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Metformin Might Inhibit Virus through Increasing Insulin Sensitivity. Chen, Yong; Gu, Feng; Guan, Jian-Long Letter to the editor Mar 1, 2018 1147
Zika virus infection in patient with no known risk factors, Utah, USA, 2016. Krow-Lucal, Elisabeth R.; Novosad, Shannon A.; Dunn, Angela C.; Brent, Carolyn R.; Savage, Harry M.; Aug 1, 2017 5608
Novel retinal lesion in Ebola survivors, Sierra Leone, 2016. Steptoe, Paul J.; Scott, Janet T.; Baxter, Julia M.; Parkes, Craig K.; Dwivedi, Rahul; Czanner, Gabr Jul 1, 2017 5949
WHO Urges Action over Growing Hepatitis Epidemic. Apr 21, 2017 163
Autopsy and Postmortem Studies Are Concordant: Pathology of Zika Virus Infection Is Neurotropic in Fetuses and Infants With Microcephaly Following Transplacental Transmission. Schwartz, David A. Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 4784
Autoimmune hepatitis in Pakistan. Dec 31, 2016 1684
Outbreak of Zika virus disease--American Samoa, 2016. Healy, Jessica M.; Burgess, M. Catherine; Chen, Tai-Ho; Hancock, W. Thane; Toews, Karrie-Ann E.; Ane Oct 21, 2016 1064
Epstein-Barr Virus-Associated Smooth Muscle Tumor. Dekate, Jyoti; Chetty, Runjan Jul 1, 2016 3509
Perspectives on west Africa Ebola virus disease outbreak, 2013-2016. Spengler, Jessica R.; Ervin, Elizabeth D.; Towner, Jonathan S.; Rollin, Pierre E.; Nichol, Stuart T. Jun 1, 2016 5409
Dirty water fuels Hepatitis surge in India. May 12, 2016 451
Local transmission of Zika virus--Puerto Rico, November 23, 2015-January 28, 2016. Thomas, Dana L.; Sharp, Tyler M.; Torres, Jomil; Armstrong, Paige A.; Munoz-Jordan, Jorge; Ryff, Kyl Feb 19, 2016 3226
Ebola Virus Preparedness: Emerging Viruses and Ethics in Laboratory Medicine. Dubov, Alex; Appleton, Julia H.; Campbell, Sheldon Feb 1, 2016 7870
2014 Ebola outbreak: implications for environmental health practice. Ratnapradipa, Kendra Oct 31, 2015 3320
Association of Epstein Barr virus with mucosal squamous cell cancers of head and neck. Zaffar, Saquib; Afroz, Fir; Rashid, Aamir; Lone, Maqbool; Ashraf, Mohammad; Sidiqui, Mushtaq; Tariq, Clinical report Oct 12, 2015 3960
Prevalence of diabetes mellitus Type 2 in patients with chronic hepatitis c virus infection. Kaur, Ranjeet; Mohan, Gurinder; Bhalla, Narotam; Kaur, Baldeep Clinical report Jan 22, 2015 5041
Ebola virus disease and the dental professional. Birenz, Shirley Jan 1, 2015 2204
WHO predicts thousands more Ebola cases. Sep 9, 2014 467
Ebola virus disease in West Africa--an unprecedented outbreak. Weyer, Jacqueline; Blumberg, Lucille H.; Paweska, Janusz T. Editorial Aug 1, 2014 1688
Common sports-related infections: a review on clinical pictures, management and time to return to sports. Ahmadinejad, Zahra; Alijani, Neda; Mansori, Sedigeh; Ziaee, Vahid Mar 1, 2014 5021
Patologia cardiovascular en pacientes con infeccion por el virus de inmunodeficiencia humana. Valenzuela-Rodriguez, German Dec 22, 2012 4416
The new era of the virus: a personal learning curve of the etiology of CFS/ME. Anderson, Wayne Report Oct 1, 2012 3719
Vaccines backfire: veterinary vaccines found to combine into new infectious viruses. Reprint Aug 1, 2012 704
Catching a cancer: viral culprits may explain a host of tumors with as-yet unknown triggers. Beil, Laura Jul 28, 2012 2611
World Hepatitis Day--July 28, 2012. Jul 27, 2012 268
Endosymbiotic archaeal generated RNA viroids can regulate cell function and contribute to disease state--role in viral speciation. Ravikumar, Kurup A.; Kurup, Parameswara Achutha Report Mar 31, 2012 2941
Hepatitis B virus among maintainence haemodialysis patients: A report from Karachi, Pakistan. Clinical report Dec 31, 2011 3808
Vaccine to stop progression of HIV virus comes closer to reality. Nov 8, 2011 294
Interim Data from Phase 2 Study Showed 93% of People with Hepatitis C Who Received a Total of 12 Weeks of a Combination Regimen Including INCIVEK[TM] (telaprevir) and VX-222 (400mg) Achieved a Viral Cure (SVR). Nov 5, 2011 3662
Vertex Starts Global Phase 3b Study to Evaluate the Potential for People with Hepatitis C to Achieve a Viral Cure (SVR) with a Total Treatment Duration of 12 Weeks of INCIVEK[TM] Combination Therapy. Oct 24, 2011 2780
Study debunks chronic fatigue's virus connection: new analyses indicate that XMRV was a lab contaminant. Sanders, Laura Oct 22, 2011 1014
Sexual transmission of hepatitis C virus among HIV-infected men who have sex with men--New York City, 2005-2010. Fierer, Daniel S.; Factor, Stephanie H.; Uriel, Alison J.; Carriero, Damaris C.; Dieterich, Douglas Jul 22, 2011 3352
