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Bayer's Kerendia recives new grade A recommendations from ADA. Jun 28, 2022 187
89bio announces ENTRIGUE trial meets primary endpoint. Jun 28, 2022 496
Hospitals detect high prevalence of diabetes among people with normal weight. Jun 28, 2022 687
Type 2 diabetes: The fruit that is 'effective' at lower blood sugar levels; Finding delicious ways to get your sugar needed for adequate energy throughout the day is easier and healthier than many realise. Figs are proven to help target unhealthy blood sugar levels by up '30 minutes'. By, Jessica Knibbs Jun 28, 2022 540
Breaking the barrier in reaching good glycaemic control by empowerment of healthcare professionals. Jun 27, 2022 956
Breaking the barrier in reaching good glycaemic control by empowerment of healthcare professionals. Jun 27, 2022 953
Foods ideal for diabetic patients. Jun 25, 2022 516
ProKidney publishes data from patient study of REACT. Jun 23, 2022 668
A vascular specialist Dr. Alma KulenoviA promotes her book at the General Hospital in Sarajevo. Jun 23, 2022 419
Rivers worldwide are contaminated by pharmaceuticals. Daniel T Cross Jun 23, 2022 498
Foundation Treats 1,000 Malaria, Diabetes, Hepatitis Patients In FCT. Jun 22, 2022 361
Diabetes: Experts Harp On Preventive Measures. Jun 21, 2022 450
Kinarus Therapeutics' KIN001 demonstrates antiviral properties against SARS-CoV-2 and possible future variants. Jun 20, 2022 334
Kinarus Therapeutics' KIN001 demonstrates antiviral properties against SARS-CoV-2 and possible future variants. Jun 20, 2022 333
Foundation Treats Malaria, Diabetes, Hepatitis In 1,000 FCT Residents. Jun 20, 2022 678
Karachi officials visit Diabetic Centre Islamabad. Jun 20, 2022 168
TAF treats 1,000 of tropical diseases in Abuja community. Jun 20, 2022 188
Teen Ambassadors Treat Over 1000 FCT Residents Of Malaria, Diabetes, Ulcer, Hepatitis, Others. Jun 19, 2022 612
Metformin Facilitates Osteoblastic Differentiation and M2 Macrophage Polarization by PI3K/AKT/mTOR Pathway in Human Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cells. Shen, Min; Yu, Huihui; Jin, Yunfeng; Mo, Jiahang; Sui, Jingni; Qian, Xiaohan; Chen, Tong Jun 18, 2022 6246
Woman 'feels like a different person' after 'life-changing' fake organ; Hollie Clements has been blown away by the pioneering technology. By, Ryan Paton Jun 18, 2022 815
11.2m People Live with Diabetes in Nigeria, Say Experts. Jun 17, 2022 362
Diabetes amputations four times higher in Cyprus than EU average. Sarah Ktisti Jun 16, 2022 592
Cannabis can affect nervous system, liver, mental health, doctor warns. Jun 16, 2022 156
Neutrophil lymphocyte ratio as useful predictive tool for glycaemic control in type 2 diabetes: Retrospective, single centre study in Turkey. Jun 16, 2022 1972
Obesity-friendly language. Kalra, Sanjay; Kapoor, Nitin; Deshpande, Neeta Report Jun 16, 2022 1110
GI Dynamics Releases Final Data from the ENDO Trial, a Multicenter Study Demonstrating the Potential Use of EndoBarrier to Treat Type II Diabetes and Obesity. Clinical report Jun 15, 2022 371
Tom Hanks brands himself an 'idiot' for diabetes diagnosis as fans share health concerns; Hollywood actor Tom Hanks revealed his type 2 diabetes diagnosis in 2013 when the Forrest Gump star called himself an 'idiot' for not looking after his health better. By, Susan Knox Jun 15, 2022 541
Sanofi & Akhuwat Foundation bring diabetes education to schools. Jun 15, 2022 387
Association of vitamin D receptor gene polymorphisms with type 2 diabetes mellitus in Taif population: a case-control study/ Associacao de polimorfismos do gene do receptor de vitamina D com diabetes mellitus tipo 2 na populacao Taif: um estudo de caso-controle. Alkhedaide, A.Q.; Mergani, A.; Aldhahrani, A.A.; Sabry, A.; Soliman, M.M.; Nassan, M.A.; Ismail, T.A Jun 15, 2022 3475
Efficacy and Safety of Rupatadine Fumarate Combined with Acupoint Application in Allergic Rhinitis Complicated with Diabetes. Liu, Yu; Jiang, Pengjun; Chen, Xuqing; Zhang, Wen; Shi, Jun Jun 14, 2022 4069
Adherence to General Diabetes and Foot Care Processes, with Prompt Referral, Are Associated with Amputation-Free Survival in People with Type 2 Diabetes and Foot Ulcers: A Scottish National Registry Analysis. Meza-Torres, Bernardo; Cunningham, Scott G.; Heiss, Christian; Joy, Mark; Feher, Michael; Leese, Gra Jun 14, 2022 8492
Sanofi, Akhuwat Foundation bring diabetes education to schools. Jun 14, 2022 309
Pancreatic cancer and diabetes patients to get access to life-changing machine on NHS; Pancreatic Cancer Action wants more people to take advantage. By, Steven Smith Jun 14, 2022 439
Pancreatic cancer and diabetes patients to get access to life-changing machine on NHS; Pancreatic Cancer Action wants more people to take advantage. By, Steven Smith Jun 14, 2022 439
Pancreatic cancer and diabetes patients to get access to life-changing machine on NHS; Pancreatic Cancer Action wants more people to take advantage. By, Steven Smith Jun 14, 2022 439
Pancreatic cancer and diabetes patients to get access to life-changing machine on NHS; Pancreatic Cancer Action wants more people to take advantage. By, Steven Smith Jun 14, 2022 439
Sanofi, Akhuwat bring diabetes education. Jun 13, 2022 386
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jun 13, 2022 36721
How taking a protein shot before meals could help thousands control type 2 diabetes; Protein shots might be more associated with gym-goers than medicine, but experts at Newcastle Uni think whey protein could play a key role in keeping type 2 diabetes in check. By, Sam Volpe Jun 12, 2022 425
