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Developments in Food Preservation - 5.

Developments in Food Preservation - 5.

In recent times we have not seen radical new processes for the food industry but we have seen many improvements to existing techniques. These subtle improvements are all designed either to improve product quality or process efficiency. This is being achieved because research is being directed at improving our understanding of the behaviour of certain foodstuffs or materials. Likewise, a lot of work has been done on improving our understanding of processing systems.

Primarily, this text has an engineering slant but equally it will be of interest to all those other students of the subject. The problem of additives and their usefulness or otherwise has caused a change in certain processing techniques. Thus, there is discussion in this volume about how techniques can be varied to ensure that there is less colour loss in foods during processing, so reducing the need to add artificial colouring materials.

Ten contributors, including the editor, have been involved in writing the eight chapters whose titles are Quality and stability of frozen vegetables; Flame sterilization of canned foods; Effect of thermal processing on milk; Cross-flow filtration of biological fluids on inorganic membranes; Process evaluation in aseptic processing; Phosphates in meat products; Heat transfer during freezing and thawing of foods; and Computer prediction of temperatures in solid foods during heating or cooling. Many references are included and numerous diagrams and formulae are used to ensure an adequate understanding.
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Date:Sep 1, 1989
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