Relationship of Epidemiological Factors with Urdbean Leaf Crinkle Virus Disease and its Management using Plant Extracts. Binyamin, Rana; Khan, Muhammad Aslam; Ahmad, Nadeem; Ali, Safdar Report Jun 30, 2011 3263
The evidence behind more than a decade of policy recommending influenza vaccination for young New Zealanders with long term medical conditions. Warren, Barbara; Dovey, Susan; Griffin, Frank Medical condition overview Jun 1, 2011 5559
Respiratory virus infections among hospitalized patients with suspected influenza A H1N1 2009 virus during the first pandemic wave in Brazil. Watanabe, Aripuana Sakurada Aranha; Carraro, Emerson; Moreira, Luciana; Camargo, Clarice; Sinohara, May 1, 2011 2955
Protecting our melons: combating cucurbit yellow stunting disorder virus. Yao, Stephanie Mar 1, 2011 577
Why humans are more sensitive than chimps to certain viruses. Dec 17, 2010 276
Lymphotropism of Merkel cell polyomavirus infection, Nova Scotia, Canada. Toracchio, Sonia; Foyle, Annette; Sroller, Vojtech; Reed, Jon A.; Wu, Jun; Kozinetz, Claudia A.; But Nov 1, 2010 5060
Virus stops Mai Hariri from performing. Brief article Sep 13, 2010 166
A longitudinal study on avian polyomavirus-specific antibodies in captive Spix's macaws (Cyanopsitta spixii). Deb, Amrita; Foldenauer, Ulrike; Borjal, Raffy Jim; Streich, W. Jurgen; Luken, Caroline; Johne, Reim Report Sep 1, 2010 4695
Focus on: alcohol and the immune system. Molina, Patricia E.; Happel, Kyle I.; Zhang, Ping; Kolls, Jay K.; Nelson, Steve Report Jan 1, 2010 8755
Perspectives on scrub typhus, tick-borne pathogens, and Hantavirus in the Republic of Korea. Sames, William J.; Kim, Heung-Chul; Klein, Terry A. Jul 1, 2009 6285
Epstein-Barr virus seems to play role in multiple sclerosis progression. Mar 3, 2009 401
Chapter 7 Viral zoonoses. Romich, Janet Amundson Disease/Disorder overview Jan 1, 2008 19088
Influenza-associated deaths in tropical Singapore. Chew, Suok Kai Jan 1, 2006 6394
Dengue virus type 3, Brazil, 2002. Miagostovich, Marize Pereira Sep 1, 2005 4801
Ross River virus disease reemergence, Fiji, 2003-2004. Campbell, Grant L. Apr 1, 2005 2371
Virus sickens cruise passengers. Brief Article Feb 1, 2005 133
Human parechovirus 3 and neonatal infections. Boucher, Francois D. Jan 1, 2005 3503
G, N, and P gene-based analysis of Chandipura viruses, India. Chandra, Mishra Akhilesh Jan 1, 2005 2212
Potential mammalian filovirus reservoirs. Johnson, Karl M. Dec 1, 2004 5492
Nipah virus encephalitis reemergence, Bangladesh. Breiman, Robert F. Dec 1, 2004 4468
Nonsusceptibility of primate cells to Taura syndrome virus. Gerba, Charles P. Dec 1, 2004 4134
Alligators as West Nile virus amplifiers. Bunning, Michel Dec 1, 2004 4741
VecTest as diagnostic and surveillance tool for West Nile virus in dead birds. Eidson, Millicent Dec 1, 2004 5535
Detecting West Nile virus in owls and raptors by an antigen-capture assay. Hunter, Bruce Dec 1, 2004 2614
Genome sequence and attenuating mutations in West Nile virus isolate from Mexico. Barrett, Alan D.T. Dec 1, 2004 2753
First human cases of tickborne encephalitis, Norway. Sundoy, Anders Dec 1, 2004 2184
West Nile virus viremia in wild rock pigeons. Stallknecht, David E. Dec 1, 2004 2839
West Nile virus activity--United States, November 9-16, 2004. Nov 19, 2004 817
West Nile virus activity--United States, November 3-8, 2004. Nov 12, 2004 815
Emergency measles control activities--Darfur, Sudan, 2004. Elsayed, E.A.; Mousa, N.; Dabbagh, A.; El-Bushra, H.; Mahoney, F.; Haithami, S.; El-Sakka, H.; Sabit Oct 1, 2004 2113
Polio seroprevalence stays up in urban areas. Sullivan, Michele G. Oct 1, 2004 314
Aeromonas spp. and traveler's diarrhea: clinical features and antimicrobial resistance. (Research). Gascon, Joaquin May 1, 2003 2554
Seasonal patterns of invasive pneumococcal disease. (Research). Schuchat, Anne May 1, 2003 4510
Human metapneumovirus and community-acquired respiratory illness in children. (Letters). Perez-Trallero, Emilio May 1, 2003 1275
Viruses play a role in acute myringitis. (Specific Pathogen Remains Unknown). Mahoney, Diana Brief Article Oct 1, 2002 183
El diagnostico viral por el laboratorio. del Pilar Crespo, Maria Report Jul 1, 2000 9699
In school, I learned how small viruses are. How can small viruses cause big diseases? SerVaas, Cory Jan 1, 1995 114
Acute and chronic symptoms of mononucleosis. Lambore, Sanjay; McSherry, James; Kraus, Arthur S. Jul 1, 1991 2931

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