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Circulating nucleic acids in the plasma and serum as potential biomarkers in neurological disorders. Bruno, D.C.F.; Donatti, A.; Martin, M.; Almeida, V.S.; Geraldis, J.C.; Oliveira, F.S.; Dogini, D.B.; Sep 19, 2020 11300
Rasmussen's Encephalitis: A Report of a Tunisian Pediatric Case and Literature Review. Klaa, Hedia; Younes, Thouraya Ben; Benrhouma, Hanene; Nagi, Sonia; Rouissi, Aida; Kraoua, Ichraf; Yo Jul 31, 2020 2049
Zoonotic Alphaviruses in Fatal and Neurologic Infections in Wildlife and Nonequine Domestic Animals, South Africa. Steyn, Jumari; Fourie, Isabel; Steyl, Johan; Williams, June; Stivaktas, Voula; Botha, Elizabeth; van Jun 1, 2020 6291
Minimizing the Diagnostic Delay in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: The Role of Nonneurologist Practitioners. Matharan, Martin; Mathis, Stephane; Bonabaud, Sarah; Carla, Louis; Soulages, Antoine; Le Masson, Gwe May 31, 2020 6410
Resolution of Inflammation in Neurodegenerative Diseases: The Role of Resolvins. Chamani, Sajad; Bianconi, Vanessa; Tasbandi, Aida; Pirro, Matteo; Barreto, George E.; Jamialahmadi, Apr 30, 2020 6899
Megalencephalic Leukoencephalopathy with Subcortical Cysts. Gupta, Ranjana; Kumar, Akshay; Yadav, Narender; Singh, Simar Abheet; Mittal, Puneet Feb 17, 2020 799
NeuroSense Therapeutics wins ODD for ALS drug PrimeC and announces two clinical studies in ALS. Clinical report Feb 10, 2020 269
NeuroSense Therapeutics wins ODD for ALS drug PrimeC and announces two clinical studies in ALS. Clinical report Feb 10, 2020 265
Transient Central Diabetes Insipidus after Discontinuation of Vasopressin. Carman, Nathaniel; Kay, Carl; Petersen, Abigail; Kravchenko, Maria; Tate, Joshua Dec 31, 2019 1903
Jerky Movement with Ceftazidime: A Case of Ceftazidime-Induced Neurotoxicity with a Review of the Literature. Sadawi, Mohammed Al-; Ortega, Romy Rodriguez; Sun, Natalie; Abdurahimova, Madina; McFarlane, Samy I. Dec 31, 2019 2423
Analytical Strategies in Lipidomics for Discovery of Functional Biomarkers from Human Saliva. Agatonovic-Kustrin, Snezana; Morton, David William; Smirnov, Valeriy; Petukhov, Alexey; Gegechkori, Dec 31, 2019 8487
FA-97, a New Synthetic Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester Derivative, Protects against Oxidative Stress-Mediated Neuronal Cell Apoptosis and Scopolamine-Induced Cognitive Impairment by Activating Nrf2/HO-1 Signaling. Wan, Ting; Wang, Zihao; Luo, Yi; Zhang, Yifan; He, Wei; Mei, Yu; Xue, Jincheng; Li, Min; Pan, Huafen Dec 31, 2019 11794
Scientists halt ALS using virus-delivered gene silencing therapy. ANI Dec 28, 2019 886
Amylyx Pharmaceuticals reveals significant treatment benefit in AMX0035 CENTAUR study. Dec 19, 2019 113
Amylyx Pharmaceuticals reveals significant treatment benefit in AMX0035 CENTAUR study. Dec 19, 2019 109
Bagaza Virus in Himalayan Monal Pheasants, South Africa, 2016-2017. Steyn, Jumari; Botha, Elizabeth M.; Lourens, Carina; Coetzer, Jacobus A.W.; Venter, Marietjie Dec 1, 2019 2399
Review on Cross Talk between Neurotransmitters and Neuroinflammation in Striatum and Cerebellum in the Mediation of Motor Behaviour. Wahab, Dayang Yasmin Abg Abd; Gau, Chuang Huei; Zakaria, Rahimah; Karuppan, Mohan Kumar Muthu; A-rah Nov 30, 2019 7584
