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Development depends on peaceful industrial relations.

Development Depends on Peaceful Industrial Relations

Economic growth and fast development of our country chiefly depends on Industrial relations. How best the relations exist is the depiction of economy. In present era the essential element to economical growth thus cannot be set-aside.

During early 70's the entire basis of Industrial Relations took a sharp turn leading to various ups and downs. This took much a longer gap for reversion, with certain hindrances on advancement.

Funds like EOBI, Social Security, Education Cess and Welfare Fund etc., are contributed by employers. The practice, no doubt, appears to be quite a healthy sign for the benefit of employees. Fact remains that employees do not derive much to their advantage and thus the employers seem to be equally helpless in this regard. All this reflects on framing the rules at the beginning stage of these funds. Quite a reasonable percentage of amount is regularly contributed by all the employers.

Workers for equal benefit of employee and employer, should be encouraged to participate in management. Illiteracy on part of workers does not give a boost to this healthy cause and the desired results leave much of its expectations.

In the best interest of industrial growth, workers with these drawbacks should be imparted proper training to participate whole heartedly in the industrial advancement leading to happy atmosphere in maintaining mutual relations, yielding to better economic growth. These workers when inculcated the basic discipline are far the best in maintaining cultivated relations at all levels to enrich the economy of our country.

MR. KHALID PERWEZ RAJA was born in Rawalpindi in 1957. He secured Master's degree in Labour Economics. Before joining Brooke Bond Pakistan Ltd. as Personnel & Administration Executive, he served in various capacities in Personnel Management and Administration field in different companies. Mr. Khalid attended a number of courses and seminars in Pakistan. He is also widely travelled.
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Title Annotation:Special Issue: Industrial Relations in Pakistan '91
Author:Raja, Khalid Perwez
Publication:Economic Review
Date:May 1, 1991
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