ON THIS DAY. Jun 12, 2022 175
Makinde Reiterates Commitment To Quality Healthcare Service. Jun 11, 2022 335
Makinde inaugurates renal dialysis unit, other facilities. Jun 11, 2022 276
Makinde inaugurates renal dialysis unit, other facilities. Jun 11, 2022 290
Eledon Pharmaceuticals announces orphan drug designation for tegoprubart. Jun 9, 2022 165
Remission should be the primary aim of diabetes mellitus management - Prof. Zaman Sheikh. Jun 9, 2022 1297
Anti-hyperglycemic and anti-hyperlipidemic effects of a methanolic extract of Debregeasia saiicifoiia in Alloxan-induced diabetic albino mice/ Efeitos anti-hiperglicemicos e anti-hiperlipidemicos de um extrato metanolico de Debregeasia salicifolia em camundongos albinos diabeticos induzidos por aloxana. Khan, B.; Ullah, A.; Khan, M.A.; Amin, A.; Iqbal, M.; Khan, S.; Ateeq, M.; Aman, K.; Aziz, A.; Khatt Jun 9, 2022 7301
Bigfoot Unity Demonstrates Strong Glycemic Control Among People with Type 2 Diabetes in Real-World Retrospective Analysis. Jun 8, 2022 330
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jun 8, 2022 26722
How a UK-first clinic in Gateshead sees pharmacists transform care for heart failure and diabetes patients; Pharmacists in Gateshead have created an innovative new clinic to better treat patients who have both heart failure and diabetes. By, Sam Volpe Jun 7, 2022 546
Hunger-buster jab to tackle diabetes. MARTIN BAGOT Health Editor Jun 7, 2022 229
Use and Trends of Diabetes Self-Management Technologies: A Correlation-Based Study. Fontecha, Jesús; González, Iván; Barragán, Alfonso; Lim, Theodore Report Jun 7, 2022 7113
'Tirzepatide': New anti-diabetes wonder drug can help in losing weight. Jun 7, 2022 576
'Hunger-buster' diabetes jab helps obese lose 20% of their weight, trial finds; Obese volunteers who injected themselves with the highest dose of the 'game-changing' diabetes drug tirzepatide as part of a clinical trial lost 20% or more of their body weight. By, Martin Bagot Jun 6, 2022 268
Vertex Pharmaceuticals presents data from VX-880 Phase 1/2 clinical trial. Jun 6, 2022 424
COVID-19 Patients with Both Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Disease Have Greater Risk of Death. Jun 6, 2022 627
Eli Lilly presents new data for Mounjaro in type 2 adult diabetes. Jun 6, 2022 210
Health ministry receives 38 tonnes of medicines as humanitarian aid in past week alone. Jun 6, 2022 152
This Morning's Dr Sara Kayat explains new drug that helps people lose weight; 57% of the group who took the drug lost 20% of their body weight. By, Christopher Megrath Jun 6, 2022 300
Biomea Fusion presents new BMF-219 data at ADA. Jun 5, 2022 314
Biomea Fusion presents novel preclinical data at ADA 2022. Jun 5, 2022 314
Eli Lilly presents two analyses of final U.S. data from EMPRISE real-world study. Jun 5, 2022 315
Novo Nordisk achieves primary objectives of ONWARDS 1 and 6 trials. Jun 3, 2022 307
Insulet to invest US$200m in Johor facility over next five years. Jun 2, 2022 283
SynDevRx Launches Phase 1b/2 Clinical Research Study with SynDevRx Drug Evexomostat for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Patients with Baseline Insulin Resistance. Jun 2, 2022 467
Effects of Different Intensity Exercise on the Patients of Oxidative Stress Factors and Glycemic Control Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Wang, Hu; Wang, Yongbo Report Jun 2, 2022 3920
Knowledge and Awareness of Diabetes and Diabetic Retinopathy among Patients Seeking Eye Care Services in Madang Province, Papua New Guinea. Owusu-Afriyie, Bismark; Caleb, Anne; Kube, Lorraine; Gende, Theresa Jun 1, 2022 6147
Urine Microscopy Score and Neutrophil Lymphocyte Ratio at Presentation are Good Biomarkers of Acute Kidney Injury in Patients with Upper Urinary Tract Infection when Assessed in Correlation with Virulence Factors of Escherichia coli and Blood Group Secretor Status. Thiagarajan, Shanmugapriya; Stephen, Selvaraj; Kumar, Santosh; Charles, Priscilla; Kanagamuthu, Sara Jun 1, 2022 4456
Diabetes cases continue to rise from SARS-CoV-2 complications. Russell, Kristine Jun 1, 2022 1602
Trends and determinants of retail prescription drug costs. Teasdale, Ben; Nguyen, Amanda; Meijgaard, Jeroen van; Schulman, Kevin A. Report Jun 1, 2022 5920
Vodafone Healthline doctor advises the best ways to manage diabetes in children. Jun 1, 2022 434
Signs of high blood sugar ... Etingin, Orli R. Jun 1, 2022 353
Type 2 diabetes: 10p vegetable can help manage blood sugar levels; One of the best ways to help combat this common condition is through the diet, with certain foodstuffs better than others at reducing blood sugar levels. By, Paul Speed May 31, 2022 710
Examination of quality of life in patients using exenatide with different dimensions. Ersoy, Siddika; Ersoy, Ismail Hakki; Ozkahraman-Koc, Sukran Report May 31, 2022 2744
Needs assessment survey regarding effectiveness of chronic care in diabetes in a hospital setting. Jadoon, Yamna; Abdullah, Abiha; Qureshi, Asra; Gilani, Jaleed Ahmed; Khan, Unab Report May 31, 2022 2798
Conference on 'Heart Diseases': Healthy lifestyle, Pakistani lifestyle two different things: experts. Conference news May 30, 2022 813
Effects of Cardiac Rehabilitation on Cardiac Function and Quality of Life in Patients with Ischemic Nonobstructive Coronary Artery Disease and Diabetes Mellitus. Wen, Yuan; Zhang, Xiaoli; Lan, Weiqun; Zhao, Shimin; Qi, Qiuhuan; Yang, Li Report May 29, 2022 3545
