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Developer considers new hotel on Crescent.

Byline: REAL ESTATE By Randi Bjornstad The Register-Guard

With projects well under way on both sides of Crescent Avenue in northeast Eugene - Crescent Village to the north and Crescent Center on the south - developer Arlie & Co. has decided a little land use adjusting to both might make better sense.

In particular, the company would like to transfer some of its already approved office space at Crescent Center, which flanks Suzanne Way between Crescent Avenue and Chad Drive, to Crescent Village's town center, in order to free up space for a 120-room extended-stay hotel.

Teresa Bishow, a former Eugene land use planner who recently joined the Arlie staff after a planning stint in Chico, Calif., said the company will meet soon with Eugene planners to see if the necessary neighborhood plan amendment and rezoning would be likely to fly with city officials.

Arlie's original vision was to have two four-story office buildings - one on each side of Suzanne Way - along with a mix of small retail shops in the 10-acre Crescent Center development, Bishow said.

The building on the west side has been built, although it's only half the size than originally planned.

"The Willakenzie Area Plan refers to the entire 10-acre Crescent Center site as neighborhood commercial, which wouldn't be the case with a business hotel," Bishow said. "What we're hoping for is a plan amendment that would clarify that the whole area doesn't need to be developed with small, neighborhood commercial services. The site for the hotel would be designated community commercial instead."

Shifting some of the approved office space - in particular for medical offices - to the Crescent Village development would mean a slight decrease in planned retail space in the development on the north side of Crescent Avenue, Bishow said.

"But we've already got approval for up to 30,000 square feet of medical or dental offices as part of the office space there, so it wouldn't change the mix very much," she said. "We're still very committed to Crescent Village being a strong new economic center that offers housing, shopping and recreation in one location."

The hotel would cater to people visiting for more than a few nights but without the immediate need for permanent housing, Bishow said.

"There's nothing like that now in this part of the city - we believe the change would meet a definite need in this area," she said.

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Date:Oct 31, 2006
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