Tagrisso is the only 1st-line treatment for EGFR-mutated non-small cell lung cancer to deliver a median overall survival of more than three years. Sep 30, 2019 2054
Effect of gender on the etiology of fecal incontinence: Retrospective analysis of a tertiary referral center in Turkey. Tarhan, Sena Tokay; Atug, Ozlen; Giral, Adnan; Imeryuz, Nese Sep 1, 2019 4633
Effect of gender on the etiology of fecal incontinence: Retrospective analysis of a tertiary referral center in Turkey. Tarhan, Sena Tokay; Atug, Ozlen; Giral, Adnan; Imeryuz, Nese Sep 1, 2019 4758
AC Immune reports Q2 EPS (CHF0.24) vs. (CHF0.19) last year. Financial report Aug 14, 2019 131
Neuropsychiatric Disturbances and Diabetes Mellitus: The Role of Oxidative Stress. Luca, Maria; Mauro, Maurizio Di; Perry, George Jul 31, 2019 592
Pharmacological Transdifferentiation of Human Nasal Olfactory Stem Cells into Dopaminergic Neurons. Chabrat, Audrey; Lacassagne, Emmanuelle; Billiras, Rodolphe; Landron, Sophie; Pontisso-Mahout, Ameli Jun 30, 2019 9169
Etiology and outcomes of convulsive status epilepticus in children. Jun 30, 2019 2612
Mitochondria- and Oxidative Stress-Targeting Substances in Cognitive Decline-Related Disorders: From Molecular Mechanisms to Clinical Evidence. Lejri, Imane; Agapouda, Anastasia; Grimm, Amandine; Eckert, Anne May 31, 2019 18295
The Role of Mitochondrial Damage-Associated Molecular Patterns in Chronic Neuroinflammation. Bajwa, Ekta; Pointer, Caitlin B.; Klegeris, Andis Apr 30, 2019 8413
Long-Term Effects of Myoinositol on Behavioural Seizures and Biochemical Changes Evoked by Kainic Acid Induced Epileptogenesis. Tsverava, Lia; Kandashvili, Manana; Margvelani, Giorgi; Lortkipanidze, Tamar; Gamkrelidze, Georgi; L Mar 31, 2019 7818
Exploring the Drug Repurposing Versatility of Valproic Acid as a Multifunctional Regulator of Innate and Adaptive Immune Cells. Soria-Castro, Rodolfo; Schcolnik-Cabrera, Alejandro; Rodriguez-Lopez, Gloria; Campillo-Navarro, Marc Mar 31, 2019 14426
Mesenchymal Stem Cells: A Potential Therapeutic Approach for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis? Gugliandolo, Agnese; Bramanti, Placido; Mazzon, Emanuela Mar 31, 2019 12497
Lipoic Acid Mineral Complex Modulates Free Radicals in Neurodegenerative Diseases. Antonawich, Frank; Garnett, Merrill Oct 1, 2018 7041
Enterovirus A71 Neurologic Disease in Children --Colorado, 2018. Messacar, Kevin; Burakoff, Alexis; Nix, W. Allan; Rogers, Shannon; Oberste, M. Steven; Gerber, Susan Sep 14, 2018 1105
Role of non-coding RNAs in non-aging-related neurological disorders. Vieira, A.S.; Dogini, D.B.; Lopes-Cendes, I. Report Aug 1, 2018 6583
Two Families with SOD1 (L144F) and C9orf72 Gene Mutations and an Overview of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis/SOD1 (L144F) ve C9orf72 Gen Mutasyonlari Saptanan Iki Aile ve Amiyotrofik Lateral Skleroza Genel Bakis. Bulbul, Nazli Gamze; Secil, Yaprak; Basak, Nazli; Beckmann, Yesim; Ture, Hatice Sabiha; Tunca, Ceren Report Jun 1, 2018 3457
Evotec to receive $6M after Celgene expands collaboration. May 29, 2018 163
How Gut Influences Neurologic Disease. May 19, 2018 465
Finding link between gut and brain. May 17, 2018 443
MAGNETIC RESONANCE SPECTROSCOPY IN CHILDREN WITH NON-ACUTE NEUROLOGICAL ILLNESS. Chellathurai, Amarnath; Ramaswami, Sukumar; Xavier, Sebastian Antony; Thangalakshmi, A.; Kannappan, Report May 14, 2018 3748