Ethnopharmacology, Biological Evaluation, and Chemical Composition of Ziziphus spina-christi (L.) Desf.: A Review. Abdulrahman, Mahmoud Dogara; Zakariya, Ali Muhammad; Hama, Harmand A.; Hamad, Saber W.; Al-Rawi, Saw May 29, 2022 19192
Identification of the Active Compound of Liu Wei Di Huang Wan for Treatment of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus via Network Pharmacology and Molecular Docking. Xiong, Yunqi; Li, Qiutong; Chen, Xiuhui; Zhu, Ting; Lu, Qitian; Jiang, Guojing May 28, 2022 6336
COVID-19 Associated with New-Onset Diabetes. May 26, 2022 155
Turn Out the Lights During Sleep. May 26, 2022 178
Build On Insulin Affordability Reform. May 26, 2022 625
635 Kaduna pensioners get free medical services. May 26, 2022 379
Pharmacokinetic Difference of Six Active Constituents of Huangqi Liuyi Decoction between Control and Diabetic Nephropathy Mouse Models. Wang, Qun; Shi, Ya; Liu, Xingde; Liu, Ting; Li, Yongjun; Song, Xinli; Chen, Xiaolan Report May 25, 2022 6301
Market needs more time to digest possible DexCom deal, says Stifel. May 24, 2022 169
PharmaCyte Biotech Initiates Studies to Confirm Its Pancreatic Cancer Therapy Can Treat Malignant Ascites. May 23, 2022 722
Are You Taking Too Many Meds? Evaluations can help you better understand what's needed, what may not be, and how to better manage medications. May 23, 2022 726
Book Review- "Diabetes and Pregnancy" A Journey into the Past, Present and Future of Care. May 22, 2022 1069
Diabetes and alcohol -safe amount to drink if you have the condition explained; People with type one and type two diabetes are advised to take strict control of their own diet, but it is not always clear how, when and what you are able to consume without affecting your blood sugar. So, if you're at a party, should you turn down that drink? By, William Morgan May 21, 2022 812
Eight female students launch campaign to raise awareness about insulin-resistance. May 20, 2022 234
Eight female students launch campaign to raise awareness about insulin-resistance. Daily News Egypt May 20, 2022 244
Pregnancy complications you should know about. May 19, 2022 637
DarioHealth announces two new contracts for digital therapeutics solutions. May 19, 2022 172
Six out of ten black fungus patients died in Oman in June 2021. May 18, 2022 447
Chronic Diseases: BluePeak Supports Africure For Increased Access To Affordable Medicines. May 18, 2022 600
IoT-Based Hybrid Ensemble Machine Learning Model for Efficient Diabetes Mellitus Prediction. Padhy, Sasmita; Dash, Sachikanta; Routray, Sidheswar; Ahmad, Sultan; Nazeer, Jabeen; Alam, Afroj May 18, 2022 6282
Empagliflozin-Metformin Combination Has Antioxidative and Anti-Inflammatory Properties that Correlate with Vascular Protection in Adults with Type 1 Diabetes. Janic, Miodrag; Cankar, Matej; Šmid, Jan; France Štiglic, Alenka; Jerin, Aleš; Šabovic, Mišo; Janež, May 17, 2022 6426
Evotec, Sernova enter partnership for iPSC-based beta cell replacement therapy. May 17, 2022 462
Over 500 Rural Dwellers Benefit From NYSC's Medical Outreach In Bauchi. May 17, 2022 333
Embecta now a stand-alone entity. May 16, 2022 384
Variability in Test Interval Is Linked to Glycated Haemoglobin (HbA1c) Trajectory over Time. Fryer, Anthony A.; Holland, David; Stedman, Michael; Duff, Christopher J.; Green, Lewis; Scargill, J May 16, 2022 5947
Screening of Aqueous Extract of Persea americana Seeds for Alpha-Glucosidase Inhibitors. Lawal, Tajudeen Afolayan May 14, 2022 5610
Operational Update: Midwifery Support for Lebanon, Continued Response in Ukraine and More. May 14, 2022 526
Diabetes almost doubles risk of death from Covid: Study. May 13, 2022 309
FDA approves Eli Lilly's Mounjaro injection for treatment of type 2 diabetes. May 13, 2022 175
US FDA Approves Novel, Dual-Targeted Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes. May 13, 2022 574
Symptoms to look out for as council chiefs prepare for type 2 diabetes prevention week; With the number of people living with diabetes expected to rise, Gateshead's clinical commissioning group is set to help people at risk. By, Austen Shakespeare May 13, 2022 587
2023: I'll Empower Youths,Women If Elected President- Bukola Saraki. May 13, 2022 804
'Inadequate' rating for home where resident drank sanitiser. May 12, 2022 323
Perceived Family Stress Predicts Poor Metabolic Control in Pediatric Patients with Type 1 Diabetes: A Novel Triadic Approach. Mahler, Fiona L.; Konrad, Daniel; Landolt, Markus A. May 12, 2022 5515
Diabetic Bone Disease and Diabetic Myopathy: Manifestations of the Impaired Muscle-Bone Unit in Type 1 Diabetes. Travis, Callie; Srivastava, Priya S.; Hawke, Thomas J.; Kalaitzoglou, Evangelia May 12, 2022 7704
Artemether Alleviates Diabetic Kidney Disease by Modulating Amino Acid Metabolism. Rong, Guangli; Weng, Wenci; Huang, Jingting; Chen, Yijun; Yu, Xuewen; Yuan, Rui; Gu, Xiufen Report May 11, 2022 8073
Synthesis and evaluation of 2-phenylamino-1,4-naphthoquinones derivatives as potential hypoglycaemic agents/ Sintese e avaliacao de derivados de 2-fenilamino-1,4-naftoquinonas como potenciais agentes hipoglicemiantes. Razaque, R.; Raza, A.R.; Irshad, M.; Rubab, S.L.; Batool, S.; Nisar, B.; Akram, Z.; Akhtar, M.T.; Qa May 11, 2022 5378
Diabetes data report shows a postcode lottery of care; COVID HAS HAD AN IMPACT ON THOSE LIVING WITH THE DISEASE SAYS CHARITY. TOMMY LUMBY @tommylumby May 11, 2022 660
Glyscend Therapeutics Completes Phase 1 Clinical Trial of its Oral, Gut-restricted, Polymer Therapeutic, GLY-200, as a Potential Type 2 Diabetes Treatment. May 11, 2022 505
