed epilepsy. Jancin, Bruce Brief Article Mar 1, 2005 292
Depression shows a different face with epilepsy. Jancin, Bruce Mar 1, 2005 583
Screening refractory epilepsy patients for neurosurgery takes time. McNamara, Damian Mar 1, 2005 340
Psychiatric issues cloud frontal lobe epilepsy Dx. Sullivan, Michele G. Jun 1, 2004 547
Late-onset seizures and stroke. Brief Article May 15, 2004 125
Primary generalized epilepsy often mismanaged: broad-spectrum drugs advised. Mahoney, Diana Feb 1, 2004 543
New technology may help identify epilepsy genes: diagnostic and treatment. McNamara, Damian Nov 1, 2003 895
Pathologic quiz case: a 3-year-old boy with new-onset partial seizures. (Residents' Pages). Gupta, Ajay; Prayson, Richard A. Mar 1, 2002 1428
Brief questions separate ADHD from epilepsy. (Behind Inattentive Stare). Zoler, Mitchel L. Brief Article Feb 1, 2002 311
Three behaviors distinguish ADHD from epilepsy. (96% Accuracy). Zoler, Mitchel L. Feb 1, 2002 345
Seizure Diagnosis. Sep 15, 2000 128
Epilepsy Often Missed, Undertreated in the Elderly. BAKER, BARBARA Brief Article Feb 1, 2000 446
Prevalencia de las enfermedades neurologicas en el Valle del Cauca. Estudio Neuroepidemiologico Nacional (EPINEURO). Takeuchi, Yuri; Guevara, Juan Guillermo Apr 1, 1999 6046
EEG study of video epilepsy. Brief article Feb 1, 1991 118
Epilepsy and pseudo-heart disease. Jan 1, 1991 358

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