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Destination News - Car Rental.

New York (AirGuide - Destination News - Car Rental) Jun 5, 2011

AAA Alabama Summer Travel Poll: Gas Prices Alter Budgets; Decline at Pump Could Help Last-Minute Planners Gas prices have been hovering in the minds of local consumers as they plan their summer vacations, and more than half of those who will travel this summer say they are shifting their budgets in other areas to afford their trips, according to a new poll by AAA Alabama. The AAA Alabama third annual Summer Travel Poll shows a jump since the Spring Travel Poll in the number of people indicating that high gas prices are affecting their overall budgets -- from 60 percent in March to 78 percent now. At the same time, however, some consumers' tolerance for higher gas prices could be rising. In the spring, 20 percent of drivers said they would make major changes in the amount of gasoline they used once it reached $3 a gallon. In the latest poll, just 9 percent said a $3 gas price had caused them to reduce their gas usage. 56 percent of summer travelers plan to spend a total of $1,500 or less on all their summer trips. For 60 percent of travelers, their longest summer trip will last from four to seven days, and for 23 percent, it will last eight to 14 days. For their longest trip of the summer, 60 percent will drive to their destination in their personal vehicle while 27 percent will fly. 48 percent of travelers will stay in a hotel on their longest summer trip, and 18 percent will stay with family. The AAA Alabama 2011 Summer Travel Poll was administered by the AAA Alabama Marketing & Brand Research Department, taken by 390 AAA Alabama members between May 2 and May 16 and has a +/- margin of error of 4.9 percent. Jun 2, 2011

Hertz Navigation Solutions has announced Hertz NeverLost is the official Navigation Sponsor for the 2011 Race Across America, a continuous 3,000-mile bicycle ride across the United States, starting June 14 to 18 in Oceanside, Calif. With its RAAM Online Trip Planning website, NeverLost offers cyclists and followers the ability to download the RAAM trip from NeverLostOs website, Trips can be saved to a USB drive for inserting into a rented Hertz NeverLost Gen5 GPS unit on Hertz cars during the race period.

NeverLostOs sponsorship and special trip planning services extend to the other summer 2011 RAAM competitions in Oregon, Minnesota, and Northern California. For more information, including RAAM trip routes and time stations, visit Jun 5, 2011

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Date:Jun 6, 2011
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