Resident drank hand sanitiser at care home; rated as inadequate after inspection. JORDAN REYNOLDS News Reporter May 7, 2022 372
Vinmec, Seoul National University Hospital cooperate on preventive medicine. May 5, 2022 511
AN MP has lent his [...]. May 5, 2022 161
Firefighter sacked after positive cocaine test wins £12,000 despite losing claim for wrongful dismissal; Former firefighter Marcus Headley was a year from retiring from his 'distinguished career' when he tested positive for cocaine. By, Adela Whittingham May 5, 2022 787
New insulin delivery tech a relief for Type 2 diabetes patients. May 5, 2022 437
Medical breakthrough: Scientists discover molecule that can be used for treating diabetes. May 4, 2022 271
Partners in Health registers progress in NCDs raising awareness. May 4, 2022 510
Metformin Improves the Prognosis of Adult Mice with Sepsis-Associated Encephalopathy Better than That of Aged Mice. Song, Gaofei; Liang, Huoyan; Song, Heng; Ding, Xianfei; Wang, Dong; Zhang, Xiaojuan; Sun, Tongwen May 4, 2022 7888
Molecular Dynamics Simulation and Essential Dynamics of Deleterious Proline 12 Alanine Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism in PPAR? 2 Associated with Type 2 Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, and Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. Taghvaei, Somayye; Saremi, Leila May 2, 2022 5933
Vertex Pharmaceuticals provides update on VX-880 trial. May 2, 2022 637
Renoprotection in hypertension and diabetes--management problems lie ahead. Meyers, A.M. Letter to the editor May 1, 2022 440
SUGAR RUSH: Examining recent diabetes technology innovations and market trends as well as manufacturing partners to the industry. Brusco, Sam May 1, 2022 2874
Effects of health literacy on type 2 diabetic patients' glycemic control, self-management, and quality of life. ALSharit, Bushra A.; Alhalal, Eman A. Report May 1, 2022 5751
Tigray's health system 'totally collapsed', say health workers. Apr 30, 2022 1262
Isolation of Thymol from Trachyspermum ammi Fruits for Treatment of Diabetes and Diabetic Neuropathy in STZ-Induced Rats. Sachan, Neetu; Saraswat, Nikita; Chandra, Phool; Khalid, Mohammad; Kabra, Atul Report Apr 28, 2022 10434
Ex-Wolves owner gives PS50m for diabetes cure. Apr 28, 2022 360
House Of Faith Ministries Screens Achimota Residents. Apr 28, 2022 270
Qatari woman obtains PhD in medical sciences from QU in landmark event. Apr 28, 2022 459
Single Nucleotide Polymorphism in the ADIPOQ Gene Modifies Adiponectin Levels and Glycemic Control in Type Two Diabetes Mellitus Patients. Alfaqih, Mahmoud A.; Al-hawamdeh, Aisha; Amarin, Zouhair O.; Khader, Yousef S.; Mhedat, Khawla; Allo Report Apr 27, 2022 6920
Ex-Wolves owner donates PS50m to help cure diabetes. RICHARD GUTTRIDGE News Reporter Apr 27, 2022 401
Tigray's health system 'totally collapsed', say health workers. Apr 26, 2022 1292
Therapeutic Effect of P-Cymene on Lipid Profile, Liver Enzyme, and Akt/Mtor Pathway in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetes Mellitus in Wistar Rats. Arabloei Sani, Maryam; Yaghmaei, Parichehreh; Hajebrahimi, Zahra; Hayati Roodbari, Nasim Apr 26, 2022 7853
Working to reform diabetes treatment; CONDITION COULD EVEN BE CURED THANKS TO RESEARCH. SAM VOLPE Reporter Apr 26, 2022 567
I was told if I didn't lose weight I'd be on tablets for life.. now my diabetes has reversed; Elma on her dramatic change. EXCLUSIVE BY siobhan o'connor Apr 26, 2022 572
Redrow founder's PS50m research gift. SION BARRY Business editor Apr 26, 2022 540
Newcastle expert hopes new drug trial could lead way to potential cure for Type 1 Diabetes; Dr Nicola Leech at the Newcastle Hospitals NHS Trust is hopeful that the a new study could changes the lives of people newly-diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. By, Sam Volpe Apr 25, 2022 624
Collaboration supports diabetes care, funds research. Apr 25, 2022 503
Huge drop in number of diabetes patients receiving care checks; CHARITY SAYS SUFFERERS ARE BEING 'PUSHED TO THE BACK OF THE QUEUE'. TOMMY LUMBY & NICK SMITH Apr 25, 2022 533
Performance Analysis of Conventional Machine Learning Algorithms for Diabetic Sensorimotor Polyneuropathy Severity Classification Using Nerve Conduction Studies. Haque, Fahmida; Reaz, Mamun B. I.; Chowdhury, Muhammad E. H.; Kiranyaz, Serkan; Ali, Sawal H. M.; Al Apr 25, 2022 9673
2[sup.-]-O-Methylperlatolic Acid Enhances Insulin-Regulated Blood Glucose-Lowering Effect through Insulin Receptor Signaling Pathway. Yinghao, Wang; Qiaoli, Guan; Guanfu, Liu; Xiaoyun, Wu; Xuanjun, Wang; Jun, Sheng Apr 23, 2022 6476
Huge drop in number of diabetes patients receiving care checks in Cov and Warks; A leading charity helping people with the disease say those suffering with diabetes are being 'pushed to the back of the queue'. By, Tommy Lumby & Nick Smith Apr 23, 2022 508
I Want To Gain Weight. Apr 23, 2022 235
Diabetes care must improve; Feedback. Apr 23, 2022 236
The Combined Use of Metformin and Methotrexate in Psoriasis Patients with Metabolic Syndrome. Tam, Huynh Thi Xuan; Thuy, Luong Nguyen Dac; Vinh, Ngo Minh; Anh, Tran Ngoc; Van, Bui Thi Apr 22, 2022 4124
Former ViaCyte CEO Paul Laikind Joins Stemson Therapeutics Board of Directors. Apr 20, 2022 422
Long Noncoding RNA ENSG00000254693 Promotes Diabetic Kidney Disease via Interacting with HuR. Yu, Qun; Lin, Jiangong; Ma, Qiqi; Li, Yanmei; Wang, Qianhui; Chen, Huimin; Liu, Yue Apr 19, 2022 5971
