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Developing new publicity angles - gauging your publicity skills.

Developing new publicity angles-gauging your publicity skills

Have you considered parlaying customer news into publicity for your store or service? The answer to that ever-pressing question "Will the reporter call back?" can be easily remedied by getting the customer to make the initial call to the reporter. As E.B. White so deftly noted, "Luck is not something you can mention in the presence of self-made men." Use savvy and energy to make publicity work for you. Here are just a few publicity ideas to bring you, your store and your clients into the news:

A customer is instrumental in encouraging other customers or you to: *use the recycling bins at your store *raise charity money for (any cause you and your store would like to lend a helping hand to) *organize a road race for which you've donated gallons upon gallons of iced teas, iced coffees, etc.

The 1,000th , 5,000th, 10,000th or 50,000th customer passes through your doors. Take advantage of this feat-write a news release well in advance of the happening. Leave blanks for the name of the customer. Send it to the local press with a photo of the smiling customer - it's a can't miss opportunity.

Ask a valued customer (and confidante) to call a local reporter and suggest that you offer the best (fill in the blank) in the city and that they ought to come out to the store, office or roasting facility to observe for themselves.

Donate your store/cafe for a civic or charity event that the media will attend. At the very least, the report will mention the name of your store and its location.

Are there wacky, off-beat ways to use your products and services? Suggest that a well-versed customer call the local "off-beat" feature reporter. Such reporters are always looking for something funny and catchy to report on.

Tie your products and services in with a local or national breaking news story. Read the paper, watch the news - see if there's something you can parlay into publicity for you and your store's products and services (environment, new FDA food label regulations, ???). Be creative. This type of promotional strategy can spread like wildfire!

Once you've managed to secure some publicity for your stores, cause, customer, etc., you can sit back and evaluate your accomplishments. There are no hard and fast rules, but here's a few questions that might help you the next time you put your name and store on the line for the sake of P.R.

How do you gage your publicity skills? Sure, a few "jobs well done" pats on the back offer encouragement, but how do you really feel? How are your phone skills? Does your writing lack luster? Are you uncomfortable discussing ideas with strangers?

When it comes to obtaining publicity for events, product introduction and the like- the how to's are more similar than you might think.

Susan Friedman is a freelance writer and handles promotions, marketing and public relations out of her own company based in Miami, Florida. She was a past editor of Gourmet Retailer magazine.
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Title Annotation:promotional strategies for your store
Author:Friedman, Susan
Publication:Tea & Coffee Trade Journal
Date:Sep 1, 1991
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