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March first! McGlone, Mary M. Feb 21, 2020 869
Did Satan's fall form hell? A persistent misreading in Inferno XXXIV. Rendall, Thomas Critical essay May 1, 2019 5086
Stowage. Lemon, Alex Poem May 1, 2017 636
Satanic humans: Using satanic tropes to guide and misguide the audience. Porter, Adam L. Critical essay Apr 1, 2017 8302
Counter-empathy and elegiac critique in the Old English Christ and Satan. Norcross, Katherine R. Essay Mar 22, 2017 12802
Women, serpent and devil: female devilry in Hindu and biblical myth and its cultural representation: a comparative study. Chakraborty, Suman Essay Jan 1, 2017 5249
'Mighty hunters of mankind': the influence and subversion of the classical hero archetype in Milton's Satan. Lenahan, Helen Critical essay Jan 1, 2016 3693
Transactional Sex with Satan. Soto, Christopher Poem Jan 1, 2016 226
"We are legion": primal dreams and screams in the Satanic screen. Fry, Carrol L. Critical essay Sep 22, 2015 10382
Law, farce, and counter-kingship in the Semur fall of Lucifer. Rice, Nicole R. Critical essay Jun 22, 2015 10535
An evil threat to marriage, children and the future: queer theory, "The Passion of the Christ," and evangelical political rhetoric. Wolff, Richard Critical essay Apr 1, 2015 9665
An Offer I Couldn't Refuse: A woman finds a way to get rid of door-to-door salesmen when she buys what a particularly unusual one is selling. Castro Maldonado, Raquel Short story Mar 1, 2014 2463
Satanic but not Satan: signs of the Devilish in contemporary cinema. Porter, Adam L. Critical essay Apr 1, 2013 6417
On the original meaning of the Qur'anic term al-shaytan al-rajim. Silverstein, Adam Essay Jan 1, 2013 9036
Satan's unconquerable will and Milton's use of Dantean Contrapasso in Paradise Lost. Smilie, Ethan Critical essay Jan 1, 2013 5493
The Devil I Know (an excerpt). Kilroy, Claire Excerpt Jul 1, 2012 3343
There's no place like home: from Oz to Antichrist. Elwell, J. Sage Critical essay Apr 1, 2012 8539
3. Robert Coover, Master of Fairy Stories. Bernheimer, Kate Brief article Mar 22, 2012 313
How Far Would You Get without the Devil. Alford, Bruce Poem Sep 22, 2011 530
Demonology at a crossroads: the visions of Ermine de Reims and the image of the devil on the eve of the great European witch-hunt. Campagne, Fabian Alejandro Essay Sep 1, 2011 16144
Shakespeare's Twelfth Night and "The Pregnant Enemy": the devil in What You Will. Hunt, Maurice Essay Jan 1, 2011 7134
Testimony: Hour Twenty-Seven: In Which the Witch Describeth the Process of Copulation with Devils in the Form of an Honourable Gentleman. Bolden, Emma Poem Dec 22, 2010 355
Testimony: Hour Forty-Six: In Which the Witch Revealeth the Various Shapes That Satan Hath Possessed. Bolden, Emma Poem Dec 22, 2010 235
God's Poem. Naderpour, Nader Poem Mar 22, 2010 193
The devil's in the details. Sweas, Megan Brief article Jun 1, 2009 114
The Devil and the Infinite Night. Lasky, Dorothea Poem Jul 1, 2008 373
Americans More Likely to Believe in God Than the Devil, Heaven More Than Hell; Belief in the Devil has increased since 2000. Newport, Frank Survey Jun 13, 2007 595
E-mail from hell: words of wisdom for a devil-in-training. Forest, Jim Sep 1, 2004 2282
Dating the Devil: Daniel Defoe's Roxana and The Political History of the Devil. McInelly, Brett C.; Paxman, David Critical Essay Jun 22, 2004 9201
Communion, community, and our common book: or, can Faustus be saved? Jeffrey, David Lyle Jan 1, 2004 5962
One hell of a proclamation. (Side Lines). Brief Article Jun 22, 2002 124
Florida town's Satan ban won't draw lawsuit. (Around The States). Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 163
Mayor banishes Satan from Florida town. (People & Events). Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 313
An Ethical Model in a Postmodem Faust: The Daemonic Parody of the Politics of Friendship in Thomas Mann's Doctor Faustus. Champagne, Roland A. Sep 22, 2000 6185
The Devil, You Say. Kreyche, Gerald F. Brief Article Nov 1, 1998 930
Stage devilry in two King's Men plays of 1606. Cox, John D. Oct 1, 1998 8165
'Paradise Lost' II.4 and Seneca's 'Hercules Furens.'. Dzelzainis, Martin Mar 1, 1998 955
Don't make the devil the fall guy. McCormick, Patrick Apr 1, 1997 1892
Aelfric's devils. Locherbie-Cameron, M.A.L. Sep 1, 1993 1006
'The Marriage of Heaven and Hell:' Blake's myth of Satan and its cultural matrix. Schock, Peter A. Jun 22, 1993 10423
Eblis. Reference Source Jan 1, 1987 150
Devil. Reference Source Jan 1, 1987 144
Satan. Reference Source Jan 1, 1987 186

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