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Dewi and the Seeds of Doom.

Dewi and the Seeds of Doom

Maggie Lyons, author

MuseItUp Publishing/ Halo Publishing International

14878 James, Pierrefonds, Que H9H 1P5, Canada

9781612440941, $ 9.99

"Dewi and the Seeds of Doom" is the second fantasy adventure book in the Dewi series for young readers. The first title, "Dewi the Red Dragon,"" introduced the young Welsh dragon to readers of an online children's magazine, Knowonder. Dewi is a brave, curious, resourceful young dragon who discovers trouble in a dark castle named Gloomsgor Castle, owned by one dastardly Baron Doom. Dewi lives up to his heroic nature as a symbol of Welsh national pride and doers of good, brave deeds. With his friend Squiffy, the water vole, and using the advice of friend Billy the goat, Dewi tries to nurse and rescue a burned rat named Bomber. This leads to investigation of the evil happenings at Gloomsgor Castle by Baron Doom and the hunt is up. Young chapter readers will love the riddles and jokes that are woven into the narrative of "Dewi and the Seeds of Doom,"" while the fast pace and jolly tone of good comrades in arms are heartening and true. "Dewi and the Seeds of Doom" is a wonderful thumbnail portrait of a young hero (son of Owen the Great) just beginning to seek his destiny and do good (or great) deeds. Plenty of exciting escapades and dangerous, fire breathing events allow Dewi to shine at his best, and he definitely comes through both for his friends and his readers. A second title by the same author that is also amusing and highly recommended is "Vin and the Dorky Duet (9781612440910, $9.95)," a quirky read about a 7th grade boy who plots to escape a trumpet piano duet through devious means that involve many humorous episodes.

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Title Annotation:The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf
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Date:Sep 1, 2013
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