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Developer's rent-to-own plan.

West End Capital Partners LLC announced their most recent incentive program to promote home ownership.

Called the "Rent-To-Own" plan, perspective buyers may now rent the new condominiums at Adams One, with the option to purchase.

"First-time homeowners are often intimidated by the entire home-buying process," said West End's Managing Partner, Rich Tola. "By letting them ease into the commitment through renting, buyers can truly experience why the condominium homes we are offering at Adams One are worth the investment."

West End's "Rent-To-Own" plan was created in response to the unexpected slow sales of the condominiums at their property in Trenton, NJ. Although the condos attracted considerable, concerns were expressed over the stability of the immediate neighborhood.

"Oftentimes the benefits of homeownership go unrealized because of a lack of confidence in an unproven market," said Tola. "Our primary goal to provide homes at market-rate prices may now be achieved."
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Publication:Real Estate Weekly
Date:Nov 23, 2005
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