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Detoxification: an antidote to radiation.

The Kidneys and Liver as Expediters

To deal with the onslaught of radiation and its debilitating effects, the body must operate at its maximum efficiency. That means disposing of poisonous toxins before they damage inner organs and cripple cells and tissues. A constant state of detoxification will enhance the body's radiation-protective system.

Because the kidneys and liver are the principal outlets and filterers of poisons, their integrity must be fiercely protected. The kidneys also perform invaluable functions such as cleansing the blood of waste and toxins, producing urine to speed elimination of toxic materials, and maintaining an acid-alkali balance in the system.

The kidneys are constantly threatened by occupational exposure from uranium, cadmium, and mercury.

A diet clear of animal products will lessen the pressure on kidney function, so will a modified protein regimen. The American diet, heavy in animal proteins, is notorious for contributing to kidney disease.

The liver can be the most overworked organ in the body. It performs more than 500 known functions; an improper diet can raise the workload by 100 percent. It often struggles mightily to absorb and eliminate fats, sugars, and toxins. Diet can play an essential part in keeping the liver in optimum condition. The fewer toxins, the better.

When the liver is overworked, poisons can accumulate and hinder the ability to fight off the effects of radiation.

Especially important to healthful liver function are fresh vegetables, the B complex of vitamins, and vitamin C. Most dangerous is a regimen that contains sugar, alcohol, meat, dairy foods, chocolate, and heavily saturated fried foods.
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Publication:Nutrition Health Review
Date:Mar 22, 1993
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