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Designing your own style!

I have been interested in fashion since I was ten. My sketches are characteristic because of the leading color black. It's my favorite color because it's very orginal, elegant, feminine and brave. I am inspired by gothic clothing.

Each designer makes clothing in a different style. Each has their own style and different perspective on what is in style this season. There is always something that connects the collection--fabric, color and cut. Every fashionable person knows what to buy to be in style. How? Because there are magazines, TV shows and of course rumors from the fashion world.

My collection is based on gothic fashion. I sometimes mix up styles and brands. I'm mostly inspired by ordinary people, because it's not only the designer but the street that creates fashion.

In every project there is something that captures (or should capture) our attention. I pay attention to details but still think about the general impression. My projects are often brave, original and creative--they reflect my own character. I like to be original--I don't visit stores with massive collections, because I'm certain that a friend will have the same items. I'd rather go to a second-hand store and pick out something original that nobody will have. What is important is how we feel in our clothes.

The job of the designer is to improve the idea and show it to the world. A good designer should really get into the role of the person for who the design is being made. The designer should know the interests of the person, what the person likes or doesn't like. All that is left is what we want to wear. You can't just call all ordinary clothes "not in style." Fashion changes quickly but the ideas that were in fashion years ago come back. For example: the length of the trousers, colors, dresses, the shape of shoes. Going through old catalogues is like a trip to the past. Every designer has his own opinion on what's in style. Today we have lots of ways to be in style, but people sometimes pick things that are more or less trendy. We shouldn't be worried about what people say about our clothes. Everyone has his own style and no one should be laughed at or criticized. But you still have to be very brave to put on something that is different and will stand out.

I think that fashion is very important in a person's life but not the most important thing. Even if we like being with people that are well dressed, what really matters is how we are inside. I encourage people to look for their own styles but please don't let it drive you crazy!

Katarzyna Sojka, an ICAF Youth Board Member in Poland, is an artist and a Polish folk dancer, now learning Irish dancing.
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Title Annotation:gothic fashion and cloth designs
Author:Sojka, Katarzyna
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Date:Jan 1, 2006
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