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Development of artistic mentality among Indians.

Artistic mentality is one of the best ways to develop human mind for their personal gain and upliftment in life. It can be developed through various ways such as by way of writing, expressing some ways and means through painting, by way of development of vocal musical talent and finally by way of playing any types of instrumental music. Also one can develop artistic mental makeup through the process of visiting any art exhibition and creation of any sculptural works of new thoughts and dimensions. So far I have analyzed with serious analysis but let me state what actually the term, 'Development of artistic mentality is referred to as?' Thus the term, 'Development of Artistic mentality' is referred to as that state of affairs by which an individual expresses some thoughts through some of his creativities for the overall benefit of the people as well as that of societies. It is developed through the means of utmost seriousness and also by way of spiritual methods.

That is why Great persons of India (both independent and undivided India) as well as that of close neighbors were also motivated to deep-rooted spiritualism to attain high level artistic mentality. As the status of Indian societies has become heavily materialistic hence it is high time for all Indians to turn their shelves to enamor themselves to high level artistic mental makeup. Otherwise our mind will turn badly haywire. Impact of development of artistic mentality in India: Now all over India situation has come to such a coercive state of affairs it is high time for every national develop artistic mentality.

Overall we find all around India the social, political and familial situation has turned so complex that in spite of all terse situations those who are rational and analytical minded are very much prone to be immersed deeply into artistic mental makeup with the objective to develop personal mind and attire. Now we find that all around India various hardcore professionals like technical persons, doctors, lawyers, marketing professionals, large scale industrialists, scientists, counseling psychologists, dietician etc all have penchant for any forms of art which sounds highly commendable. So it can be uttered without a trace of doubt that every Indians should develop artistic mentality or mental grooming for their personal enrichment in life.

For example the way the modern rising higher middle classes of our close and friendly neighbor Peoples Republic of Bangladesh are rising to highest echelons of society along with their individual professions mainly with the impact of development of artistic mentality. For example, from names like Dr Srikumar Chatterjee, Ms Indrani Sen, Late Chinmoy Chatterjee, Rezwana Chowdhury Bonya, Dr Raja Roy, Dr Ananyabrata Das, Arin Chatterjee, Late Debabrata Biswas, Late Raja Ramanna, Dr Partha Ghosh, Anima Roy etc various other luminary figures from both India and Bangladesh have risen to top level in their respective professions mainly due to the impact of artistic mental makeup or grooming in them. Advantages of development of artistic mentality among human beings: There are various advantages being associated with the development of artistic mentality among human beings.

Some of them are stated as follow: Development of artistic mentality in the soul of human beings is very helpful for individual self confidence and development in life. Development of artistic mentality is advantageous for sound health of human beings. Person with sound creativity is one of the key reasons for development of artistic mental makeup. Development of artistic mentality is also helpful to control emotions.

Person with sound artistic mentality can easily get rid from any types of mental agonies. Person with sound artistic mentality can easily grasp any critical scientific analysis. It is well known to us that apart from our academic curriculum we must aim for development of artistic mentality so as to be more agile and vibrant throughout our lives, otherwise our lives in this eternity will turn rather to dull and utter monotony. Mugging up the basic tenets of our curriculum will always lead us to utter disarray. All of us must strictly adhere to this discipline, plus age old mythologies should not be neglected at all in this regard.
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Publication:The News Today (Dhaka, Bangladesh)
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Date:Mar 10, 2018
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