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Developments in Fisheries Research in Scotland.

"Developments in Fisheries Research in Scotland," edited by R. S. Bailey and B. B. Parrish, has been published by Fishing News Books, Ltd., Farnham, Surrey, England. It is an excellent review of the development of that nation's fisheries research, accounts of the fisheries, assessment and management of the stocks, and much more. Bailey is with the Marine Laboratory in Aberdeen and Parrish is with the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) in Copenhagen.

A purely historical chapter leads off, written by Sir Cyril Lucas, a past Director of the Fisheries Research Laboratories of the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries for Scotland at Aberdeen and Pitlochry. Here, he reviews the development of fisheries research in Scotland during the past century, with especial emphasis on its foundations and the work of Scottish scientists with ICES and for other organizations, with their collection and utilization of fishery statistics.

Then follow two chapters on stock assessment-one an account of the Marine Laboratory's data acquisition system for the Scottish fishery for demersal species, and the other describing acoustic techniques for estimating the quantities of fish in the ocean. Also discussed are problems involved in matching practice to theory in fisheries management.

The next three articles provide reviews of important Scottish fisheries--the Scottish pelagic fisheries for herring and mackerel, industrial and underutilized fishery resources, and Scottish shellfish fisheries.

Other chapters discuss recent research on the Norway lobster, Nephrops norvegicus, and the history of research on early life history stages of fishes. Also reviewed is the Laboratory's applied research on the design and operation of fishing gears in relation to increasing the efficiency of commercial fishing practices. Another article discusses studies of the behavior of fish during fishing operations.

A section on "marine environmental research in relation to fisheries" presents articles on the role of hydrography in influencing biological conditions in the northwestern North Sea; the primary ecological subdivisions of the North Sea and aspects of their plankton communities; pollution effects on marine ecosystems and fisheries; and how environmental research is linked to our understanding of fish stocks. Other sections deal with the research on freshwater environments and Atlantic salmon stocks and salmon management, while the final section presents articles on the ocean ranching of Atlantic salmon, studies in fish diseases, and the growth of salmon and trout farming in Scotland.

In sum, this is an excellent historical survey of Scottish fisheries with selected case histories which reflect the evolution of fisheries research over a century; it should be of wide interest. The 282-page hardbound volume is available in North America from Bernan-Unipub, Lanham, Md. (price not given), and in the U.K. from the publisher, at 27.50 [pounds]
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Publication:Marine Fisheries Review
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Date:Sep 22, 1988
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