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Destination News - Europe.

Aug 30, 2009


Police say they have made Capri's Blue Grotto off-limits to tourists after its waters started smelling bad. The closure was ordered a week after police discovered that raw cesspool sewage was being dumped into the cave's deep blue waters. Health and environmental authorities were investigating Tuesday to see if the stink and an unexplained white foam might have been caused by the cesspool dumping in mid-August. Aug 25, 2009

Clinique La Prairie Medical

Ten Chinese women of a certain age have each paid 200,000 yuan (29,000 U.S dollars) for a trip to extend their youth in Switzerland in October. The women, all aged over 40, have signed up for a course of "revitalization" therapy using fresh fetal sheep liver cells at the Clinique La Prairie Medical and Revitalization Center on the shores of Lake Geneva in Montreaux. Another 30 were expressing interest in the package, said Zhang Xiao, chairman of the Nanning Overseas Travel Service Co., Ltd., in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Zhang said half the participants were entrepreneurs and the rest were wives of government officials. "They are all deeply concerned with the aging problem." The travel agency will arrange all the tourists' requirements in Switzerland, including interpreters to communicate with the doctors. Aug 26, 2009

Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands Tourist Board has launched an innovative marketing campaign in the UK this week, to help protect the islands from the impact of the economic recession. The campaign aims to promote the Falkland Islands as a land-based destination and an expedition cruise destination to a highly targeted segment of the UK market. OGuardian newspaper readers are affluent, well educated, well travelled and have a keen sense of adventureO said Jake Downing, General Manager of the tourist board. OFor this reason we chose to work with the Guardian to promote our beautiful islandsO. Aug 24, 2009


A British tourist has spent a night trapped in a French town hall after mistakenly thinking she could book a room at the "hotel de ville". The hapless female visitor arrived in the Alsace town of Dannemarie on Friday and tried to find a bed for the night. Spotting the impressive-looking "hotel de ville", the tourist popped in to use the toilet before trying to check in. But as she was in the convenience, officials finished a meeting, left the town hall and locked its door. Aug 24, 2009

Heritage Park Hotel

Final touches to Solomon IslandsO newest and most modern hotel, the Heritage Park Hotel, will complete within the next few weeks before its formal opening next month. Owned by the Constantinos Group from neighboring Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands National Provident Fund, the hotel is seen by Solomon islanders as one of the finest as it will be equipped with modern facilities surpassing many of the hotels now operating in the country. The hotel is situated alongside the Kitano Mendana Hotel on the foreshores of Central Honiara and has a good view of the Florida group of islands to the south of the capital. Aug 27, 2009


When the Sky & More mall opened in Riga in 2007, retailers hoped its expensive boutiques and upscale supermarket would draw well-off Latvians on their way home to the pine-forested neighborhoods on the capital's north side. Today, the mall's foot traffic has dwindled, and its shop-lined upper floor is as quiet as a library N a token of the breathtaking collapse in retail spending that is hammering stores in Eastern Europe. The region's severe recession sent retail sales down an outsized 29 percent in Latvia in June compared to a year ago, 20 percent in Lithuania, 17.8 percent in Romania, and 10.5 percent in Bulgaria. Aug 25, 2009


Paris is counting on American tourists N and a new law allowing more stores to open on Sundays N to boost tourism revenues pinched by the global financial downturn. The French capital registered an 11.1-percent drop in foreign visitors in the first half of this year compared with the first half of 2008, according to figures released Wednesday by the Paris Tourism Office. The number of Americans in Paris N long the largest contingent of foreigners here N dived last year because of U.S. economic woes and the expensive euro. But it started to pick up again, by 1.1 percent, in the second quarter of this year, the tourism office said. Aug 26, 2009


Tourist arrivals into Turkey rose 6.32 percent year-on-year in July, after falling 1.29 percent in June, the country's Ministry of Culture and Tourism said Monday. A year earlier, tourist arrivals were up 12.71 percent. In July, tourist arrivals increased to 4.3 million from 3.26 million in June and 4.08 million in the same month last year. In the first seven months of the year, tourist arrivals climbed 1.1 percent , much slower than the 15.33 percent growth seen in the same period last year. Aug 24, 2009

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