Promising New Treatment for ALS: Pimozide, a 50-year-old drug used to treat schizophrenia, may inhibit progression of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Apr 1, 2018 553
Deep brain stimulation versus transcranial magnetic stimulation in psychiatric pathology. Frincu, Raluca Mihaela; Gavril, Radu; Lupsa, Livia Andreea; Padurariu, Manuela; Baluta, Cezar Valeri Report Mar 1, 2018 4544
Paraneoplastic Neurologic Syndromes: Rare But More Common Than Expected Nine Cases with a Literature Review/Paraneoplastik Norolojik Sendromlar: Nadir Ancak Beklenenden Daha Sik Dokuz Olgu ile Literatur Derlemesi. Erkoyun, Hulya Ulugut; Gundogan, Sevgin; Secil, Yaprak; Beckmann, Yesim; Incesu, Tulay Kurt; Ture, H Report Mar 1, 2018 3958
VA Adds New ALS Drug. Feb 1, 2018 190
The Psychoexposome: A holistic perspective beyond health and disease. Colomina, Maria-Teresa; Santed, Fernando Sanchez; Conejo, Nelida M.; Collado, Paloma; Salvador, Alic Jan 1, 2018 2089
Oxidative Stress and the Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis. Dumitrescu, Laura; Popescu-Olaru, Iulia; Cozma, Liviu; Tulba, Delia; Hinescu, Mihail Eugen; Ceafalan Jan 1, 2018 9754
Multiple Bioactivities of Traditional Medicinal Herbs for Treatment of Neurodegenerative Diseases. Park, Gunhyuk; Kusuma, Irawan W.; Kim, Yong-ung Disease/Disorder overview Jan 1, 2018 1166
A Brief Review on the Neuroprotective Mechanisms of Vitexin. Lima, Layana Karine F.; Pereira, Suyanne Kassia S.; dos Santos, Ronaldo S., Jr.; da S. Santos, Felip Jan 1, 2018 5685
The Place of PET to Assess New Therapeutic Effectiveness in Neurodegenerative Diseases. Dupont, Anne-Claire; Largeau, Berenger; Guilloteau, Denis; Ribeiro, Maria Joao Santiago; Arlicot, Ni Jan 1, 2018 11651
Amyloid-Beta Radiotracer [[sup.18]F]BF-227 Does Not Bind to Cytoplasmic Glial Inclusions of Postmortem Multiple System Atrophy Brain Tissue. Verdurand, Mathieu; Levigoureux, Elise; Lancelot, Sophie; Zeinyeh, Wael; Billard, Thierry; Quadrio, Jan 1, 2018 3581
Risk Factors for the Progression of Mild Cognitive Impairment in Different Types of Neurodegenerative Disorders. Chen, Pei-Hao; Cheng, Shih-Jung; Lin, Hui-Chi; Lee, Chuo-Yu; Chou, Chih-Ho Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 5114
N6-Methyladenosine in RNA and DNA: An Epitranscriptomic and Epigenetic Player Implicated in Determination of Stem Cell Fate. Ji, Pengfei; Wang, Xia; Xie, Nina; Li, Yujing Jan 1, 2018 12718
Intraspinal Transplantation of the Adipose Tissue-Derived Regenerative Cells in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis in Accordance with the Current Experts' Recommendations: Choosing Optimal Monitoring Tools. Kuzma-Kozakiewicz, Magdalena; Marchel, Andrzej; Kaminska, Anna; Gawel, Malgorzata; Sznajder, Jan; Fi Jan 1, 2018 9987
Adipsin, MIP-1b, and IL-8 as CSF Biomarker Panels for ALS Diagnosis. Gonzalez-Garza, Maria Teresa; Martinez, Hector Ramon; Cruz-Vega, Delia E.; Hernandez-Torre, Martin; Jan 1, 2018 3227
Plasma Translocator Protein Levels and Outcomes of Acute Ischemic Stroke: A Pilot Study. Chen, Wen-Hung; Yeh, Hsu-Ling; Tsao, Chiung-Wen; Lien, Li-Ming; Chiwaya, Arthur; Alizargar, Javad; B Report Jan 1, 2018 5490
Comorbid Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus with Parkinsonism: A Clinical Challenge and Call for Awareness. Cucca, A.; Biagioni, M.C.; Sharma, K.; Golomb, J.; Gilbert, R.M.; Di Rocco, A.; Fleisher, J.E. Jan 1, 2018 4594
