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Desk or table, standard lumber, plywood, teak parquet.

Teak parquet floor squares cover the top of this easy-to-make table. Designed and built by Philip Lang of Oakland, it can be used for desk work or dining.

To build it yourself, use standard lumber throughout--2 by 4's for the feet and crossbar, 1 by 6's for legs, and a frame of 2 by 2's under the 3- by 6-foot top of 3/4-inch plywood. A border of mahogany 1/2 by 2's mitered at the corners frames the parquet squares on the top. Edges of all visible parts are sanded round. Carriage bolts and lag screws permit eacy disassembly for moving or storage.

Two pairs of 29-inch-long 1 by 6's form each leg; each pair is joined to each 24-inch-long foot with two 1/4- by 3-1/2-inch carriage bolts. Before bolting legs to feet, mount the 4-foot crossbar, centered 14 inches up the inside leg, with 4-inch lag screws (two at each end).

Nail together the 24- by 52-1/2-inch rectangle of 2 by 2's, center it under the plywood top, and glue and screw it in place using 1-3/4-inch flathead woodscrews driven in from above. When glue dries, apply parquet squares with contact cement; attach border pieces flush with the squares, using glue and finishing nails; then fill nail holes and joints as necessary with wood filler. If squares are not prefinished, give them an oil finish.

With top completed, center it over the legs so that the leg tops straddle the end 2 by 2's. Check for level, then drill two holes on each side to receive 1/4- by 3-1/2-inch carriage bolts. Add washers and nuts to the inside and tighten.
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Date:Feb 1, 1984
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