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Development and peace.


Michael Swan's story headed "Canadian bishops clear D&P" (Catholic Register June 18/09) is beyond strange. The story is about an episcopal report responding to charges made by LifeSite News against the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (CCODP). LifeSite News alleged that groups CCODP funded for various non-abortion related projects were also engaged in abortion advocacy.

Archbishop lames Weisgerber is quoted as saying that Canada's bishops found no evidence of wrongdoing by CCODP or the Mexican partners it funded. At the same time, however, the episcopal report recommends tighter protocols on future CCODP partnerships.

I find it strange that if there is no wrongdoing CCODP should nevertheless be told to tighten up its protocols for selecting the partners it funds.

I find it beyond strange that after exonerating the Mexican partners of abortion advocacy, Archbishop Weisgerber seemed to suggest that if they had been found guilty as charged CCODP could still legitimately fund them.

"It is not necessary," he said, "that Development and Peace work only with groups that espouse Catholic moral teaching." As an example, he cited yearly Vatican contributions to UNICEE

However, the Vatican stopped contributing to UNICEF in 1996, because of concerns about its support of contraception and abortion.

Archbishop Weisgerber stated that CCODP gives money to projects, not to organizations. Money, however, is fungible. Funds donated to an organization for worthy projects can free up other funds for unworthy projects.

It is true, as Archbishop Weisgerber points out, that Vatican II directed Catholics to work with those we disagree with. We must be open to the world. But surely we must not be empty to the world. When Vatican II ended, contraception, abortion and homosexual activity, all of which undermine the family, were illegal in Canada. Now, as the culture of death advances world wide, they're regarded by many as human rights.

If there was no other way to help the poor, I could see doing so through an organization that advocated for abortion, provided the two activities were kept separate. But there are organizations that help the poor without engaging in abortion advocacy. The tighter CCODP protocols should focus on them and exclude the others.

Saskatoon, SK.


We continue to benefit from Catholic Insight. Thanks to all for publishing it.

Would you consider an article on "Therapeutic Touch" in a future issue? It is being introduced to many nursing homes.

My sister a life-long Catholic, is a resident of Linhaven Nursing Home, St. Catharines, where they have introduced this method.

I don't know how to refute it properly. Of course I don't agree with it.

Bancroft, ON

Editor: You will find an article on the subject by Dr John Shea in the October issue of 1999, "Therapeutic Touch" and on our Website line/ bioethics / article-262-shtml

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Author:Campbell, Joe; Gaboury, Yvon
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Date:Sep 1, 2009
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