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Destruction can bring life; VIEWPOINTS.

IN previous letters I've supported John Marchant's views on the limitations of Darwin's theory.

But I must take issue with his comment that it "beggars belief" that anyone could believe that a Big Bang (explosion) could explain the origin of the Universe (March 26).

Well, John, I agree with you that explosions are destructive and kill people, but they can also be creative.

Destruction and creation are opposite sides of the same coin.

For example: When galaxies collide, and they do, the gigantic cosmic explosion creates billions of new stars.

Worryingly, our own galaxy the Milky Way is racing towards a collision with Andromeda - but don't panic, it won't happen for millions of years.

Nuclear explosions inside the sun create the heat and light needed for life on earth to survive.

Volcanic explosions kill all life close by, but also creates the conditions for new life to take root, grow and flourish.

Furthermore, we should not let the limitations of Darwin's theory blind us to the wonderful achievements of our great scientists who use the power of mathematics, telescopes and computers to unlock Nature's secrets, for example, the energy locked within the atom, the discovery of penicillin, electrons, X-rays, radio waves, and genes - discoveries that have transformed our lives and helped increase the average age from 50 in 1900 to nearly 80 now.

It was scientists who discovered that we live in a Goldilocks Universe where the laws, forces and conditions are just right to support life - strong evidence for intelligent design.

Finally, religion does not have a monopoly on God who, I believe, communicates with us through the universal language of mathematics and our conscience; scientists are the priests and prophets of the 21st century.

Bryan Prescott Caerphilly
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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Apr 4, 2009
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