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Short Communication - Clinical Study on Ulinastatin Combined with Ambroxol in the Treatment of AECOPD Complicated with Type II Respiratory Failure. Li, Xia; Zhan, Xueliang; Shi, Xinjie Clinical report Feb 24, 2021 2042
Machine Learning-Based DNA Methylation Score for Fetal Exposure to Maternal Smoking: Development and Validation in Samples Collected from Adolescents and Adults. Rauschert, Sebastian; Melton, Phillip E.; Heiskala, Anni; Karhunen, Ville; Burdge, Graham; Craig, Je Sep 1, 2020 11870
Tobacco and COVID-19. Sonmez, Ozlem; Tasdemir, Zeynep Atam; Kara, H. Volkan; Akcay, Sule Aug 1, 2020 2598
Tobacco Smoking a Potential Risk Factor in Transmission of COVID-19 Infection. Naseer Ahmed, Afsheen Maqsood, Tariq Abduljabbar and Fahim Vohra May 31, 2020 2193
Cocaine-Induced Giant Bullous Emphysema. Douedi, Steven; Upadhyaya, Vandan D.; Patel, Ishan; Mazahir, Usman; Costanzo, Eric; Hossain, Mohamma May 31, 2020 1818
Reliability and Usefulness of Different Biomarkers of Oxidative Stress in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Zinellu, Elisabetta; Zinellu, Angelo; Fois, Alessandro G.; Fois, Sara S.; Piras, Barbara; Carru, Cir May 31, 2020 8757
Association of Genetic Polymorphisms in FOXA1 with the Progression of Genetic Susceptibility to Gastric Cancer. Ding, Guo-wen; Gu, Xu-yu; Dai, Zhe; Pan, Hui-wen; Wang, Xiao-yan; Zhang, Heng; Fan, Yu Mar 1, 2020 5613
Prevalence of Some Genetic Risk Factors for Nicotine Dependence in Ukraine. Vitalina, Bashynska; Alexander, Koliada; Kateryna, Murlanova; Oksana, Zahorodnia; Yuliia, Borysovych Nov 30, 2019 6411
Oxidants and Antioxidants in COPD Associated with Tobacco Smoke and Biomass Exposure. Jha, Sumanta; Bhattacharjee, Debojyoti; Chowdhuri, Subho; Mitra, Apratim; Das, Abhradip; Mukherjee, Nov 18, 2019 3517
Multiple Molecular Targets Associated with Genomic Instability in Lung Cancer. Soca-Chafre, Giovanny; Montiel-Davalos, Angelica; De La Rosa-Velazquez, Inti Alberto; Caro-Sanchez, Jul 31, 2019 5383
Cigarette Smoke Induced Lung Barrier Dysfunction, EMT, and Tissue Remodeling: A Possible Link between COPD and Lung Cancer. Hou, Wei; Hu, Siyi; Li, Chunyan; Ma, Hanbin; Wang, Qi; Meng, Guangping; Guo, Tingting; Zhang, Jie Jul 31, 2019 7602
Vaginal intraepithelial neoplasia: What to do when dysplasia persists after hysterectomy. Rossi, Emma C. Oct 1, 2018 1578
A cross-sectional study on dementia in elderly persons living in old-age homes of Hyderabad, Telangana. Mummadi, Mahesh Kumar Report Sep 1, 2018 2478
Maternal Smoking during Pregnancy and Early Childhood and Development of Asthma and Rhinoconjunctivitis--a MeDALL Project. Thacher, Jesse D.; Gehring, Ulrike; Gruzieva, Olena; Standi, Marie; Pershagen, Goran; Bauer, Carl-Pe Report Apr 1, 2018 10292
Persistent Hiccups as the Only Presenting Symptom of ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction. Shaikh, Nasreen; Raj, Rishi; Movva, Srinivas; Mattina, Charles Jan 1, 2018 1844
Association of Elevated Serum GM-CSF, IFN-[gamma], IL-4, and TNF-[alpha] Concentration with Tobacco Smoke Induced Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in a South Indian Population. Mitra, Ankita; Vishweswaraiah, Sangeetha; Thimraj, Tania Ahalya; Maheswarappa, Mahendra; Krishnarao, Jan 1, 2018 6375
Prevalence of Cannabis Use Disorder and Associated Factors among Cannabis Young Adult Users at Shashemene Town, Oromia Region, Ethiopia, 2016. Tullu, Mikiyas; Azale, Telake; Abebaw, Dessie; Solomon, Haddis; Habtamu, Yodit Jan 1, 2018 4935
Cigarette Smoking and Adipose Tissue: The Emerging Role in Progression of Atherosclerosis. Wang, Zhiyan; Wang, Di; Wang, Yi Jan 1, 2018 8124
Cigarette Smoke Exposure Inhibits Bacterial Killing via TFEB-Mediated Autophagy Impairment and Resulting Phagocytosis Defect. Pehote, Garrett; Bodas, Manish; Brucia, Kathryn; Vij, Neeraj Jan 1, 2018 8187