Psychogenic Equinovarus Caused by Dislocation of the Chopart Joint Complex. Tonogai, Ichiro; Sairyo, Koichi Jan 1, 2018 1850
Huntington's Disease in a Patient Misdiagnosed as Conversion Disorder. Nogueira, Joao Machado; Franco, Ana Margarida; Mendes, Susana; Valadas, Anabela; Semedo, Cristina; J Jan 1, 2018 2771
The Interrelation between Reactive Oxygen Species and Autophagy in Neurological Disorders. Fang, Congcong; Gu, Lijuan; Smerin, Daniel; Mao, Shanping; Xiong, Xiaoxing Jan 1, 2018 12637
Omega Class Glutathione S-Transferase: Antioxidant Enzyme in Pathogenesis of Neurodegenerative Diseases. Kim, Youngjo; Cha, Sun Joo; Choi, Hyun-Jun; Kim, Kiyoung Jan 1, 2018 4610
Connection between Systemic Inflammation and Neuroinflammation Underlies Neuroprotective Mechanism of Several Phytochemicals in Neurodegenerative Diseases. Wang, Jintang; Song, Yuetao; Chen, Zheng; Leng, Sean X. Jan 1, 2018 11159
Mechanisms and Disease Pathogenesis Underlying Metal-Induced Oxidative Stress. Chen, Pan; Bornhorst, Julia; Neely, M. Diana; Avila, Daiana S. Jan 1, 2018 1609
Maximizing the Survival of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Patients: Current Perspectives. Khairoalsindi, Osama A.; Abuzinadah, Ahmad R. Jan 1, 2018 10089
CDC Grand Rounds: National Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Registry Impact, Challenges, and Future Directions. Mehta, Paul; Horton, D. Kevin; Kasarskis, Edward J.; Tessaro, Ed; Eisenberg, M. Shira; Laird, Susan; Dec 22, 2017 2776
Outbreaks of Neuroinvasive Astrovirus Associated with Encephalomyelitis, Weakness, and Paralysis among Weaned Pigs, Hungary. Boros, Akos; Albert, Mihaly; Pankovics, Peter; Biro, Hunor; Pesavento, Patricia A.; Phan, Tung Gia; Dec 1, 2017 7357
Sudden Unexpected Death in a Child with Vomiting and Diarrhea due to Intracranial Mass Lesion / Acile Kusma ve Ishalle Basvuran Cocugun Intrakraniyal Kitleye Bagli Ani Beklenmedik Olumu. Akkoyun, Esra Betul; Orsdemir, Sena Cantas; Derinoz, Oksan Clinical report Dec 1, 2017 2183
Study seeks cure for glaucoma. Nov 13, 2017 290
Amplification of Misfolded Prion Proteins in Blood and Cerebrospinal Fluid for Detection of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease. DeMarco, Mari L. Essay Nov 1, 2017 2142
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: Precise Diagnosis and Individualized Treatment. Tao, Qing-Qing; Wu, Zhi-Ying Editorial Oct 5, 2017 2530
Does dementia mean giving up the car keys? when a person loses driving privileges depends on disease progression. Having a strategy in place can make the change easier. Sep 1, 2017 639
Correlations between hourly pupillometer readings and intracranial pressure values. McNett, Molly; Moran, Cristina; Janki, Clare; Gianakis, Anastasia Report Aug 1, 2017 3792
New ALS drug. Jul 1, 2017 223
Three-Dimensional Organoid System Transplantation Technologies in Future Treatment of Central Nervous System Diseases. Wei, NaiLi; Quan, ZiFang; Tang, Hailiang; Zhu, JianHong Report Jan 1, 2017 9415
Distinct Pattern of Microgliosis in the Olfactory Bulb of Neurodegenerative Proteinopathies. Kohl, Zacharias; Schlachetzki, Johannes C.M.; Feldewerth, Judith; Hornauer, Philipp; Munch, Martina; Report Jan 1, 2017 8770
HINT1 in Neuropsychiatric Diseases: A Potential Neuroplastic Mediator. Liu, Peng; Liu, Zhongwei; Wang, Jiabei; Ma, Xiancang; Dang, Yonghui Report Jan 1, 2017 6326