Pilot Study of Trace Elements in the Infusion of Medicinal Plants Used for Diabetes Treatment. Brima, Eid I.; Siddeeg, Saifeldin M. Report Apr 18, 2022 5975
Foundation Takes Medical Outreach To Nasarawa Communities. Apr 18, 2022 416
Foundation Treats Terminal Ailments At Bayelsa Medical Outreach. Apr 18, 2022 186
Association of Sirtuin 1 Gene Polymorphisms with the Risk of Coronary Heart Disease in Chinese Han Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Wang, Yuxin; Tong, Linchao; Gu, Nan; Ma, Xiaowei; Lu, Difei; Yu, Dahong; Yu, Na Apr 16, 2022 4752
Beware of illegally marketed treatments: Oman Diabetes Association. By: Times News Service Apr 14, 2022 267
Beware of illegally marketed treatments: Oman Diabetes Association. Apr 14, 2022 257
Mesenchymal Stem Cells Ameliorate Hyperglycemia in Type I Diabetic Developing Male Rats. Yousef, Hany N.; Sakr, Samia M.; Sabry, Sahar A. Apr 13, 2022 7985
Coronation Street spoilers: Summer collapses in prison cell amid frightening health battle; Coronation Street's Summer Spellman has been battling an eating disorder, diabetes, binge drinking and exam stress on the ITV soap -but hits a dangerous low next week on the cobbles. By, Rebecca Cook Apr 12, 2022 441
Morocco's Medicinal Stock is Subject to Continuous, Strict Monitoring - Health Minister. Apr 12, 2022 190
Incepta launches new diabetes medicine. Apr 12, 2022 154
The 3x3x3 diet for the management of diabetes and obesity in resource constrained settings. Kalra, Sanjay; Kapoor, Leepica; Kapoor, Nitin Report Apr 12, 2022 1381
A study of association between presence or absence of GSTT1 and GSTM1 and/or single nucleotide polymorphism in FABP2 and GSTP1 with incidence of diabetes type 2: A case-control study. Jamil, Hira; Awan, Adeela; Akbar, Atif; Babar, Muhammad; Akhtar, Sana; Iqbal, Rana Khalid; Iqbal, Fu Report Apr 12, 2022 4086
Novartis collaborates with UAE's Pharmax. Apr 11, 2022 314
Covid infection increases diabetes risk, study shows. Apr 11, 2022 513
Diabetes symptoms in the mouth you should never ignore -it may indicate high blood sugar; An estimated 500,000 people in the UK could have diabetes without knowing it. Here is the range of symptoms, including two in the mouth, people should watch out for and if they could be more at risk. By, Benjamin Lynch Apr 11, 2022 521
Experimental diabetes drug fails study. Apr 8, 2022 164
Scrapping blood pricks to boost diabetes crisis care. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD Apr 8, 2022 382
Scrapping blood pricks to boost diabetes crisis care; DMUULS 28 DAILY MIRROR FRIDAY 08.04.2022 Dr Miriam Stoppard. Apr 8, 2022 383
The Impact of Diabetes on Vascular Disease: Progress from the Perspective of Epidemics and Treatments. Liu, Runyang; Li, Lihua; Shao, Chen; Cai, Honghua; Wang, Zhongqun Apr 8, 2022 14848
Healthy diet, lifestyle stressed to check spread of diabetes. Our Correspondent Apr 7, 2022 217
'Scrapping blood pricks and using phones to monitor glucose levels helps diabetics'; Dr Miriam Stoppard explains how new technology, trialled by University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire, was just as effective and less invasive as traditional methods used for monitoring diabetes. By, Miriam Stoppard Apr 7, 2022 402
Insomnia link to risk of type 2 diabetes. Apr 7, 2022 237
VM biotechnology Awarded USD 1.6m Phase II SBIR Grant to Study AVM0703's Potential to Reverse Type 1 Diabetes. Apr 6, 2022 627
Economic burden of non-communicable diseases in Nigeria (III). Apr 6, 2022 800
dr. Maria Erika Pranasakti, Sp.PD. (Internal Medicine Specialist at RSND UNDIP): Diabetic patients may fast, but must pay attention to body condition. Apr 6, 2022 705
Fractyl Health Receives FDA IDE Approval to Begin Revitalize-2 Pivotal Study Designed for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Who Are Not Yet on Insulin. Apr 4, 2022 488
Taking medical insurance in Kenya? Here are the dos and don'ts. Apr 4, 2022 742
Artificial pancreas to revolutionise diabetes care in England. Apr 4, 2022 288
Four big expenses you could face in retirement. KATE ASHFORD NerdWallet Apr 3, 2022 557
Glooko Buys DIABNEXT. Apr 1, 2022 325
Endothelial cell markers in diabetes and prevalence of uncontrolled type 2 diabetes mellitus in Southern Nigeria. Edem, Margaret S.; Akwiwu, Euphoria C.; Akpotuzor, Josephine O. Apr 1, 2022 2425
Hair Regrowth Composition Contains Extract of Curcuma Longa. Apr 1, 2022 560
Comments on: Lack of association between fat mass and obesity-associated genetic variant (rs8050136) and type 2 diabetes mellitus. Alsaeed, Abdulghani Letter to the editor Apr 1, 2022 973
Vitamin D with Calcium Supplementation Managing Glycemic Control with HbA1c and Improve Quality of Life in Patients with Diabetes. Mehta, Sanjana; Nain, Parminder; Agrawal, Bimal K.; Singh, Rajinder Pal Report Apr 1, 2022 5960
Cardiac effects of dapagliflozin in diabetic rats with subacute exposure. Boran, Tugce; Karaca, Bahar Ulus; Koroglu, Ayca Karagoz; Kaptan, Engin; Ercan, Feriha; Ozhan, Gul Apr 1, 2022 3755
Ameliorative effects of melatonin on intestinal oxidative damage in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. Yakut, Zatiye Ayca Cevikelli; Akcay, Gizem Buse; Cevik, Ozge; Sener, Goksel Apr 1, 2022 5589
Comparative Study of DIPSI and WHO (2018) Criteria for Diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus. Konin, Savita Bharat; Ghadge, Shweta Navnath Clinical report Apr 1, 2022 3725
