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Despite Their Best Efforts.

 I was little more
 than a bottle cap of whiskey
 More than once
 I was rebozo slung
 over a sleepy mouthed junkie
 for CK one
 Mira the everyday people baby
 Mira like opening fire with candy
 Mira my matted hair so model
 off duty
 While others donned tiaras
 and worldpeace
 I was sizing up
 cops and clergy
 At seven I ravaged a nativity
 sullied the feet of baby jesus
 so he wouldn't be so trusting
 Mira if we are the world
 then I was a test of levees
 I saw to it all my dolls
 were potty-trained
 and waterboarded each
 on a gurney
 At dawn when they came home
 exhausted from the double shift
 another follower
 dozed in an ice bath
 with one less kidney
 I was but the cliffhanger
 from the great flood
 babbling to a broken city
 I am the future
 the crumbling bricks
 and overcrowding
 I am the first language
 no one is speaking
 Mira a different world
 This time
 you won't betray me
 the barricades
 giving way Mira even
 the liquor stores are closing 

Born to a Mexican mother and Jewish father, ROSEBUD BEN-ONI is a 2013 CantoMundo Fellow. Her work appears in Arts & Letters, Bayou, B O D Y, Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review, Lana Turner Journal and Puerto del Sol. Her debut book of poems, Solecism, was published by Virtual Artists Collective in 2013. Rosebud is a co-editor for Her Kind ( at VIDA: Women in Literary Arts ( Find out more about her at
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Author:Ben-Oni, Rosebud
Publication:The American Poetry Review
Article Type:Poem
Date:Jan 1, 2014
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