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Developments in Meat Science.

Developments in Meat Science.

As readers will know, these texts are contributed by several authors and cover a series of topics of current interest in a particular field. In the meat industry the pressure in on the reduce the fat content or produce leaner carcasses. Early on use was made of anabolic steroids to achieve certain results. With the banning of the use of these compounds in the EEC, great efforts are being made to find alternative ways of stimulating the deposition of protein rather fat.

Eating quality is another very important attribute of meat and it is known that the metabolism of the muscle is a determinant in this field. Water content helps to control meat yield and there is much research in the area of water-holding. Tenderness is yet another attribute of meat that is currently occupying scientists around the world, and problems associated with the restructuring of meat are of considerable interest. Other topics examined in the chapters that follow are the microbiology of meat and the legislation that surrounds meat. Altogether an interesting summary of current endeavour in this area of industry.

The actual chapter titles are: Manipulation of protein deposition in animals. Enzyme binding in muscle; The structural basis of water-holding in meat Part 1. General principles and water uptake in meat processing; The structural basis of water-holding in meat Part 2 - Drip losses; Meat texture; Restructured meats; Meat microbiology-a reassessment; and Meat and meat products-legislation and analysis.
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Date:Jul 1, 1989
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