Cardiac effects of dapagliflozin in diabetic rats with subacute exposure. Boran, Tugce; Karaca, Bahar Ulus; Koroglu, Ayca Karagoz; Kaptan, Engin; Ercan, Feriha; Ozhan, Gul Apr 1, 2022 3620
BD Closes Embecta Corp. Diabetes Care Business Spinoff. Apr 1, 2022 192
BD Closes Embecta Corp. Diabetes Care Business Spinoff. Apr 1, 2022 215
Young Bulgarian Scientist with Innovative Research on Medical Treatment. Apr 1, 2022 398
Restore Healthier GLUCOSE LEVELS. Downey, Michael Report Apr 1, 2022 2403
Affordability of Medication Therapy in Diabetic Patients: A Scenario-Based Assessment in Iran's Health System Context. Zarei, Leila; Peymani, Payam; Moradi, Najmeh; Kheirandish, Mehrnaz; Mirjalili, Mahtabalsadat; Zare, Report Apr 1, 2022 6957
Is Dapagliflozin future for CKD? Yumna Zafar, Yusra Iqbal and Syeda Sanila Aijaz Mar 31, 2022 458
AMNM sheds light on future expansions. Mar 30, 2022 565
Experts advise people with diabetes to seek medical guidance. Mar 29, 2022 537
MoPH organises first Qatar Diabetes and Obesity Research Symposium. Mar 29, 2022 359
Novo Nordisk Ozempic 2.0 mg approved for type 2 diabetes in U.S. Mar 28, 2022 159
MOPH Organizes its First 'Diabetes and Obesity Research Symposium'. Mar 28, 2022 388
'Precaution Must To Control Diabetes'. Mar 27, 2022 480
Singer Amelia Lily on coping with diabetes and caring for her mum with same condition; The X Factor star Amelia Lily is trying to help others with type 1 diabetes and runs a Facebook support group with her friend Vanessa Haydock -known as The Diabetic Health Coach. By, Amy Packer & Grace Witherden Mar 26, 2022 1071
Association of Dietary Glycemic Index, Glycemic Load, Insulin Index, and Insulin Load with Bacterial Vaginosis in Iranian Women: A Case-Control Study. Noormohammadi, Morvarid; Eslamian, Ghazaleh; Kazemi, Seyyedeh Neda; Rashidkhani, Bahram; Malek, Shir Case study Mar 24, 2022 5545
Ministry of health enters into partnership Novo Nordisk to fight diabetes. Mar 24, 2022 553
'Talking therapy is improving mental health of people with diabetes and heart issues'; With a strong link between chronic conditions and depression, Dr Miriam Stoppard shows how therapy is helping improve lives and cut hospital visits. By, Miriam Stoppard Mar 21, 2022 459
Boy's 'Covid-19' turned out to be serious diabetes; LITTLE KAILEN'S NEAR MISS AFTER HIS MUM MISTOOK THE SYMPTOMS. JORDAN REYNOLDS News Reporter Mar 19, 2022 425
Ukraine morning briefing: UK donates medical supplies as Zelensky calls for peace and security talks; Ten flights carrying medical supplies have departed the country since the war began. By, Alan Johnson Mar 19, 2022 730
Ukraine morning briefing: UK donates medical supplies as Zelensky calls for peace and security talks; Ten flights carrying medical supplies have departed the country since the war began. By, Alan Johnson Mar 19, 2022 730
UK donates medical supplies to Ukraine as Russia expands missile strikes; Supplies include painkillers, insulin shots and intensive care equipment. By, Nina Lloyd, PA & Nick Wood Mar 19, 2022 417
Effects of Low-Dose Spironolactone Combined with Metformin or Either Drug Alone on Insulin Resistance in Patients with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: A Pilot Study. Long, Tao; Zhang, Ying; Zeng, Chunping; Zheng, Siyuan; Zhou, Lin; Liu, Haiyan Clinical report Mar 19, 2022 5891
The Potential Diagnostic and Predictive Role of HbA1c in Diabetic, Septic Patients: A Retrospective Single-Center Study. Juhász, Imre; Juhász, Janka; Lörincz, Hajnalka; Seres, Ildikó; Végh, Lilla; Ujfalusi, Szilvia; Haran Mar 18, 2022 6474
Obesity is spreading like a plague, fears DUHS VC. Mar 17, 2022 802
Obesity is on rise in Pakistan due to careless, unbalanced diet: health experts. Mar 17, 2022 845
Xeris Biopharma's Gvoke Kit Is Now Available for the Treatment of Severe Hypoglycemia in Adults and Children with Diabetes Ages 2 And Above. Mar 16, 2022 262
Better Therapeutics announces 'positive' primary endpoint data from BT-001 trial. Mar 15, 2022 395
Physical Activity Surveillance in Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes: A Pilot Mixed-Methods Investigation. Giblin, Susan; Scully, Paul; Evers, Julie; Dalton, Niall; Hayes, Grainne; Donnelly, Alan; Orla Neylo Mar 15, 2022 5236
Embecta diabetes spin-off approved by BD board. Mar 14, 2022 1112
FDA approves implantable six-month glucose monitor. Mar 14, 2022 740
Owen Mumford debuts distinctive pen needle. Mar 14, 2022 279
Heart Association advocates new approach to T2D. Mar 14, 2022 1090
Digital intervention found to help rural residents lose weight. Mar 14, 2022 411
Qatar Diabetes Association launches 6th Al-Tahadi camp. Mar 14, 2022 347
Dexcom G7 receives CE Mark - Next-generation continuous glucose monitoring system to revolutionize diabetes management. Mar 14, 2022 1048
QDA launches 6th Al Tahadi Diabetes Camp. Mar 13, 2022 291
Screens, Air Pollution Damaging Eye Health, Say Medical Experts. Mar 13, 2022 460
LGH holds walk to create awareness regarding diseases affecting vision. Mar 12, 2022 233
FDA okays pill for chronic kidney disease. Mar 11, 2022 419
Improvement of Skin Wound Healing for Diabetic Mice with Thermosensitive Hydrogel Combined with Insulin Injection. Fang, Lingling; Wu, Haijian; Li, Xiaoyan; Fang, Jianghua; Zhu, Yabin Mar 10, 2022 6607
New £1m clinical research facility to fight disease and cancer to be built in Surrey; The clinical will be a collaboration between the University of Surrey and the Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust. By, Jonathon Manning Mar 10, 2022 511