Development and Characterisation of a Novel NF-[kappa]B Reporter Cell Line for Investigation of Neuroinflammation. Zeuner, Marie-Theres; Vallance, Thomas; Vaiyapuri, Sakthivel; Cottrell, Graeme S.; Widera, Darius Report Jan 1, 2017 6533
A Case of Sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Presenting as Conversion Disorder. Yegya-Raman, Nikhil; Aziz, Rehan; Schneider, Daniel; Tobia, Anthony; Leitch, Megan; Nwobi, Onyi Jan 1, 2017 2717
Insights into the Mechanisms Involved in Protective Effects of VEGF-B in Dopaminergic Neurons. Caballero, Beatrice; Sherman, Scott J.; Falk, Torsten Report Jan 1, 2017 11176
Proximate Mediators of Microvascular Dysfunction at the Blood-Brain Barrier: Neuroinflammatory Pathways to Neurodegeneration. Festoff, Barry W.; Sajja, Ravi K.; Cucullo, Luca Report Jan 1, 2017 12050
The Effect of Osteopontin on Microglia. Yu, Huan; Liu, Xiaohong; Zhong, Yisheng Report Jan 1, 2017 5452
Therapeutic Potential of Epigallocatechin Gallate Nanodelivery Systems. Granja, Andreia; Frias, Iuri; Neves, Ana Rute; Pinheiro, Marina; Reis, Salette Report Jan 1, 2017 12273
Oxidative Stress in Neurodegenerative Diseases: From Molecular Mechanisms to Clinical Applications. Liu, Zewen; Zhou, Tingyang; Ziegler, Alexander C.; Dimitrion, Peter; Zuo, Li Report Jan 1, 2017 9407
Neuroprotection in Neurodegenerative Disease: From Basic Science to Clinical Applications. Monteiro, Marta C.; Coleman, Michael D.; Hill, Eric J.; Prediger, Rui D.; Maia, Cristiane S.F. Report Jan 1, 2017 1694
Blood-Based Bioenergetic Profiling Reflects Differences in Brain Bioenergetics and Metabolism. Tyrrell, Daniel J.; Bharadwaj, Manish S.; Jorgensen, Matthew J.; Register, Thomas C.; Shively, Carol Jan 1, 2017 7354
Plants-Derived Neuroprotective Agents: Cutting the Cycle of Cell Death through Multiple Mechanisms. Elufioye, Taiwo Olayemi; Berida, Tomayo Ireti; Habtemariam, Solomon Report Jan 1, 2017 21172
Batten disease: a rare case report and review of literature. Jain, Deepak; Aggarwal, H.K.; Chhabra, Pulkit; Rao, Avinash Dec 1, 2016 2103
RISK AGENTS RELATED TO WORK AND AMYOTROPHIC LATERAL SCLEROSIS: AN OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE FOCUS. Garzillo, Elpidio Maria; Miraglia, Nadia; Pedata, Paola; Feola, Daniela; Lamberti, Monica Report May 1, 2016 7155
Blood-Brain Barrier Disruption Induced by Chronic Sleep Loss: Low-Grade Inflammation May Be the Link. Hurtado-Alvarado, G.; Dominguez-Salazar, E.; Pavon, L.; Velazquez-Moctezuma, J.; Gomez-Gonzalez, B. Jan 1, 2016 10725
Redox Imbalance and Viral Infections in Neurodegenerative Diseases. Limongi, Dolores; Baldelli, Sara Jan 1, 2016 11424
Is Modulation of Oxidative Stress an Answer? The State of the Art of Redox Therapeutic Actions in Neurodegenerative Diseases. Chiurchiu, Valerio; Orlacchio, Antonio; Maccarrone, Mauro Jan 1, 2016 10029
Lithium as a nutrient. Marshall, Timothy M. Dec 22, 2015 4924
Sindbis and middelburg old world alphaviruses associated with neurologic disease in horses, South Africa. van Niekerk, Stephanie; Human, Stacey; Williams, June; van Wilpe, Erna; Pretorius, Marthi; Swanepoel Report Dec 1, 2015 2811
Neurologic disorders in immunocompetent patients with autochthonous acute hepatitis E. Perrin, H. Blasco; Cintas, P.; Abravanel, F.; Gerolami, R.; d'Alteroche, L.; Raynal, J.-N.; Alric, L Nov 1, 2015 5599