Airway Inflammatory/Immune Responses in COPD and Cystic Fibrosis. De Rose, Virginia; Burgel, Pierre-Regis; Gaggar, Amit; Greene, Catherine Jan 1, 2018 1552
p66Shc Mediates Mitochondrial Dysfunction Dependent on PKC Activation in Airway Epithelial Cells Induced by Cigarette Smoke. Zhang, Ming; Tang, Jingjing; Shan, Hu; Zhang, Qiuhong; Yang, Xia; Zhang, Jie; Li, Yali Jan 1, 2018 6218
Airway Epithelium Dysfunction in Cystic Fibrosis and COPD. De Rose, Virginia; Molloy, Kevin; Gohy, Sophie; Pilette, Charles; Greene, Catherine M. Jan 1, 2018 16632
Factors influencing delay in sputum smear conversion among new smear-positive pulmonary tuberculosis patients of Davangere tuberculosis unit. Anandaraj, R.; Anurupa, M.S.; Kavithai, P.; Rashmi, B.M.; Ranjitha, A.; Raghavendra, S.K. Report Nov 1, 2017 4498
Atopic dermatitis progression: evaluating intervention strategies. Gold, Linda F. Stein; Eichenfield, Lawrence F. Apr 1, 2017 2526
Atopic Dermatitis progression: Evaluating intervention strategies. Stein Gold, Linda F.; Eichenfield, Lawrence F. Apr 1, 2017 2542
Atopic dermatitis progression: evaluating intervention strategies. Gold, Linda F. Stein; Eichenfield, Lawrence F. Apr 1, 2017 2532
Atopic dermatitis progression: evaluating intervention strategies. Gold, Linda F. Stein; Eichenfield, Lawrence F. Apr 1, 2017 2538
Increase in tuberculosis cases among prisoners, Brazil, 2009-2014. Bourdillon, Paul M.; Goncalves, Crhistinne C.M.; Pelissari, Daniele Maria; Arakaki-Sanchez, Denise; Mar 1, 2017 2571
Predictors for Mortality among Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis Patients in Tanzania. Mollel, Edson W.; Chilongola, Jaffu O. Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 4293
The Role of Mitochondria and Oxidative/Antioxidative Imbalance in Pathobiology of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Bialas, Adam Jerzy; Sitarek, Przemyslaw; Milkowska-Dymanowska, Joanna; Piotrowski, Wojciech Jerzy; G Report Jan 1, 2017 12519
Polyphenols and Oxidative Stress in Atherosclerosis-Related Ischemic Heart Disease and Stroke. Cheng, Yu-Chen; Sheen, Jer-Ming; Hu, Wen Long; Hung, Yu-Chiang Report Jan 1, 2017 11461
The Role of BRCA2 Mutation Status as Diagnostic, Predictive, and Prognosis Biomarker for Pancreatic Cancer. Martinez-Useros, Javier; Garcia-Foncillas, Jesus Report Jan 1, 2017 4927
Ginsenoside Rg1 Ameliorates Cigarette Smoke-Induced Airway Fibrosis by Suppressing the TGF-[beta]1/Smad Pathway In Vivo and In Vitro. Guan, Sibin; Liu, Qian; Han, Fengfeng; Gu, Wen; Song, Lin; Zhang, Yue; Guo, Xuejun; Xu, Weiguo Report Jan 1, 2017 5586
So much about MS is unpredictable, but there are factors you can control. King, Mary E. Sep 22, 2016 1475
Dietary patterns and the risk of female breast cancer among participants of the Canadian national enhanced cancer surveillance system. Van Ryswyk, Keith; Villeneuve, Paul J.; Johnson, Kenneth C. Report Jan 1, 2016 5908
Cancer as the Disintegration of Robustness: Population-Level Variance in Gene Expression Identifies Key Differences Between Tobacco- and HPV-Associated Oropharyngeal Carcinogenesis. Ben-Dayan, Miriam M.; MacCarthy, Thomas; Schlecht, Nicolas F.; Belbin, Thomas J.; Childs, Geoffrey; Nov 1, 2015 7889
Prevalence of human papilloma virus in oral and oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinomas. Agrawal, Tanu; Garg, Tripti; Kaur, Jaspreet; Sharma, Rohit; Saxena, Ratna Jun 22, 2015 3635
Role of human papilloma virus in etiology of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (cin) & carcinoma cervix by pap smears. Singh, Mahendra; Khan, Lubna; Rana, Deepshikha; Pantola, Chayanika; Sachan, Neelima; Narayan, Yogend Mar 23, 2015 1832
Secondhand smoking causes weight gain. Nov 7, 2014 230
Human papillomavirus and tobacco use in tongue base cancers. Stoler, Daniel L.; Smaldino, Philip J.; Darbary, Huferesh K.; Sullivan, Maureen A.; Popat, Saurin R. Report Aug 1, 2013 3459
