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Devon IT announces availability of two new thin client terminals for expanding market.

Devon IT, the information technology products subsidiary of the Devon Group has announced the availability of two new thin client terminals, the NTAVO Pre-boot Execution Environment (PXE) Boot thin client terminal and the integrated All-In-One model that integrates a thin client terminal with built-in flat panel display, keyboard and mouse.

"We have worked carefully to build the most advanced and affordable terminals that enable our customers to easily implement a secure thin-client solution," explained Joe Makoid, President, Devon IT. "Based on our customers' expanding needs, we have now extended the NTAVO thin client terminal offerings to include more options at lower costs than competing products."

The NTAVO All-In-One Terminal (NTA-6015L) is powerful multiple-usage terminal that integrates and LCD display. All terminal applications run on a server and, when connected to a etwork environment, the All-In-One Terminal provides user experience is similar to a desktop PC. The terminal contains an optimized Red Hat Linux distribution. Using the "Server Centric Computing" approach to enterprise information access, the NTAVO Terminal minimizes the cost of support by centralizing management.

The NTAVO PXE terminal (NTA-6010P) addresses the need to integrate remote accessibility into networked terminals with the Pre-boot Execution Environment (PXE). The PXE software enables a thin client terminal on the network to be booted remotely, even though it does not possess an operating system (OS).

"NTAVO thin client solutions are excellent solutions for anyone looking to improve the security and reliability of their computer systems," explained Ning Liu, CEO, Devon IT. "The NTAVO solution is used by many of the world's largest financial, manufacturing and retail companies. It enables enterprise customers to access the capability of today's most powerful personal computers at much lower up-front and total costs. Because NTAVO products are more secure, more reliable and more manageable than PCs, they can provide significant improvements in cost savings and security to organizations around the world."

The NTA Virtual Office is a turnkey remote access solution that provides enterprise customers with greater security, enhanced manageability, improved reliability, and lowers costs. The solution enables organizations to access and manage information, data and applications across all platforms, networks and devices. Using the NTAVO solution, customers realize the benefits of secure corporate data, maximizing return on existing IT assets and improved productivity.

NTAVO is available from Devon IT, a full service system integration and technology firm with a primary focus on enabling an enterprise to securely and cost-effectively extend its current internal infrastructure to outside vendors, partners, remote users, and remote sites. Devon IT takes a holistic approach to enterprise security by focusing not only on external network security, but LAN/WAN security, application security, and end-user processes. Devon IT is headquartered in King of Prussia PA.
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Publication:EDP Weekly's IT Monitor
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Date:Jan 17, 2005
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