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Developments in Carbohydrate Chemistry.

Unusually this book does not form the actual Proceedings of a major technical event but it was published to coincide with a major technical event, the 25th anniversary of the Carbohydrate Division of the American Association of Cereal Chemists. Since it was founded in 1967 the Division has been arranging symposia and these have covered many subjects. However, to celebrate their milestone, members decided it would make a change to commemorate the anniversary with a special symposium on carbohydrate chemistry and make the text available at the meeting in book-form. This idea was intended to concentrate on current advances and theories concerning carbohydrates and incorporates updated portions of earlier symposia. It means the book provides an update on the state of carbohydrates so that scientists can refer to it as a potential source of new information.

Like all symposia, if you were not there then buying the book of the event at least keeps you up-to-date with what you missed in the main papers.

The 17 authors have provided contributions under four main headings: Starch, Methodology; Non starch polysaccharides; and Applications. The chapters have been entitled: Starch granule structure; Extrusion processing of starch; Starch hydrolyzing enzymes; Characterization of starch networks by small strain dynamic rheometry; Thermal analysis of carbohydrates as illustrated by aqueous starch systems; Nuclear magnetic resonance analysis of cereal carbohydrates; Chromatographic technologies for macromolecular starch characterization; High performance liquid chromatography of cereal-derived carbohydrates; Structure, biosynthesis and uses of non starch polysaccharides - dextran, Alternan, Pullulan and Algin; Aspects of the chemistry and nutritional effects of non starch polysaccharides of cereal; Structure and functionality of carbohydrate hydrocolloids in food systems; Carbohydrates used as fat replacers; and Non food uses of starch,
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