Environmental risk factors related to the development of canine non-Hodgkin's lymphoma/Fatores de risco ambientais relacionados ao desenvolvimento do linfoma nao Hodgkin canino. Zanini, Danielle Almeida; Kimura, Katia Cristina; Nishiya, Adriana Tomoko; Ubukata, Rodrigo; Leandro Jul 1, 2013 4242
How to protect your lungs and slow the progression of COPD. May 1, 2013 694
An overview of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease/Panorama da doenca pulmonar obstrutiva cronica. Azambuja, Renato; Bettencourt, Mateus; da Costa, Claudia Henrique; Rufino, Rogerio Disease/Disorder overview Apr 1, 2013 2071
The pathogenesis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease/Patogenia da doenca pulmonar obstrutiva cronica. Rufino, Rogerio; da Costa, Claudia Henrique Apr 1, 2013 5148
Factors influencing the development of early- or late-onset Parkinson's disease in a cohort of South African patients. van der Merwe, C.; Haylett, W.; Harvey, J.; Lombard, D.; Bardien, S.; Carr, J. Report Nov 1, 2012 2521
The burden of environmental disease in the United States. Pugh, Katherine H.; Zarus, Gregory M. Report May 1, 2012 3579
Second-hand smoke 'as dangerous as primary smoke' in causing cancer. Mar 22, 2012 374
Disease progression unrelated to passive environmental tobacco smoke exposure in HIV-infected children. Green, Robin J.; Becker, Piet J.; Labuschagne, Denise; Kitchin, Omolemo P.; Masekela, Refiloe Report Feb 1, 2012 2071
Does domestic cooking environment influence risk of respiratory morbidities in rural Indian women? Sukhsohale, Neelam D.; Narlawar, Uday W.; Phatak, Mrunal S.; Ughade, Suresh N. Report Jan 1, 2012 4002
Is deployment associated with an increased risk of respiratory outcomes? What do we know? What do we think? Baird, Coleen P. Report Jul 1, 2011 4883
Vital signs: asthma prevalence, disease characteristics, and self-management education--United States, 2001-2009. Zahran, Hatice S.; Bailey, Cathy; Garbe, Paul May 6, 2011 4597
Risk factors for abnormal cervical cytology in pregnant women attending the high-risk obstetrics clinic at the University Hospital in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Seda, Jaffet; Avellanet, Yaniris; Roca, Fernando J.; Hernandez, Eduardo; Umpierre, Sharee A.; Romagu Mar 1, 2011 2544
Smoking slightly raises risk of breast cancer. Moon, Mary Ann Mar 1, 2011 649
Smoking before first Childbirth raises breast cancer risk. Moon, Mary Ann Mar 1, 2011 651
Risk factors for Cryptococcus gattii infection, British Columbia, Canada. MacDougall, Laura; Fyfe, Murray; Romney, Marc; Starr, Mike; Galanis, Eleni Clinical report Feb 1, 2011 5446
Genetic polymorphism of GSTM1 and GSTP1 in lung cancer in Egypt. Ramzy, Maggie M.; Solliman, Mohei El-Din M.; Abdel-Hafiz, Hany A.; Salah, Randa Report Jan 1, 2011 4688
Predictors of depressive symptomatology among rural stimulant users. Daniulaityte, Raminta; Falck, Russel; Wang, Jichuan; Carlson, Robert G.; Leukefeld, Carl G.; Booth, Dec 1, 2010 8996
World COPD Day--November 18, 2009. Nov 13, 2009 320
Ciggie smoke 'weakens lungs' natural defense against harmful pathogen'. Oct 26, 2009 264
Immune system may worsen chronic lung diseases in smokers. Oct 5, 2009 444
Cigarette smoking does not affect everyone in same way. Jun 5, 2009 369
Serum uric acid and risk of cardiovascular mortality: a prospective long-term study of 83 683 Austrian men. Strasak, Alexander; Ruttmann, Elfriede; Brant, Larry; Kelleher, Cecily; Klenk, Jochen; Concin, Hans; Clinical report Feb 1, 2008 8218
The prevalence of hand eczema and related factors among healthcare providers. Roodsari, M. Rahmati; Malekzad, F. Dec 1, 2007 2072
A closer look at pain and hepatitis C: preliminary data from a veteran population. Silberbogen, Amy K.; Janke, E. Amy; Hebenstreit, Claire Mar 1, 2007 9436
Inflammatory markers in men with angiographically documented coronary heart disease. Rifai, Nader; Joubran, Rana; Yu, Harry; Asmi, Mohamad; Jouma, Mohidien Clinical report Nov 1, 1999 3842

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