No geographic correlation between Lyme disease and death due to 4 neurodegenerative disorders, United States, 2001-2010. Forrester, Joseph D.; Kugeler, Kiersten J.; Perea, Anna E.; Pastula, Daniel M.; Mead, Paul S. Report Nov 1, 2015 2467
Hansens disease: study of clinical, neuropathological, neurophysiological pattern of leprous neuropathy. Nandmer, Vijay Kumar; Nandmer, Ajay Kumar Clinical report Jul 13, 2015 1766
Speech-language clinical pattern in a neurogenic dysphagia case through oculo-pharyngeal muscular dystrophy/Conduta fonoaudiologica em um caso de disfagia neurogenica por distrofia muscular oculofaringea. Cunha, Karini; Gelatti, Giliane; Cardoso, Maria Cristina Jul 1, 2015 3657
FDA-approved drug shown to boost myelin synthesis. Mar 23, 2015 581
FDA-approved drug shown to boost myelin synthesis. Mar 16, 2015 582
Study of neurological complications in relation to diabetes mellitus control and duration. Mod, Jaydev; Natarajan, Karthik; Modi, Ronak; Ali, Mansur; Parmar, Hiren Report Mar 1, 2015 1342
Neuro-Behcet's disease: a multisystemic neurological disorder from Silk Road to Turkey. Akman-Demir, Gulsen Editorial Jun 1, 2014 1246
Neurological manifestation of HIV infection in north-eastern part of India. Sharma, S.K.; Dwivedi, N.C.; Kumar, Nilesh; Bharti, Anju; Meena, L.P. Report Jan 1, 2014 2762
Electrochemically reduced water protects neural cells from oxidative damage. Kashiwagi, Taichi; Yan, Hanxu; Hamasaki, Takeki; Kinjo, Tomoya; Nakamichi, Noboru; Teruya, Kiichiro; Report Jan 1, 2014 11474
Diffusion tensor imaging in NAWM and NADGM in MS and CIS: association with candidate biomarkers in Sera. Natarajan, Renuka; Hagman, Sanna; Wu, Xingchen; Hakulinen, Ullamari; Raunio, Minna; Helminen, Mika; Report Jan 1, 2014 6016
Differentiation of human breast-milk stem cells to neural stem cells and neurons. Hosseini, Seyed Mojtaba; Talaei-khozani, Tahere; Sani, Mahsa; Owrangi, Bahareh Report Jan 1, 2014 4066
Astrocyte-secreted matricellular proteins in CNS remodelling during development and disease. Jones, Emma V.; Bouvier, David S. Jan 1, 2014 10850
Variation of posterior communicating artery in human brain: a morphological study. Saha, Anubha; Bhagyalakshmi, Bovindala; Mandal, Shyamash; Banopadhyaya, Manimay Report Jun 30, 2013 2632
Neurons and support cells change each other for the worse in Lou Gehrig's disease. Feb 18, 2013 475
Possible involvement of TLRs and hemichannels in stress-induced CNS dysfunction via mastocytes, and glia activation. Aguirre, Adam; Maturana, Carola J.; Harcha, Paloma A.; Saez, Juan C. Report Jan 1, 2013 15303
Sphingolipids and brain resident macrophages in neuroinflammation: an emerging aspect of nervous system pathology. Assi, Emma; Cazzato, Denise; De Palma, Clara; Perrotta, Cristiana; Clementi, Emilio; Cervia, Davide Jan 1, 2013 6171
Sleep loss as a factor to induce cellular and molecular inflammatory variations. Hurtado-Alvarado, Gabriela; Pavon, Lenin; Castillo-Garcla, Stephanie Ariadne; Hernandez, Marla Eugen Jan 1, 2013 11019
West Nile Virus neurologic disease in humans, South Africa, September 2008-May 2009. Zaayman, Dewald; Venter, Marietjie Dec 1, 2012 2432
Asociacion entre las concentraciones de malondialdehido (MDA) y las alteraciones neurologicas en personas expuestas ocupacionalmente a mercurio. Arroyave Hoyos, Claudia Lucia; Cuesta Gonzalez, Fanny; Wilches, Nicolas; Alvarez, Diana Marcela; Cor Report Sep 1, 2012 5835
