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Desperation of 'the ghetto'.

BARRY Ogleby's "Withholding payment" (Feedback, 10.06.15) was a letter of pure desperation, not only for himself but for the residents of Gresham.

I totally agree with Barry that Gresham has turned into a ghetto where good people have been left forgotten about and abandoned.

Barry and others have fought for their community and, instead of Middlesbrough Council supporting him and the residents, there's just been talk to fob people off with things like the Residents' Charter for Gresham, which seems to have been a complete waste of time.

It gave people some hope that something was going to be done, but they are no further forward.


We can very much understand why Barry wanted to withhold his council tax, but he was told he couldn't because it was against the law.

But where is the law when you are made to live in a community that resembles a war zone? The people of Gresham deserve to be treated with respect and helped, but the letter from Barry shows that nothing has changed, only things have got worse.

RON AND VIV CARTER-BONSTEEL, central Middlesbrough

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Jun 11, 2015
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