Prioritize cholesterol management through medicines to manage diabetes-expert. Mar 9, 2022 871
People with diabetes urged to seek medical guidance before Ramazan. Mar 7, 2022 329
Former minister AMA Muhith's health improving, says his brother Momen. Mar 7, 2022 152
New hope for diabetics as research finds pill which could end painful injections; The pill has been used to treat high blood pressure for more than 40 years but it has now been found to have a promising effect on insulin. By, Mark Waghorn & Elaine Blackburne Mar 5, 2022 832
New hope for diabetics as research finds pill which could end painful injections; The pill has been used to treat high blood pressure for more than 40 years but it has now been found to have a promising effect on insulin. By, Mark Waghorn & Elaine Blackburne Mar 5, 2022 832
Identification of Type 2 Diabetes Based on a Ten-Gene Biomarker Prediction Model Constructed Using a Support Vector Machine Algorithm. Li, Jiabin; Ding, Jieying; Zhi, D. U.; Gu, Kaiyun; Wang, Hui Report Mar 4, 2022 5071
Vitamin D Supplementation for the Treatment of Depressive Symptoms in Women with Type 2 Diabetes: A Randomized Clinical Trial. Penckofer, Sue; Ridosh, Monique; Adams, William; Grzesiak, Meghan; Woo, Jennifer; Byrn, Mary; Kouba, Clinical report Mar 3, 2022 7348
Novartis collaborates with UAE's Pharmax Pharmaceuticals. Mar 3, 2022 491
Diabetes mellitus, leading cause of cardiovascular disease - Expert. Disease/Disorder overview Mar 2, 2022 482
Day Onu, Iwu, Adodo, others charted new path for alternative medicine in Nigeria. Mar 1, 2022 785
Moving forward on goal to boost local pharmaceutical production, WHO establishes global biomanufacturing training hub in Republic of Korea. Mar 1, 2022 867
Efficacy of the Novel Degludec/Aspart Insulin Co-formulation in Children and Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes: A Real-life Experience with One Year of IDegAsp Therapy in Poorly Controlled and Non-compliant Patients. Kirkgoz, Tarik; Eltan, Mehmet; Kaygusuz, Sare Betul; Abali, Zehra Yavas; Helvacioglu, Didem; Menevse Report Mar 1, 2022 4251
Eat Fewer Ultraprocessed Foods to Improve Your Health: Learn how to identify ultraprocessed food products, and replace them with whole and minimally processed foods. Mar 1, 2022 712
Self-awareness of HbA1c and its association with glycemic control among patients with type 2 diabetes: A multicenter study. Almutairi, Joud S.; Almigbal, Turky H.; Alruhaim, Hiba Y.; Mujammami, Muhammad H.; AlMogbel, Turki A Report Mar 1, 2022 6330
Glucophage Is the First Oral Diabetes Treatment Approved in Europe for Use During Pregnancy. Mar 1, 2022 562
Fish Bone-related Intra-abdominal Abscess Treated With Antibiotic Therapy. Kajihara, Yusaku Clinical report Mar 1, 2022 721
Effects of Short-message Notifications on Type 2 Diabetes Management in Middle-aged Turkish Patients: A Randomized Trial. Tahirbegolli, Bernard; Tahirbegolli, Iliriana Alloqi; Cakmak, Ramazan; Idiz, Cemile; Cavdar, Sabanur Letter to the editor Mar 1, 2022 1579
Analgesic and Anti-Inflammatory Activities of Tengho: A Drink Made from Some Cameroon Spices. N., Djikem Tadah Rudig; Calvin, Bogning Zangeu; Benjamin, Ateba Sylvin; Franklin, Zemo Gamo; Julienn Mar 1, 2022 4582
The Role of Triglyceride-HDL Ratio and Triglyceride-glucose Index in Estimating Glycemic Control in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus/Tip 2 Diabetes Mellitus Hastalarinda Glisemik Kontrol Tahmininde Trigliserit-HDL Orani ve Trigliserit-glukoz Indeksinin Rolu. Altun, Ozgur; Kalyon, Semih Report Mar 1, 2022 3257
Associations Between Glycosylated Hemoglobin (HbA1c) Level and Central Corneal and Macular Thickness in Diabetic Eyes Without Retinopathy/Retinopatisi Olmayan Diyabetik Gozlerde Glikolize Hemoglobin (HbA1c) Duzeyi ile Merkezi Korneal ve Makuler Kalinlik Arasindaki Iliski. Kazanci, Burcu; Soba, Dilek Ozcelik; Ilhan, Cagri; Erol, Yasemin Ozdamar Report Mar 1, 2022 4396
Peritoneal Dialysis. Padua, Ryan Michael Z. Clinical report Mar 1, 2022 1115
Is Gestational Diabetes a Precursor to Chronic Kidney Disease? Mar 1, 2022 398
A "Weighty" Issue. Mar 1, 2022 397
Effect of metformin on proliferative markers in women with endometrial carcinoma: Systematic review and meta-analysis/Metforminin endometriyal karsinomlu kadinlarda proliferatif belirtecler uzerine etkisi: Sistematik derleme ve meta-analiz. Shareef, Mohammad Abrar; Sofy, Ahmed Adel; Abdelsattar, Ahmed Taha; Masoud, Ahmed Taher; Farhat, Abd Report Mar 1, 2022 4605
The Effects of Modified Ketogenic Diet on Blood Parameters of Patients with Glioblastoma: A Retrospective Study/Modifiye Ketojenik Diyet Uygulayan Glioblastomali Hastalarin Kan Parametrelerinin Retrospektif Olarak Incelenmesi. Dinc, Serhat; Kilic, Osman Nuri; Kirnap, Ezgisu; Mavcioglu, Ipek; Sarac, Nuri; Sefer, Sinan; Senyuva Mar 1, 2022 3292
Co-Administration of Vitamin E and Atorvastatin Improves Insulin Sensitivity and Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor-y Expression in Type 2 Diabetic Patients: A Randomized Double-Blind Clinical Trial. Tabaei, Banafsheh Sadat; Mousavi, Seyedeh Neda; Rahimian, Aliasghar; Rostamkhani, Hadi; Mellati, Ali Report Mar 1, 2022 5960
Allele Frequency of a Common Variants and Two Common Loss-of-Function Variants in Organic Cation Transporter 1 (OCT1) among Balinese Diabetic Patients. Aryastuti, Sri Agung; Sintya, Erly; Lestarini, Asri; Witari, Ni Putu Diah Report Mar 1, 2022 3443
