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Development work of crossing bastelica.

Contract notice: Canton bastelica - ctc-cg2a 2014-15-16 program - development work of crossing bastelica - rd : 27 pr: 15400-19531

firm phase: p. r.: 17,600 in p. r.: 19,531.

conditional phase: pr: 15,400 in pr: 17,600.

Cuttings field 4190,50m3 any kind, ordinary Embankment 1864m3, 4m3 Rock excavation, embankment Reprofiling 250m2, 425m3 Enrochement free, Enrochement 8m3 concrete, Masonry chipboard 20 4,50m2, Removing based rigid fence 7,50m pillar Demolition portal 1u, Create pillar portal 1u, Excavations for foundations 182m3, 81m3 sole for foundations, filling 100,50m3 Concrete, Concrete wall 159,50m3 elevation 181m 150mm Drain, Massif draining to 314m3 walls, 58,50m3 veneer stone, stone parapets 67 , 50m3, 173m3 Demolition masonry, concrete Dalette th. 0.15m 181m3, 17m3 concrete sleeper, A2 31m Border, Border T2 870m, 700m stone border stone edging removal / reinstallation 370m, paving stone 1150m2, Pierre planted 50m, planted Pierre removal / reinstallation 350m, water Descent large format 58m, backhand water l: 0.50m 250m Ditches concreted l: 0.6m 445m, Ditches concreted l: 1.00m 540m, the concrete Cunette: 1.00m 20m, Flushing 3u work, Landscaping Sump Security Lock Grid 20u, 12u Demolition former waterworks, nozzles 135a 139m series Ey300, Ey300 Entonnement with bevel (security) 24u, Buses Ey600 series 135a 62m, Sump safety grid Ey600 7u, Entonnement 6u Ey600, Ey800 series nozzles 135a 14m, Entonnement Ey800 2u, Foundation for a BM and OA 50m2, 740m2 Scarification, Planing 960m2, 820m2 land width Preparation, Disbursement floor 4710m3, Grave untreated 0/20 5000t, Grave untreated 20/80 2300T, Impregnation 13080m2, Sweeping and cleaning floor 24330m2, reinforcing grid 1500m2, 24330m2 Primer coat Concrete oil 3700t, 3700t asphalt Transport, railings Removing masonry 78m, railings Pose kind town 118m mouth level Refresher 40u key; Upgrading looks and 50u pads, shoulder tuff to 152m3, anti-stray animal Removing 230m, device anti-scavenging animaliere210m restraint.

This contract is divided into lots: no

Deposits and Guarantees required: Payment of the advance conditioned to the constitution of a demand guarantee or a joint and several guarantee.

Time limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate: 17.3.2015 - 12:00

Language(s) in which tenders or requests to participate may be drawn up: French.

Tender documents : T25818030.html

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Feb 7, 2015
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