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Designing Value-Added Soybeans for Markets of the Future.

DESIGNING VALUE-ADDED SOYBEANS for MARKETS of the FUTURE. Edited By Richard F Wilson. 135 pages. Price. 82.50 [pounds]. (USA: American Oil Chemists' Society; UK: Food Trade Press Ltd)

This monograph contains the edited versions of all the invited presentations given at two symposia sessions held at the annual AOCS meeting in April 1990.

The papers and hence the chapters are entitled: 1989/1990 world soybean situation and outlook; The national system for soybean oil and protein testing; Constituent pricing - how will it impact soybean research priorities?; Recent developments in national plant germplasm system; Genetic resources and utilization of the USDA Soybean Germplasm Collection; Advances in genetic alteration of soybean oil composition; Cellular and molecular biology of soybean oil storage organelles; Biochemical and physiological regulation of nitrogen metabolism in soybean; Protein synthesis and composition in high-protein soybean germplasm;' Molecular genetic control of protein composition and quality in soybean; Restriction fragment length polymorphism mapping of genes for protein and oil content in soybean; Development of high-yielding high-protein soybean germplasm; Potential commercial application of advances in soybean breeding and biotechnology; and Perspectives on the application of utility patents to plant germplasm.

As will immediately be seen, this text is all about the soybean and its complete composition, and there are also discussions on biotechnological advances in altering the primary constituents of the actual soybean seed. As many readers will know, this area is very much a commodity market and its very success may well depend on how well the seed can be matched to the exact requirements of the end-user.
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Date:Apr 1, 1992
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