Novel neurological and immunological targets for salicylate-based phytopharmaceuticals and for the anti-depressant imipramine. Ulrich-Merzenich, G.; Kelber, O.; Koptina, A.; Freischmidt, A.; Hellmann, J.; Muller, J.; Zeitler, H Report Jul 15, 2012 9347
The burden of environmental disease in the United States. Pugh, Katherine H.; Zarus, Gregory M. Report May 1, 2012 3579
Friedreich's Ataxia and gait changes through participation in therapeutic horseback riding. Gilliland, Katherine J.; Knight, Adam C. Report Mar 22, 2012 4338
Brain ferritin iron as a risk factor for age at onset in neurodegenerative diseases. Report Mar 1, 2012 256
A case of brucellosis with multiple neurological complications/Cesitli norolojik komplikasyonlarla seyreden bir bruselloz olgusu. Altunrende, Burcu; Altunrende, Sevil; Yildiz, Serpil; Yildiz, Nebil Report Mar 1, 2012 1732
Shuni virus as cause of neurologic disease in horses. van Eeden, Charmaine; Williams, June H.; Gerdes, Truuske G.H.; van Wilpe, Erna; Viljoen, Adrianne; S Report Feb 1, 2012 2083
An actinide dependent shadow biosphere of archaea and viroids in neuropsychiatric disorders. Kurup A., Ravikumar; Kurup, Parameswara Achutha Report Dec 31, 2011 4389
A cholesterol and actinide dependent shadow biosphere of archaea and viroids in neurodegenerative disorders. Kurup A., Ravikumar; Kurup, Parameswara Achutha Report Dec 31, 2011 4295
Reverse brain cell death by growing new mitochondria. Flagg, Michelle Nov 1, 2011 4581
Mitochondrial biogenesis. Abstract Nov 1, 2011 2373
Emotional outbursts after stroke. Brief article Mar 1, 2011 143
Hepatitis E virus and neurologic disorders. Kamar, Nassim; Bendall, Richard P.; Peron, Jean Marie; Cintas, Pascal; Prudhomme, Laurent; Mansuy, J Feb 1, 2011 5456
Three neuroacanthocytosis cases representing different psychiatric aspects/Farkli psikiyatrik gorunumler sergileyen uc noroakantositoz olgusu. Karakus, Gonca; Tamam, Lut; Ugur, Kerim; Tunel, Munevver; Ozpoyraz, Nurgul Report Dec 1, 2010 2501
Prenatal exposure to airborne polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and children's intelligence at 5 years of age in a prospective cohort study in Poland. Edwards, Susan Claire; Jedrychowski, Wieslaw; Butscher, Maria; Camann, David; Kieltyka, Agnieszka; M Report Sep 1, 2010 7765
The management of seizures in brain tumor patients. Smith, Kristen Catherine Report Feb 1, 2010 8532
Acute amnesia in MS revisited. Larner, A.J.; Young, C.A. Report Nov 1, 2009 1369
Conundrum of autism: a review of its causes and significant impact on the education of a school age child. Nwokeafor, Cosmas U. Report Mar 22, 2009 6894
The biology of nerve injury in leprosy. Scollard, David M. Clinical report Sep 1, 2008 5976
Simultaneous measurement of [[beta]-amyloid.sub.(1-42)], total tau, and phosphorylated tau ([Thr.sup.181)] in cerebrospinal fluid by the xMAP technology. Olsson, Annika; Vanderstichele, Hugo; Andreasen, Niels; de Meyer, Geert; Wallin, Anders; Holmberg, B Clinical report Feb 1, 2005 6407
Diagnosis of Huntington disease. Margolis, Russell L.; Ross, Christopher A. Oct 1, 2003 4609
Adult Polyglucosan Body Disease. Milde, Petra; Guccion, John G.; Kelly, John; Locatelli, Eduardo; Jones, Robert V. Apr 1, 2001 2018

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