Urinary Albumin Creatinine Ratio has no Significant Association with Retinopathy in Individuals with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus. Odhaib, Samih Abed; Altemimi, Mahmood Thamer; Kassid, Omer Mansib; Alidrisi, Haider Ayad; Alibrahim, Report Mar 1, 2022 5301
Engaging Asian Patients with Diabetes in an Intensive 12-Week Pulsed Intervention: Mixed Method Research Study. Spicer, Joan Gygax; Zhao, Ping; Reynicke, Nicky; Larkin, Noris; Barber, Marlene Mitchell Report Mar 1, 2022 5209
Reviews of health journal articles. McLean, Wendy Mar 1, 2022 4009
Comparison of Effect of Sodium-Glucose Co-Transporter-2 (SGLT-2) Inhibitors with Dipeptidyl Peptidase-4 (DPP-4) Inhibitors on HBA1c Level in Type 2 Diabetes in Pakistani Population. Muhammad Amir Misbah Ul Qamar, Tahira Sumreen, Andaleeb Khan, Kamil Rehman Butt, Ejaz Ali and Ayesha Feb 28, 2022 2287
Evaluation of Non-Pharmacological Remedies Adopted By The Patients with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2. Insia Hasan, Syeda Ramsha Batool, Jawed Akbar Dars, Rabisa Batool, Syed Masroor Ahmad and Muhammad I Feb 28, 2022 2479
Merck announces approval of Glucophage as first oral diabetes treatment for use during pregnancy in Europe. Feb 28, 2022 274
Merck announces approval of Glucophage as first oral diabetes treatment for use during pregnancy in Europe. Feb 28, 2022 273
Multi-disciplinary rehabilitation for management of diabetes mellitus related neurological and musculoskeletal complications. Ullah, Sami; Al Arabia, Dilshad Hunain; Rathore, Farooq Azam Report Feb 28, 2022 1734
Suppression of [beta]-Cell Apoptosis from H2O2-Induced Oxidative Stress in MIN6 cells using Methyl Gallate. Tasneef Azam, Fouzia Noreen, Bina S. Siddiqui, Rahman M. Hafizur and Sabira Begum Feb 28, 2022 1983
Role of Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography to differentiate Intraretinal microvascular abnormalities and retinal neovascularization in Diabetic Retinopathy. A. Sami Memon, Nasir A. Memon and Pir Salim Mahar Feb 28, 2022 2495
Application of tirofiban in patients with acute myocardial infarction complicated with diabetes and undergoing emergency interventional therapy. Xiuying Tang, Runjun Li, Lixiang Ma and Ting Zhang Feb 28, 2022 3703
It may potentially cause insulin resistance and low HDL-cholesterol in young adulthood. Clinical report Feb 28, 2022 547
Maslinic Acid Protects against Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Retinopathy by Activating Nrf2 and Suppressing NF-? B. Alsabaani, Nasser A.; Osman, Osama M.; Dallak, Mohamed A.; Morsy, Mohamed D.; Al-Dhibi, Hassan A. Feb 28, 2022 9712
Clinical Features and Changes in Insulin Requirements in People with Type 2 Diabetes Requiring Insulin When Hospitalised with SARS-CoV-2 Infection. Corcillo, Antonella; Saqib, Aaisha; Sithamparanathan, Niruthika; Khanam, Amina; Williams, Jamal; Gul Feb 26, 2022 5180
Elizade University Begins Research on Herbal Medicine for Diabetes Treatment. Feb 24, 2022 576
WHO creates global biomanufacturing training hub in S Korea. Feb 24, 2022 713
PCDA, Ferozsons collaborates to 'Stop Diabetes' at community level. Feb 23, 2022 296
Ravi River the most polluted river in the world. Feb 21, 2022 254
To the Future: The Role of Exosome-Derived microRNAs as Markers, Mediators, and Therapies for Endothelial Dysfunction in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Fluitt, Maurice B.; Mohit, Neal; Gambhir, Kanwal K.; Nunlee-Bland, Gail Feb 21, 2022 10110
PCDA Collaborates With Ferozsons To Launch Diabetes Prevention App. Feb 20, 2022 295
Safety Assessment of Glucose-Lowering Drugs and Importance of Structured Education during Ramadan: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Shiju, Rashmi; Akhil, Ayesha; Thankachan, Smitha; Tuomilehto, Jaakko; Al Arouj, Monira; Bennakhi, Ab Feb 18, 2022 9516
Polluted waters. Feb 17, 2022 416
The diabetes burden. Feb 17, 2022 244
Polluted Ravi. Feb 17, 2022 401
Ethiopia-Tigray crisis: Lack of fuel prevents distribution of medical supplies in Tigray region, says WHO. Feb 17, 2022 451
NHIF to stop payment for cancer in private hospitals. Feb 17, 2022 910
Ethiopia-Tigray crisis: Lack of fuel prevents distribution of medical supplies in Tigray region, says WHO. Feb 17, 2022 452
WHO's supplies to Ethiopia's Tigray stuck in warehouse. Feb 16, 2022 509
Ravi 'most polluted river' in the world. Feb 16, 2022 823
Retinopathy among Adult Diabetics and Its Predictors in Northwest Ethiopia. Takele, Mulualem Birhan; Boneya, Dube Jara; Alemu, Hailemariam Abiy; Tsegaye, Tesfa Birlew; Birhanu, Feb 15, 2022 6412
Combination Therapy with GABA and MgSO[sub.4] Improves Insulin Sensitivity in Type 2 Diabetic Rat. Sohrabipour, Shahla; Sharifi, Mohammad Reza; Sharifi, Mohammadreza; Talebi, Ardeshir; Soltani, Nepto Feb 15, 2022 6490
Lack of fuel prevents distribution of critically-needed medical supplies in Tigray region. Feb 14, 2022 443
Study groups formed for research on diabetes. Feb 14, 2022 558
Study groups formed for diabetes research. Feb 14, 2022 311
Lebanon receives 478.5 tons of aid from Egypt, the largest since Beirut blast. Egypt Today staff Feb 14, 2022 298
How Tobi Ayodele-Keeney Keeps the Quincy Legacy Going. Feb 10, 2022 682
Herbal medicine relevant for disease management, says Minister. Feb 9, 2022 353
Phytomedicine necessary for management of diseases - Minister. Feb 9, 2022 198
Hypertension and Diabetes in Akatsi South District, Ghana: Modeling and Forecasting. Asante, Dorothy O.; Walker, Anita N.; Seidu, Theodora A.; Kpogo, Senam A.; Zou, Jianjun Report Feb 9, 2022 6200

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