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DiBcom Opens Development Center in Bangalore, India.

PALAISEAU, France -- DiBcom, the leading semiconductor company designing high performance Mobile TV chipsets, has decided to invest in India by opening a software development center in Bangalore. This research and development facility, established as an integrated extension of DiBcom's R&D team at its headquarters in France, will complement all software development activities currently in progress. This Indian entity is a normal consequence of the company's partnership strategy with hardware and software vendors all over the world, which have requested more personalized and dedicated resources to support collaborative development and product integration in associated platforms.

With the arrival of the new DIB7070 family of chip solutions, combining a tri-band RF tuner with a highly integrated DVB-T and DVB-H demodulator, DiBcom will provide increasingly sophisticated software stacks to adapt both DVB-T and now DVB-H receivers into different platforms, including:

* Residential and automotive set top boxes,

* Desktop and laptop PCs,

* Personal media players and LCD TVs,

* Cell phone and Smartphone accessories.

"To stay competitive in all DVB-T and now DVB-H markets, and sharpen our competitive edge and time to market, DiBcom has decided to expand its software workforce and knowledge to continue facilitating the porting of DiBcom chipsets to diverse hardware platforms running a wide range of operating systems and application platforms," said Khaled Maalej, chief technology officer of DiBcom.

"Beginning in 2001-2002, with the arrival of residential DVB-T set top boxes, followed by the tremendous momentum of mobile DVB-T in automotive and PC markets during the 2004-2005 period, and now with the development of personal DVB-H devices, DiBcom naturally supports these specific markets needs by increasing appropriate development forces," added Yannick Levy, chief executive officer of DiBcom. "Since all of these platforms allow generic portable and mobile TV reception, each software integration requirement is unique and time sensitive."

This personalized development service is key to sustaining DiBcom's customer support efforts with respect to their own market approaches. While DiBcom's investment in India allows the company to better serve ODM demand all over the world, it is also a way to increase the company's presence in this new, potentially enormous, DVB-H Indian market.

The national broadcaster in India, Doordashan, which already has DVB-T pilot broadcasts on air in four cities including Delhi, announced the start of a mobile TV trial using DVB-H technology in February 2006.

An additional emergent DVB-T/DVB-H market

South Africa is also one of the more exciting markets where DiBcom is participating as a chipset vendor. In September 2006, broadcast network operator Sentech announced plans for the rollout of DTT services in South Africa. The existing network infrastructure is being replaced and progressively upgraded to support digital broadcasts. The planned DTT population coverage will be 56 percent in 2008 and up to 92 percent in 2010.

First started in October 2005 to cover the central Johannesburg area, the DVB-H trial has now been expanded to cover the capital city, Pretoria, and the main highway connecting the two cities. The next area to be covered is Soweto, one of the biggest suburbs in the south of Johannesburg.

About DiBcom

DiBcom is at the heart of mobile TV. As a fabless semiconductor company that designs high performance chipsets, DiBcom enables low-power mobile and portable TV reception everywhere and at speeds exceeding 130 mph. The company's solutions are used in automotive, PC/peripheral and handheld device applications. DiBcom has extensive experience solving real world mobile digital terrestrial television (DTT) reception problems and has overcome the main technological barriers to high-quality service. The company has developed patented algorithms and architecture for fast and accurate channel estimation and high Doppler compensation. Its chipsets are compliant with the current worldwide Digital Video Broadcast standards DVB-T and DVB-H.

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Date:Nov 20, 2006
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