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Deutsche Telekom looks at Belgacom stake - report.

(SeeNews) - Jul 20, 2011 - Deutsche Telekom (ETR:DTK) is interested in the stake the Belgian government holds in telecoms operator Belgacom (EBR:BELG), French daily Le Soir reported.

According to the newspaper, the German telecoms giant explored the chances for a possible deal at the beginning of the year but the continued political crisis in Belgium has not allowed it to make further steps. Le Soir also said Deutsche Telekom was advised to raise the question again once Belgium forms a new cabinet that may take a decision on the sale.

Among the political parties in Dutch-speaking Flanders there are said to be a few opponents of a sale of the stake. The French-speaking socialists of the PS party are in principle in favour of keeping the government linked to the company but even there support for an exit may exist, according to the report.
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Publication:ADP News Belgium
Date:Jul 20, 2011
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