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Designing kites.

As an art student of the International Baccalaureate program of Lincoln Park High School, I was required to do a project over the year to display my artistic talent. In order to do this, I had to devise a theme for the project. My teacher, Mr. Vargas, helped me to find this theme. After trying several media, Mr. Vargas suggested that I try designing kites.

I wanted my project to be unique, so as soon as this suggestion was made, I knew that this would be my project. Not only would it be fun, but I had a special interest in kites as my grandfather made kites when he was in Japan. He often told me stories about these kites and occasionally he flew one with me.

Now that I had my topic, I had to actually design the kites. I consulted books to get some basic ideas. Next, I made sketches of many possible designs, some of which turned out to be impossible to build. To make up for ordinary structures, I had to make the design especially unique. The diamond-shaped kite seemed to he very dull, so I decided to put one purple dot on one side of the kite, and several dots on the other side. This kite seemed very unique to me with the one dot.

I put birds on two of my kites. I thought that this was appropriate since my kites would be in the sky as the birds are. I put the three things necessary for kite flying on another kite: the eye, the hand and the wind. I had one kite with a landscape on it. I did this to parallel the landscape where it would fly (on the shores of Lake Michigan).

This was a great project for me, not only did I learn a lot, but I had fun. I am glad that this topic was suggested to me, and I hope my interest will influence others.

Written by Brent Hashiguchi, a student at Lincoln Park High School, Chicago, Illinois.
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Title Annotation:Focus: Student View
Author:Hashiguchi, Brent
Publication:School Arts
Date:Dec 1, 1990
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