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Developing resources to maximize success.

The focus for the NAA Education Institute in 2006 was to develop the necessary resources to maximize success. NAAEI exceeded its initial goal for the "Investing in Our Profession" campaign by raising $5.26 million and setting a new fund-raising goal of $7.5 million.

With solid financial footing, NAAEI tackled its next challenge: hiring an Executive Vice President who could provide NAAEI with the leadership, vision and strategic direction necessary to fulfill its mission and provide those who had invested in NAAEI with a return on their investment. Stephanie Powers, with an illustrious career in workforce development, was hired as NAAEI Executive Vice President. Stephanie has already begun to reach out to workforce development resources and networks, looking for effective solutions to the apartment industry's human resource challenges.

In January, 2006, a major rewrite of NAAEI's most popular designation program, the Certified Apartment Manager or CAM program, was completed. Recognizing that a quality curriculum is only one factor in the successful delivery of an adult learning experience, NAAEI provided those who instruct designation programs with two and a half days of Advanced Instructor Training.

We thank the companies and individuals who have shown their commitment to the future of our industry and have invested so generously in NAAEI and encourage everyone to consider "Investing in Our Profession."

Bill Wollinger

2006 NAAEI President
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Title Annotation:From the NAAEI President
Author:Wollinger, Bill
Date:Dec 1, 2006
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