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Developing the Sister Namibia website.

"The Sister Namibia website is a place where you can find and share feminist information, ideas and creativity to empower yourself and your organisation to change our world"

This was the description developed by Sister Namibia staff, board members, volunteers and partners at a two-day planning workshop for our website. The workshop was facilitated by Sally-Jean Shackleton of Women'snet, Johannesburg--an organisation that promotes the use of information and communication technologies among women's organisations in Southern Africa.

With this website we want to:

* Share the work of Sister Namibia--our projects, our advocacy work and our informational products--with women in Namibia, Africa and the world.

* Strengthen the women's movement in Namibia through a vibrant resource for education, networking and interaction, reflecting women's diversity in our solidarity.

* Create a space for visioning women's leadership, activism and political participation for transformation.

The workshop began with a visioning exercise, in which we used crayons and koki pens to draw and describe the kind of space we imagined our website to be if it existed in physical reality. One group sketched a Damara hut housing a library, archives, art gallery, meeting space, advice centre and a resting space with a massage bed!

Another group envisaged the website to be on top of a mountain with a view to all sides, a river of knowledge flowing from it and merging with other rivers, lonely zebras coming to drink and meeting other zebras with whom to share knowledge and build solidarity, and a pink snake signifying that this website will be a place of discovery where you will find information not to be found anywhere else in the world!


After long discussions we agreed that we would develop materials for three specific target groups on our website: women's organisations, teachers, and young women who are interested in gender activism.

Now follows the challenging task of making our vision a reality. In the coming months we will be contacting members of our target groups to discuss what information and materials would be most relevant for them on our website. If all goes to plan, you will be invited to enter the 'land of the pink snake' in June 2006!
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