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Desktop PCs.

Sleek, stylish and very practical, the Gateway Profile takes up about as much desktop space as an LCD monitor. However, it is a fully loaded, network-ready computer with a 466 MHz (upgradeable to 550 MHz) processor. It is offered in two standard configurations, the SE and XL. Both configurations include 64MB of RAM, expandable to 256MB, a fast 64-bit video subsystem and a 4.3GB or 6.4GB Ultra ATA hard drive.

Each Profile includes an integrated 3-Corn 10/100 Ethernet adapter. With this, it can be connected to a network hub and immediately ready to share data and resources. Also standard is a 466 MHz AMD K6-2 processor that has been optimized for applications where space and efficiency are primary concerns. All systems come installed with Microsoft Windows 98 or Windows NT 4.0, along with MS Works Suite 99 and McAfee VirusScan. The SE model has a 24X max CD-ROM drive, while the XL model comes with a DVD-ROM drive with a hardware MPEG2 decoder. Gateway, North Sioux City, SD, (800) GATEWAY,

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The Millennia desktop from Micron offers great performance and leading-edge features at a reasonable price. Starting at $899, the Millennia features a 400 MHz Intel Celeron processor. It has 32MB 100MHz SDRAM (1 DIMM) and a 4.3 GB ATA-33 hard drive. A 40X-Max standard CD-ROM drive and a 15" Micron 500DX display (13.8" viewable, .27mm dp) are also standard.

With a remarkably small footprint form factor, this PC is designed for economical use of space. Video and audio capabilities are provided by Maestro integrated sound and 8MB nVidia Riva 128 2X integrated video. Also featured on the base unit are a 56K V.90 PCI modem, Logitech three-button mouse, Microsoft Windows 98 and Microsoft Office 2000 Small Business Edition. Micron PC, Inc., Meridian, ID, (800) MICRONPC,

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Compaq's Deskpro EN series offers stability, performance and flexibility in a highly serviceable, manageable desktop. Their service-friendly design includes quick release cover latches, an expansion card cage with lift levers, a tilt drive cage and a slide-out system board. Intelligent manageability tools help to simplify integration and management of enterprise PCs.

Features like RAM, hard drive size and processor speed vary from model to model, allowing a school to choose a unit with specifications that fit their needs. New models in the series have been equipped with the enhanced-performance Intel 820 chipset, which allows educators to take full advantage of the newest .18 micron Intel Pentium III processors. Compaq Computer Corp., Houston, TX, (800) OK-COMPAQ,

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IBM's NetVista All-in-One is a high-performance desktop that is 75% smaller than the average desktop PC. At just 16" x 16" x 10", the unit boasts a sleek, space-saving design. The CD/DVD-ROM and floppy drives tuck neatly away and a unique neck design allows the rapid access keyboard to fit beneath the monitor to free up desk space. It has a 15" flat panel monitor and built-in speakers. An optional radial arm conserves more desk space by allowing the system to be mounted on a wall or clamped to the edge of a desk.

An expandable device, the All-in-One has two PCI slots and seven USB ports that enable easy connection to printers, modems and other plug-and-play devices. It also features a wireless LAN option, which will allow users to avoid the awkward and space-hogging labyrinth of cables and wires. IBM Corp., Redmond, WA, (800) 320-8377,

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Able to handle a heavy workload, Acer's AcerPower Sn series features the latest Intel Pentium III processors, large hard drives and excellent multimedia support. They come with 64MB or 128MB SDRAM, 10 or 13GB hard drives and 40X CD/DVD-ROM drives.

The PCs come installed with the Windows 98 OS and include Acer's CPR Recovery CD, PC-cilin. A security padlock loop is included for security purposes. Acer America, San Jose, CA, (800)SEE ACER,

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The Cold-Fusion 800 from Sys Technology combines AMD's new seventh-generation processor with vapor phase refrigeration technology to achieve faster operating speeds. It teams up the new Athlon (K7) processor with a built-in KryoTech cooling system, boosting the processor's rating from 600MHz to 800MHz. Another key to this system's performance is the Athlon's 200MHz Alpha EV6 system bus. The Athlon also features a 128KB on-chip L1 cache and a 512KB standard L2 cache, scalable to 8MB.

In its standard configuration, the Cold Fusion 800 comes with 128MB RAM, a 9.1GB 7,200 rpm hard drive, a 19' (18" viewable) monitor, Creative Labs Live Value sound card and a 56 V.90 WinModem with voice capabilities. Sys Technology, Cypress, CA, (800) 613-9963,

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Premio's Apollo BX Pro System offers full customization and features five PCI slots for optimum expandability and easy user upgrades. The PC accommodates up to 768MB of memory. Configured with Intel's 440BX chipset and the Intel Pentium III processor, the system has high clock speeds plus a 256KB on-chip secondary cache, further improving performance of Microsoft Office applications.

Prices range from $899 for the lower-end configurations to $1,629 for the fully-loaded system that comes with an 800MHz Pentium III processor, 13GB hard drive, 64MB SDRAM, 48X CD-ROM and 3-Com Networking Card with Windows 98 and Microsoft Works 2000. The new systems also include ATI Rage 16MB video graphics, Soundblaster Live! PCI Sound, 17" monitor and 36W speakers. Premio Computer, Inc., City of Industry, CA, (800) 677-6477,

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The PowerMate 2000 is a "microdesktop" computer from NEC, combining an Intel Pentium III 500 MHz processor with a notebook chassis design and 15" LCD display. The slim computer weighs only about 12 lbs., and the XGA TFT display can swivel up to 40 degrees and rotate up to 160 degrees. The PC comes with 64 MB RAM, upgradeable to 256 MB, and a 6 or 12 GB S.M.A.R.T. hard drive. Two CardBus PC Card Type-II slots and 2 USB offer expansion capability for external devices. A built-in Intel 1/100MB Ethernet with Wake-on-LAN support provides one touch set-up connection. A hard drive security feature discourages theft. The PowerMate 2000 occupies only about 15% of the space of a typical desktop computer. NEC, Santa Clara, CA, (800) NEC-INFO,

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The most affordable of its OptiPlex line, Dell's OptiPlex GX100 contains an Intel Celeron processor with Intel 810 chipset and a 466/66 MHz processor with 32 KB L2 internal cache and 128KB integrated L2 cache at full processor speed. Two gold-plated DIMM slots support 64-512MB Non-ECC 100 MHz SDRAM memory. Its hard drive is enhanced with IDE S.M.A.R.T. II Ultra ATA/66 4.3, and 6.4GB 5,400 RPM (with upgrades available). Customizable options include a 48X max CD-ROM drive, an 8X EIDE DVD-ROM drive, a SuperDisk LS120 removable media drive, or a Zip 250MB removable media drive. Buyers can choose from a number of different monitors, as well. The PC's customizability and affordability make the OptiPlex GX100 a wise choice for educators with particular requirements in a computer. Dell Corp., Round Rock, TX, (800) WWWDELL,

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