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Deutsche Bank said to have received special treatment during stress test.

Global Banking News-October 10, 2016--Deutsche Bank said to have received special treatment during stress test

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Global Banking News - 10 October 2016

Deutsche Bank (NYSE: DB) is said to have received special treatment during the last round of stress tests by the ECB.

The Financial Times reported on Monday that the German bank was given special privileges during the stress test. The bank was given the benefit of including an asset sale, which took place after the European Banking Authority's deadline for transactions to be included in the tests, when assessing its capital levels.

Deutsche Bank's stress test included proceeds of around USD4bn from the sale of its stake in the Chinese bank, Hua Xia, which was delayed due to a regulatory delay.

While Spain-based Caixabank sold EUR2.65bn worth of foreign assets to its parent company, Criteria Holding, in March, it could not quote the sale for its benefit in the stress test.

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Publication:Global Banking News (GBN)
Date:Oct 10, 2016
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