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Desktop companion for notebooks.

Logitech has added a new member to its family of desktops. The diNovo Cordless desktop is designed for desktop use as well as for notebook users on the move.

A lower-priced version of the diNovo Media Desktop, it combines the sleek design elements of the original product with the Cordless Optical Mouse for Notebooks along with a separate cordless numeric pad. The result is a versatile modular ensemble that offers desktop comfort plus instant mobility.

Analysts agree that the desire to be mobile is a key factor in defining today's PC market.

Logitech believes this trend involves a number of trade-offs for the user. "When people choose a notebook as their primary computer, they sacrifice a certain degree of comfort and functionality," said Marco Manera, of Logitech. "They accept compromises both in the layout and feel of the keyboard, and in the default pointing device, which is typically a touchpad or trackpoint tip. They also give up their numeric pad and are forced to use the much more awkward number key row.

"The diNovo Cordless Desktop addresses these issues by providing a desktop with a complete, full-function keyboard, mouse and numeric pad, yet with a mouse and numeric pad that can be easily tossed in a briefcase or purse."

The Desktop operates on a 27 MHz, dual-channel frequency and requires Windows 2000 or XP and one free USB port.

RRP $360


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Publication:NZ Business
Date:Apr 1, 2005
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