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Detectives suspected Savile was a murderer; DNA tests clear paedophile of killings.

Byline: TOM PETTIFOR Crime Correspondent

JIMMY Savile's DNA was checked against samples taken from a string of unsolved murders and rapes, Scotland Yard revealed yesterday. The paedophile DJ's profile did not match any of the hundreds of unidentified ones held on the cold-case files.

Savile was questioned by Yorkshire Ripper detectives about the murder of Irene Richardson, whose body was found close to his Leeds flat in 1977.

A relative of the disgraced BBC star - who is believed to have sexually assaulted as many as 300 youngsters - had to sign legal documents in order for the recent tests to be carried out.

The sample used was originally taken to test when Georgina Ray demanded a DNA check believing she was his love child. The tests showed she was not related. Scotland Yard confirmed yesterday that Savile's DNA had been checked against unsolved crimes and no matches made.

A spokesman for the Savile family said yesterday: "We are relieved to hear that the DNA does not match any of the historic crimes. We have tried to be as helpful as possible."

Former detective John Stainthorpe revealed shortly after Savile died, aged 84, in 2012 that the DJ was brought in for questioning after a tip-off that he could be the killer.

Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe was jailed for life for the 13 murders in 1981.

Veteran DJ Tony Blackburn yesterday said it is a "tragedy and a sin" that Savile is not alive to pay for his crimes.

Blackburn, 71, who worked at Radio One with the DJ said: "He was an oddball. I didn't like him as a person."

We are relieved to hear the DNA does not match old crimes SPOKESMAN for savile family yesterday


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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 6, 2014
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