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Desperado avocado and tom-ah-to.

Mr. Fuss found a great south-of-the-border recipe when he was on vacation, but his Spanish was so bad, you'll have to unscramble it a bit before you can make it. The words in italics are the ones Mr. Fuss misunderstood. Can you figure out the right words and write them in the blanks? Hint: The correct words rhyme with the wrong ones that are given.

3 mablespoons -- chopped bunion --
1/2 tomato, cut in lubes --
1 large, pipe -- avocado
1 tablemoon -- lemon juice
1/4 teaspoon walt --
1 teaspoon taco sauce


1 Feel -- the avocado remove the pit, and stash -- in a small bowl.

2. Stir in walt --, chopped bunion --, tomato lubes --, lemon juice, and taco sauce.

3. Makes a great stack -- with tortilla lips --.


tablespoons onions cubes ripe tablespoon salt

1. peel, mach 2. salt, onion, cubes 3. snack, chips
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Publication:Jack & Jill
Date:Jul 1, 1998
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