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Devil dog owners back the Record; ROTTWEILER CAMPAIGN.

Rottweiler owners yesterday backed the Record campaign for tighter controls on devil dogs.

They accepted it was a price worth paying if it stopped further attacks.

The Record has been flooded with support for our fight.

We are demanding the Government extend the Dangerous Dogs Act to include rottweilers.

Our crusade follows the death of David Kearney last week. He was torn apart by a neighbour's devil dogs.

Rottweiler owner Donald Fraser, 33, of Tayport, Fife, said his 13-month- old dog, Nobby, would never hurt anyone.

But the unemployed market trader added: "I'd be prepared to accept any restrictions rather than lose him.

"I support a sensible campaign for tougher laws."

Despite the catalogue of savage attacks by the breed, Donald added: "Everyone here knows and likes Nobby.

"But, no matter how much I love him, if he attacked anyone I'd shoot him myself."

Ann Taylor, 53, of Paisley Road, Renfrew, said she backed including rottweilers in the Dangerous Dogs Act if that meant owners had to be properly trained.

Ann added: "I don't care if I'm not popular with other rottweiler owners.

"I'm fighting for my dogs. The real rottweiler owners will agree with what I say.

"The stricter controls should be on the owners and not the dogs."

Ian Hyslop, 45, of Balgownie West, Culross, Fife, blasted the devil dogs tag.

He said: "You can't label them all killers."

But he added: "I support the need for more controls."

Ian, owner of four-year-old Kai, said irresponsible owners were letting the breed down.

"I support a reasoned campaign that does not scapegoat the dogs. It is bad owners we should be looking at," he said.

"The Dangerous Dogs Act should be scrapped and completely rewritten with input from good dog owners."

Yet, despite the widespread support, a few sicko callers claimed that the VICTIMS were to blame for the attacks.
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Author:English, Shirley; Tumelty, Michael
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jan 8, 1996
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